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Image: websize.gif   193x210 58389 bytes 2005.03.18

"Lucid Cola Ad (animated gif)"\r\nRobulko of Aurora Cab promoting Aurora City's number one drink "Lucid Cola" I did however shrink it for viewing here so it lost some quality. \r\nHand drawn/inked Scanned/coloured/cleaned in Photoshop 7, Edited into animated Gif in Adobe Image ready. My first attempt at simple animation.\r\nLucid Cola Oliver Simons. Robulko & Artwork Oliver Simons.

Image: realistic.gif   238x571 21161 bytes 2005.03.18

"Bluring the lines of reality"\r\nJames and myself merge even closer with James's dimensions matching mine exactly (except for the muzzle of course)with this first delve into a more realistic image. \r\nHand drawn/inked, Scanned/cleaned/coloured in Photoshop 7. The body was based on my own from a picture and used as a guideline for Jame's dimensions, the head was drawn to about the same size (sans muzzle) and added. \r\nArtwork & James Abrams Oliver Simons.

Image: Demons.gif   421x421 69087 bytes 2005.03.18

"My own demons"\r\nUnfortunately for James, being my fursona means he also has to suffer my problems. One of my only angsty pictures to date.\r\nHand drawn/inked, scanned/cleaned/coloured in photoshop 7. An Art day drawing for my comic. \r\nArtwork and James Oliver Simons. Lovan 20 Alphapharm. Zoloft Pfizer, Aropax Glaxo-Smith Kline

Image: Present-for-Gene.gif   800x401 87652 bytes 2005.03.18

"Old Faithful"\r\nGene Catlow that talented tomcat of "Gene Catlow" comic fame with his faithful rolling iron, an 88 Grand Am thats clocked 500,000miles. \r\nHand drawn/inked, Scanned/cleaned/coloured in Photoshop 7. A gift for that talented tom after giving me a some grand cameos in his comic and also for being a friendly nice guy.\r\nGene Catlow Albert Temple. Artwork Oliver Simons. Pontiac Grand Am & Logo Pontiac Motor co (a division of General Motors USA)

Image: Fox-and-cat-on-bike.jpg   483x580 77217 bytes 2005.03.18

"Scooter antics"\r\nJamie and Mike fooling about on a vespa style scooter. \r\nHand drawn/inked Scanned/coloured/cleaned on Photoshop 7. First attempt at a style of shading I'd never done before thanks to Chris Vickers of "Downshift Fame". \r\nLightfox His player. Artwork & James Abrams Oliver Simons

Image: Kudachi-pic.jpg   685x638 151289 bytes 2005.03.18

"Cat on two wheels"\r\nJames sits on his private form of transportation. This was one of my better attempts, the bike is loosely based on the akira bike but with a bit of a different design to it to enable a more compact stance. It was also one of the rare pictures I've done where the shading looks anything close to decent.\r\nKudachi SoLAiR Mk5 O.Simons. Artwork & James Abrams Oliver Simons

Image: LFasOzyfull.gif   431x460 49308 bytes 2005.03.18

"Fan service to Ozy and Millie "\r\nPoor Mike Lightfox gets roped into providing some fan service for Dave Simpson's grand comic "Ozy and Millie"\r\nHand drawn/inked, scanned coloured/cleaned in photoshop 7. One of the Art day pictures from my comic. \r\nLightfox is his player. Artwork Oliver Simons. Ozy costume and "Ozy & Millie" David C. Simpson.

Image: Xmas2004card.gif   593x532 63368 bytes 2005.03.18

"Christmas 2004"\r\nThe Aurora Cab gang together for their Xmas snapshot. \r\nHand drawn and inked, then scanned coloured/cleaned in Photoshop 7. This was my christmas card for 2004. \r\nLightfox and Blacky their players. Artwork Oliver Simons.

Image: 2003-Xmas.gif   792x461 84084 bytes 2005.03.18

"Christmas 2003"\r\nAll the Aurora Cab lads for the christmas barbecue, since it's summer in their part of the world at christmas time. \r\nHand drawn and inked, then scanned cleaned and coloured in Photoshop 7. This was the Christmas card I sent out in 2003. \r\nArtwork Oliver Simons. Lightfox and Blacky Their players.

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