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Image: sa-JaidenBadge.jpg   308x230 24268 bytes 2001.01.24

It's Jaiden! Just a badge I did for him to wear at Further Confusion, but I think it came out well. He's Dave White. See y'all at the con! ^_^

Image: sa-FionaBadge.jpg   302x215 24013 bytes 2000.11.20

I'm really happy with this one. It's a badge of Ashryn's character, Fiona Malkovich ( Beth Schultz), the blue-haired, crowbar-wielding, morally impaired jackal.\n

Image: sa-ArtemisBadge.jpg   306x234 21815 bytes 2000.11.20

A badge for Artemis, the Irish grey skox (skunk/fox). Arty is D. Bailey.\n

Image: sa-DeviousbruinBadge.jpg   305x227 22622 bytes 2000.11.20

Another badge. This one's of Deviousbruin, a bear. He's his player 'n all that...\n

Image: sa-LukeneBadge.jpg   313x240 25284 bytes 2000.11.20

A badge for Rachel Carroll (one of my roommates) of her character Lukene, the silver coyote.\n

Image: sa-JenStageNinjaBadge.jpg   305x227 22835 bytes 2000.11.20

It's Jen Stage_Ninja, the stage-crew ninja red wolf. =) She's Jen Hayden.\n

Image: sa-Yonaki.jpg   301x360 32259 bytes 2000.11.10

I was bored and felt like screwing around in Photoshop, so I doodled this little asian dragon thing. Yonaki me. Yay.\n

Image: sa-decadence.jpg   444x351 39260 bytes 2000.08.19

A suggestion from Ashryn... c.c I liked how the shading turned out. The SexyJaqlBabe is Beth Schultz. =)\n

Image: sa-Mistletoe-sketchbook.jpg   601x833 87297 bytes 2000.08.06

A drawing I did in Mistletoe's sketchbook. It was kinda funny seeing the first one I did in it (which was the second in the whole book) a few years ago and then turning to this one... almost like a different artist drew them. c.c Mistletoe is Wendy Oster.\n

Image: sa-PhoebeFerret.jpg   588x755 129080 bytes 2000.08.03

Phoebe the raver-grrl of Tapestries MUCK as a cinnamon ferret. Ferrets make good ravers, dontcha think? ;> Phoebe is Beth Schultz\n

Image: sa-TakeMeAway.jpg   608x667 110914 bytes 2000.07.18

Don't ask where the Hell I pulled this out of... I guess I wasn't very happy when I drew this. It's a bloody, injured wolf-girl supposedly being carried off to safety by a demon-dragon creature. What isn't specified in this picture is how she got hurt or who hurt her... mmheh. Besides a pen and pencil, the only other thing I had was a red pen... don't kill me! <=)\n

Image: sa-alone.jpg   466x559 63082 bytes 2000.07.11

When you put faith in something and it turns on you, you can't help but feel like the world is having a big laugh at your expense...\n

Image: sa-EmalethBadge.jpg   309x238 27132 bytes 2000.07.11

Image: sa-MistletoeBadge.jpg   309x223 24971 bytes 2000.07.11

Image: sa-PrestoBadge.jpg   299x239 22998 bytes 2000.07.11

Image: sa-RavenCoonBadge.jpg   312x222 23893 bytes 2000.07.11

Image: sa-RavenBadge.jpg   309x233 22975 bytes 2000.07.11

Image: sa-BounderBadge.jpg   314x232 24054 bytes 2000.07.11

Image: sa-WagsBadge.jpg   310x237 24504 bytes 2000.07.11

Image: sa-FoxoteBadge.jpg   298x230 25292 bytes 2000.07.11

Image: sa-Radley-bw.gif   568x679 79501 bytes 2000.07.11

My evil and disused cacomistle character, Radley Essington, inked by Rai (Rai-C on Velar) while she was visiting a few months ago. She's yet another good artist who thinks she sucks. :P I made the poor girl go through the trouble of inking that tail, so I /will/ color this eventually... :P Radley is me.\n

Image: sa-EndyPirate-bw.gif   350x537 13903 bytes 2000.07.11

A commission from the original badgerboy, Endy, to draw his character as a pirate to use as part of a logo for his pseudo-company, 'Lendri Pirating'. Heheh. I will color this someday. Honest! ;.; I just haven't had the motivation to do much of anything anymore... anyways, Endy is himself.\n

Image: sa-L'Himby.gif   491x695 20349 bytes 2000.06.02

Another nice piece inked by Ashryn. The one and only cacomistle cop, L'Himby, is Beth Schultz.\n

Image: sa-formom.jpg   481x390 54687 bytes 2000.05.20

A slightly belated Mother's Day gift. My character, Jag, and a furry counterpart of my mom, who's also a jaguarundi. She's actually seen my website and artwork online, loves it, and asked me to draw her as a furry. So here it is. Jag © me, and Nancy is © herself. :)\n

Image: sa-PlaguePose-bw.gif   802x541 21796 bytes 2000.05.14

Plague decided to pose for me one night, last year sometime, and this is what came out of it... though I drew him as his character. I don't remember exactly when I did this, but I still like it enough to at least post the black and white inked version. Don't know if I'll ever color it, though. ;P Plague Ryan M.\r\n\r\n

Image: sa-Jacey.gif   444x658 80621 bytes 2000.04.09

Jacey, my raver ferret-boy character, inked and shaded by Ashryn! As always, I can only marvel at the girl's godlike talent... x.x\n

Image: sa-orientaldragon-bw.gif   630x798 75342 bytes 2000.04.07

Image: sa-plaguemorph.jpg   206x353 19276 bytes 2000.03.02

Yay, another photo manipulation. It's Plague this time, as his character, looking stylish... or something. Had to change the face quite a bit from the picture I used.\n

Image: sa-jagmorph.jpg   217x252 15619 bytes 2000.03.01

I was bored, and decided to try a little (bad?) photo manipulation. It's me iRL, as a furry, standing outside the Fox Valley Mall.\n

Image: sa-kissingweasels.jpg   410x560 51215 bytes 2000.02.14

A male least weasel and a female long-tailed weasel kissing. People should draw more weasels. I love long, slinky mustelids. Murr. 8)\n

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