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Image: neopets.jpg   450x358 32702 bytes 2001.03.19

A drawing of my two NeoPets. Caliber was a yellow Lupe but now he's a blue Christmas Lupe with a coat and shades. Ampris is a green Zafara. Aren't they cuuute?

Image: boral.jpg   377x347 29513 bytes 2001.02.24

A character I used to play on TLK muck. He's Boral, a Spotted hyena. Boral is copyright by me.

Image: shakorat.jpg   500x362 30241 bytes 2000.11.11

My second custom Pokemon, Shakorat is a water type shark. Shakorat evolves into Shakozin. Shakozin has a metallic covering on his sensitive snout to protect it.\n

Image: wulfie.jpg   500x635 52181 bytes 2000.10.20

The first in my own custom made line of Pokemon. The first one I created and the most loyal is Wulfie, a fire type wolf.\r\nWulfie evolves into Wolfbane who evolves into Wolfram. Wulfie is copyright Jaime "Steward" Chan, 2000\n

Image: denali3.jpg   400x491 27691 bytes 2000.09.24

Let's not forget the last main character, which isn't shown below due to lack of space. Denali and Ralph (as seen below) is copyright 2000 Matt Morgan.\n

Image: cill.jpg   700x537 69360 bytes 2000.09.19

My version of what Final Fantasy VIII would be like if it starred dogs instead. All the characters are characters that my friends have thought up.\r\nBear and Stef SpamCollie are copyright Steven Today. 2000\r\nRacker is copyright Jaime Chan (ME!). 2000\r\nAlley is copyright Becky Pittman. 2000\r\nKatja is copyright Matt Morgan. 2000\r\nFlynn is copyright Mohamed Hassoun. 2000\n

Image: hotrod2.jpg   500x481 35931 bytes 2000.08.02

Here is a full body shot of Hod Rod.\n

Image: hotrod.jpg   450x485 30241 bytes 2000.08.02

In the wake of 'let's kill Pit Bull' week, I went ahead and created this guy, a red, white and black American Pit Bull Terrier. He was originally cast as Idge's new pet (a character of mine), but since he already has a pet, this dog became Chase's pet (Idge's friend).\r\nHis name is Hot Rod (named after a character in Transformers), and he was rescued during an illegal dog-fighting competition. Hot Rod is very protective of his rescuers and is a mean guard dog too. He is a real dog, but since I can't draw real dogs, I drew a semi-cartoon version instead.\r\n\n

Image: idge30.jpg   302x395 30483 bytes 2000.02.09

My mascot's (Toby Steward) little sidekick, Idge, who isn't exactly little\r\nanymore. He is now in his 20's and if you get him riled up, you might end up\r\n6 feet under, depending on how much you rile him up. I drew a sketch of him at \r\nwork today. Idge is copyright 2000 Jaime "Steward" Chan.\n

Image: tni10.jpg   400x667 42002 bytes 2000.01.21

My Toon mascot, half Toon dog and half Toon cat. Sure, he doesn't look much like\r\na dog or a cat, but that's where your imagination comes in. His name is Toby \r\nSteward (the taller one) and his little sidekick (now grown up, actually) is \r\nIdge. I think he's the coolest Toon ever and I like him a lot.\r\nToby and Idge are copyright 2000 Jaime Chan.\n

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