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Image: snorkle.jpg   598x378 30074 bytes 2001.09.26


Image: sirrus2.jpg   296x730 35703 bytes 2001.09.26


Image: phenex.jpg   610x710 101745 bytes 2001.09.26

Image: icecreamconeman.jpg   243x480 16675 bytes 2001.09.26


Image: headless.jpg   520x670 47003 bytes 2001.09.26

i drew it in class. but you didn't have to know that. i think we were watching a movie............................

Image: happyfishy.jpg   319x220 14758 bytes 2001.09.26

it's a happy fishy who will EAT YOU!

Image: granite3.jpg   441x670 67861 bytes 2001.09.26

watercolor pencils.

Image: granitetube.jpg   533x730 100582 bytes 2001.09.26

i drew this while camping. i wanted to go nuts over gemetric shapes, but i didn't quite work. anyhoo, how are you? i'm fine, thankyou.

Image: flowerpot.jpg   327x520 26607 bytes 2001.09.26

inspired by something. i drew a head on a piller once, but thet wasn't as bloody. i don't know...."like the blood on my door." ....maybe, but i'm not sure. a sketch. the black things a sposed to look like bullet holes.

Image: blanket.jpg   364x600 20796 bytes 2001.09.26

i drew thisin a resteraunt. don't ask me what it is, because i'm not sure myself. anyhoo something i do know is that granite is wearing a barber thing, you know the blanket they give you to wear...

Image: pookieandfriend.jpg   473x680 52366 bytes 2001.09.09

it's pookie! pookie is (c) sierra loucks. pookie is cool. he's trying to tell the elephantish girl that she's stepping on his flipper. i think that pookie is very nice and should be told that he is by someone besides me and my sister.\r\n\r\n"he hates dresses so he wears skirts!" - sierra loucks

Image: demon.jpg   419x740 76514 bytes 2001.09.07

it's a demon,,,,,thing. old, but not old enough.

Image: watercolor.jpg   586x760 98451 bytes 2001.09.03

i likes water colors, even if they are cheap. I AM NOT ON DRUGS!! just to let you know. i tried to do every sense, but i left out hearing. that sucks. **blasts herself** zappo!

Image: sign.jpg   381x710 58253 bytes 2001.09.02

i really did see a sign that said that. it was a pizza place in oregon. i was bored, more trip pictures to come soon.

Image: indegoschool.jpg   403x490 42349 bytes 2001.09.02

a kinda school picture for back to school. i drew it i think.

Image: haircutmikey.jpg   511x480 74841 bytes 2001.09.02

it's mike. as a barber. right. i don't like the sound of that...\r\nmike (c) leelee.

Image: evildollareatingsquril.jpg   540x670 82730 bytes 2001.09.02

i don't know how to spell squril*. but that is an evil * eating a fifty. i saw an evil * in oregon. it tried to eat my sisters toes. i think it ate people to survive, 'cause it lived in the middle of nowhere with a buch of lava rocks and it was evil. help! the *'s are atacking me!

Image: baxterpoint.jpg   460x670 63392 bytes 2001.09.02

it's baxter! and he's promoting the army? naw, i just like the hat. it's a pretty hat, so piss off. blasted people. *blasts you all*. ahhh he's wearing a jacket! noooo! we're all going to die! **chokes**

Image: storageroom.jpg   481x520 52475 bytes 2001.08.26

it two of the characters that are based on other people. based, i say. there in the klash storage-room. it's a buch cupbroads that have foam swords, arrows, staffs, daggers, bows, spells, food, and other junk of that sort. sirrus isn't in klash, but indego let her in, 'cause she a friend.

Image: digitel2.jpg   270x570 32583 bytes 2001.08.26

i did another digitel picture! but this time of nightshade. i kinda like et better. but i kept on making it to big,,,or small. i like the background. in the other picture, granite is trying to look over something. night shade and granite both (c) to me.

Image: digitel.jpg   350x700 47220 bytes 2001.08.26

i drew this on the computer. i thought i did a pretty good job 'cause i don't have any funny drawing pads or stuff. i tried to do weird layers to color et, but i couldn't figure out which was on top, so i did it normaly. i WILL try again....\r\n\r\n..soon.....\r\n\r\ni hope.

Image: pupeties2.jpg   539x520 57593 bytes 2001.08.26

ohhh. i think sock puppets are cute. this remindes me of a story! i was sleeping at my friends house. it was late at night and we were bored so she pulled out this bag of stuff. it had lots of funny clothes and junk in it, and lots of socks. so we made sock puppets. mine was red with sowed on beads for eyes, and a bunch of weird hair, it's name was cirsco. my friend's was a weird girl scouty thing. then we stuffed them other socks and went to bed. the next day we went for a walk with them, westuckthem in mailboxes; a long with joe (a headess fimo creation) and joe's head. it was funny.

Image: princessey.jpg   422x700 33101 bytes 2001.08.13

oh pretty pretty princess. ugly bird.

Image: nightshadecoat.jpg   422x700 55860 bytes 2001.08.13

old coat nightshade has that i almost forgot about, but since i'm coat shopping i remember and i drew. i like the cd. nightshade (c) me.

Image: nightshadebookmarklookingthing.jpg   276x700 51062 bytes 2001.08.13

i figured that i had not drawen nightshade in a million years, so i drew her. then it looked like a bookmark, which reminded me of bookmarks i'd seen in stores that had funny poems on 'em so i wrote a poem specialy for it. then i nedded a neat backround, so i made a fractel to go with it. wow! i spent a lot of time doing this pic, even though it was really easy to color.

Image: imtombombadil.jpg   541x670 55957 bytes 2001.08.13

i love the lord of the rings and so i drew a pic of granite dressed-up as tom bombadil. "bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow", hmmm, i'm back online. we need a separete phone line.

Image: jacksonlookdown.jpg   422x700 32106 bytes 2001.08.13


Image: spidderman.jpg   569x670 48494 bytes 2001.08.02

now this is my kind of spidder man. one in a top hat whose dancing with a cane! yay for him!

Image: farrothumb.jpg   411x697 43062 bytes 2001.08.02

this is my character, farro. she's a painter. i've only drawn her for or five times, but she's kewl. all the other pictures are annoying, and i do admit that have something to clear up here too. she has TWO tails. and both of them come out of her ass.

Image: granitemask.jpg   459x724 49328 bytes 2001.07.31

i'm a blood sucker, i take other people's ideas for my own. then i say (and think) they're mind. *suck*

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