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Image: assimilated_renard.jpg   499x800 79441 bytes 2004.12.23

The Cyberneti Corporation (like Cy-Yo) was try to clone a fox with a human DNS, but the attempt was failure. Some cybernetic inplants are take be able to fuction this weapon. The Virus has upgraded it with an "assimilator bio-arm".

Image: darango_c.jpg   800x569 93319 bytes 2005.01.02

He's Darango, Jako's good friend. He also as a hybrid as Jako.

Image: escape_from_the_mine.jpg   650x498 87745 bytes 2004.12.23

The 'Dominated Hybrids' are incoming, so I try to stop them, but my two stolen weapons don't damage them seriously...

Image: eu_ski_paradise.jpg   650x624 69892 bytes 2004.12.22

Well I thought that advertisement for many times. I have been abroad at Italy in Tonale, that's a wonderfull and amazing ski paradise at the Alps! Erm... The clime wasn't good at winter... Brrr! That was very cold(the lowest temperature was -20C with winds). You're must to wear a lot of cloths if you don't get to freeze yourself!\r\n\r\nBy the way! This is my dream when I play with Yetisport game in the net: I very like to learn some snowboard lessons to slide as a profy at this art! :)

Image: fear_of_necromants.jpg   1024x768 158689 bytes 2005.01.26

So... Necromants are trying to infest the humans, and also the Hybrids. I can stop them, that suck zombies with my unique made shotgun. Bullets are explosive, what can damage about anithing.\r\nThis weapon's made from Cadmium, Neo-Steel and Titanium materials.

Image: jaker_on_ice.jpg   700x848 100480 bytes 2004.12.29

He's also Jaker, but his Nick in Ice Empire is "Red Eye". He's the secondary sentynel of Ice Empire.

Image: Jaker_Runner-Napalm.jpg   634x466 94502 bytes 2005.01.26

Jaker using his fire skill what called: Runner Napalm. His fire temperature is more than 1700C.

Image: Jako_av.psd.bmp.jpg   625x625 83481 bytes 2004.12.06

This is my hybrid body. I looks better in this form than in my human body. :) The face is ressembling a bit to me.

Image: jako_canabis_c02.jpg   511x900 98015 bytes 2005.01.26

It's my simple imagining of my body. A little difference in my head to explain my usually style: Canabis Ribbon.

Image: jako_dara_c.psd.jpg   790x608 91429 bytes 2004.12.16

-Now take that!\r\nJako has stolen the military's 'Granpa' with hard efforts. Now he'll grind all armored soldiers too.

Image: jako_realer_c02.jpg   547x900 116280 bytes 2005.01.26

It's my best artwork about of my body... the 3415-th year when I'm mutating to this body. Very fit, faster, and effective.

Image: jako_rifle_c.psd.jpg   800x380 62910 bytes 2004.12.16

-I try to warn you: "Don't have fun with me far!"

Image: JK_HI_C02.jpg   800x606 84465 bytes 2004.12.06

Jako using some stolen tools to be able his infiltration missions. In his right hand are an effectively Pin-shoter Rifle, with laser tracer. The 'Razor-disc' is a tactical weapon for jungle missions at his right leg.

Image: JK_JC02.jpg   670x492 70911 bytes 2004.12.06

He's a quick and effectively Tribal Warrior, who can grow his claws immediately in a few second and slashing with them when he wants, or use his Fire-Spear. He don't smileys a lot, but often.

Image: N-K-Jako_c.jpg   950x1226 164929 bytes 2005.01.26

Allright then, here is my full body of the "Necromant-Killer". ^^"

Image: NV_C.psd.jpg   503x750 62175 bytes 2004.12.08

It's called Navir. He's Jaker's negative Icy form, who can shot with some electronic bolt. He likes the Icy places, and trouble.

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