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Image: coff.jpg   450x459 64545 bytes 2010.01.09

Smoker's cough. Gotta love it.

Tags: jade cough maw tongue smoke  
Image: dome.jpg   725x669 67221 bytes 2009.12.31

Sass queen Domenge. Ain't she cute?

Image: domepool-s.jpg   456x600 70465 bytes 2010.01.19

Domenge the Rhodesian Ridgeback. For sale on FurBuy.

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Image: huskie.jpg   700x954 204050 bytes 2009.12.01

I think we all know who this is. \r\n\r\nHuskie Mayra Boyle

Tags: huskie jade mallory mayra boyle  
Image: inevitablereturnofthegreatwhitedope.jpg   529x800 85017 bytes 2006.01.28

No, that's not what it means.

Image: iszzysnap.jpg   750x703 157069 bytes 2006.01.06

I'm back in the saddle again.

Image: jd.jpg   641x528 95122 bytes 2009.12.01

My oh my, look who it is.\r\n\r\nJade me.

Tags: jade fox mallory  
Image: scolor.jpg   689x900 94022 bytes 2009.12.27

Sheila Vixen! Something I drew for Eric Schwartz and never heard back from him about. =( Boo. Sheila is EWS.

Tags: sheila vixen  
Image: sheilagh.gif   700x611 61858 bytes 2009.12.07

My one (1) piece of non-anthro art I'm putting on here. Sheilagh, my Drow sorceress/rogue, another D&D character.

Tags: drow fantasy elf jade d&d  
Image: t02.gif   602x800 137210 bytes 2009.12.01

Thessa, my new gerbil character. Go see her knockers in the Sketches directory. Thessa me.

Tags: thessa gerbil jade mallory  
Image: thessa.jpg   717x950 90969 bytes 2009.12.01

Forgive me, I haven't used Photoshop in at least three or four years, and I still don't own a Wacom tablet. At least her head came out good. \r\n\r\nThessa, looking a little more muscular than I would have liked. She's me.

Tags: thessa gerbil jade mallory  
Image: twat.jpg   500x423 56759 bytes 2003.07.11

Naked! But don't let that fool you.

Image: vulpixxx.jpg   800x739 98147 bytes 2010.01.01

Oh lord. Something I drew whilst quite under the influence... it was New Year's Eve, after all. I hope this doesn't qualify as fanart, as it's just Jade transformed into a different species (a species which happens to be a Pokemon...). :[ It also came out quite a bit fuzzier than I wanted, but what's what I get for looking at Photoshop Filters through beer goggles. HURR. Jade me, Vulpix Pokemon Overlords

Tags: jade vulpix shapeshift   [Comment]
Image: zur.png   485x700 106065 bytes 2010.04.13

Well, look who it is.

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