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Image: sa-Glenn.jpg   336x382 30437 bytes 2001.12.29

Glenn (aka Glamm, I'm not sure what to call him), a talented drummer in two rock bands and another friend I met at Sitel. Of course, I eventually had to draw him as a furry (he suggested goat as a species). He's.. um.. himself.

Image: sa-Aspen.jpg   568x560 75027 bytes 2001.12.29

Elysium (Aspen's girlfriend) commissioned me to draw a picture of him for Christmas. So here it is. Remember, kids: everybody's super. ;D Aspen N. Papcun.

Image: sa-Autumn.gif   486x767 43745 bytes 2001.12.06

A friend/former coworker requested me to draw their D&D character, a female tremen (tree-person), so I randomly pumped this out because I didn't have much else to do at the time. Ohmygod, it's NOT FURRY! *gasp* Still, I think it turned out okay. =) Autumn is Stephanie Merrill.

Image: sa-AspenBadge.jpg   305x233 36410 bytes 2001.11.27

Aspen, the ultra-spiff citywuff, in badge form. Ssssmokin'! Aspen's N. Papcun.

Image: sa-DaveQatBadge.jpg   309x225 31420 bytes 2001.11.27

A badge for DaveQat, the houseqitty from Milwaukee. Another good likeness of the player. ;) Dave's D. Lovely.

Image: DaliAndMistletoe.jpg   350x695 62888 bytes 2001.11.26

A picture of two of our RL friends, Dali (as a llama/red wolf hybrid) and Mistletoe (a snowshoe hare), me and Ashryn did for Dali's birthday. I drew Dali and inked/shaded Mistletoe, she drew Mistletoe and inked/shaded Dali. I think it turned out well. ^_^ Dali is R. Hug and Mistletoe is W. Oster.

Image: sa-KidMisphit.jpg   531x511 91899 bytes 2001.11.10

Based on one of my raver friends iRL, a dark trance/techno DJ, and just a cool, cute, and talented guy that inspired me to draw a furry version of him. =) And otters rock, dontchaknow. 'Kid Misphit' P. Roll.

Image: DancingJag.jpg   500x600 59717 bytes 2001.10.01

(re-uploaded because something about the colors was bothering me) Jag dancing merrily with glowsticks. Yep. Original pencils by Ashryn, inks and colors by moi.

Image: sa-Jag-argh.jpg   307x222 25664 bytes 2001.09.29

(re-uploaded like the last one for the same reason) I did this badge for myself to wear at MWFF, when I was really burned out on badges.

Image: sa-JubeiBadge.jpg   301x226 29840 bytes 2001.09.15

*blink* I'm not sure why this didn't get uploaded with my last set of badges. Er, yeah. This is Jubei, the ninja skunk. c.c Jubei his player.

Image: sa-WhiteRoses.jpg   675x648 128805 bytes 2001.08.13

My (successful/unsuccessful?) attempt at illustrating 'White Roses' by Information Society, a depressing song that I empathize a little too much with lately. Done in a decidedly... different style than usual. Lyrics InSoc.

Image: sa-disintegration.jpg   283x279 21073 bytes 2001.08.12

for those times when you don't feel like you're really there.

Image: sa-KeeganJoey.jpg   545x582 57778 bytes 2001.08.06

Keegan and Joey again, enjoying an intimate moment via moonlight. (Awwww!) Yeah, I know that was cheesy, so what? ;) Keegan me, and Joey Ashryn.

Image: sa-CetaphinBadge.jpg   310x233 36320 bytes 2001.07.25

More freakin' badges, whee.

Image: sa-FalabalaBadge.jpg   300x225 35463 bytes 2001.07.25

Image: sa-TerryBadge.jpg   295x226 28670 bytes 2001.07.25

Image: sa-Reno.jpg   508x667 91411 bytes 2001.07.23

Reno from Final Fantasy 7 as a jackal, as played by Rai (Rachel Carroll), leaning back, having a drink, as well as looking all cool and handsome whilst exerting no effort whatsoever. ;) Penciled and colored by me, inked by Rai, and the little doodle on the side was added by Ashryn in the original sketch. ;P Reno Squaresoft, parody design Ashryn.

Image: sa-MRFlyer.jpg   555x390 102453 bytes 2001.07.19

** Okay, LAST re-upload, but that grey line on the left was driving me nuts **\r\n\r\nThe owner of told me that if I made flyers for the website and passed them out, I could get guestlisted at any Wisconsin rave that I wanted. I was trying to think of an animal people associated with the midwest and cows came to mind, so I drew up this candy-raver cow-girl. I think it turned out well overall. =) Artwork and character are me.

Image: sa-hopeless.jpg   260x421 37954 bytes 2001.07.09

I was rather depressed tonight and decided to draw something. Just some practice in shading, really. Rabbit guy me.

Image: sa-frozen.jpg   247x187 18467 bytes 2001.06.23

Another random photoshop doodle (done at scale) .... not sure where it came from or what it means, but I think that's Jag in there.

Image: sa-ratthing.jpg   340x341 22172 bytes 2001.06.23

Um... jussa rat thing that popped into Photoshop while I was fooling around. Don't ask. c.c

Image: sa-AshiJag.gif   437x697 39744 bytes 2001.06.13

Finally, a -good- picture of Jag and Ashryn. x.x You wouldn't believe how much paper I've gone through on this. Another pic I put out when I was kooky, that I didn't want to screw up so I gave to her to ink. And she did a great job on it, as always. The jaguarundi and the jackal, holding hands/dancing in mid-air, or something. Jag is me, of course, and Ashryn is her beautiful, snuggable, wonderful, amazingly talented self that I wuuuuuv so much. n.- </gush>

Image: sa-AshiSkull.gif   468x650 30090 bytes 2001.06.12

I had Ashryn ink this mostly because I drew it when I was stoned, and I knew that as soon as I saw it sober, I'd want to trash it. I'm not sure where this came from, actually... it's Ashryn with a skull mask and a fur coat on, walking through water, holding a scalpel.... yeah. Don't look at me like that. o.o; The jaql is B. Schultz.

Image: sa-Whip.gif   350x577 20789 bytes 2001.06.12

Yes, I admit I'm lazy when it comes to inking pictures. That, and Ashryn is so quick to snatch them up and ink them. And she makes my art look a whole lot better, too. ;) This is a furry-ized version of Whip from King of Fighters, as a rat, a character I'm playing on an upcoming furry/anime MUX. Parody design me, original character design SNK.

Image: sa-IkeCharmaine.gif   513x648 43507 bytes 2001.06.12

Another blatantly pornographic picture, inked by the amazingly talented Ashryn, this time of our two KOF-ripoff characters, Ike (a bengal cat, based on Chris) and Charmaine (a weasel, based on Shermie). Yes, I know it's seems wrong considering she's his surrogate mother and he's 14, but... um... damnit, he _does_ have a sex drive... really... c.c Parody designs of Ike and Charmaine are me and B. Schultz, original character designs SNK.

Image: sa-PhoebeJacey.gif   348x396 18142 bytes 2001.06.12

Another piece penciled by me, inked by Ashryn. Our raver ferrets, Phoebe and Jacey, going at it and looking disgustingly cute in the process. =) Jacey me, Phoebe B. Schultz.

Image: sa-JoeyKeegan.gif   468x646 34501 bytes 2001.06.12

This one was penciled by me, inked by Ashryn. First of a series in which we both started drawing our characters in sexual situations. Why? Do I need a reason to draw porn? Do I?! o_o I thought not. Our respective boytoyish canids, Keegan (coyote) going down on Joey (wolfdog). Keegan me, Joey B. Schultz.

Image: WhiteDelirium_PencilsbyJag.gif   404x707 37521 bytes 2001.05.22

I drew this awhile ago and Ashryn inked it shortly after, but I forgot about it until now. c.c It's just White-Delirium holding a big ol' knife and looking devious, or something. The mink is her crazycute self. n.-

Image: sa-Adrian.gif   546x709 33235 bytes 2001.03.08

Adrian Marcell, resident crimelord kitty, sitting on a couch, lookin' all badass n' stuff. =) He's Beth Schultz.

Image: sa-BlakeBadge.jpg   294x228 21630 bytes 2001.02.02

Another badge I made that was worn at FC, belatedly uploaded. I had a great time, hung out with friends, and made alot of new ones. n.n This was a birthday gift for one of my best friends iRL and online, Blake, a long-haired grey cat. Rai said it looked alot like his player... and it does. c.c Blake is himself, of course.

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