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Image: CyberC.JPG   597x818 161849 bytes 1999.11.09

ArCee again. This time I gave her a sailor like robo suit. heheh once again shes (C) to Hasbro/Takara.\n

Image: DancingToraGirl-as.jpg   561x721 131265 bytes 2005.11.07

Tiger Girl

Drawn for a fan. \r\n\r\n

Image: DinoBots.JPG   637x877 214380 bytes 1999.11.16

Image: DistractionDamsel-c.jpg   615x816 130798 bytes 2000.09.16

Misty Mouse as Distraction Damsel Saving the day by Stupifiying all who gaze apon her with "her huge tracks of LAND"! Misty Mouse is (c) to Dutch and was drawn buy the Request of THE ALL MIGHTY BRIAN BURKE!! LORD OF SUPERMEGATOPIA!!!\r\n\r\n\n

Image: DistractionDamsel-s.jpg   624x817 65047 bytes 2001.11.07

Who Is this Masked Mouse that has come to the City of SuperMegatopia!?!\r\n\r\nDistraction Damsel/Misty Mouse is Property of Dutch. Drawn as a gift art for him.

Image: DistractionDamsel.jpg   615x816 114433 bytes 2000.09.13

Misty Mouse AKA Distraction Damsel is here to stupifiy all that gaze at her HUGE TRACKS OF LAND! Distraction Damsel/Misty Mouse is (C) to the Amazing Dutch and draw at the Request of Brian Burke 1/2 of the Brothers Grinn. Creators of the hit site... SUPERMEGATOPIA!!!! \r\n\n

Image: Dr.VanBurden.jpg   638x817 198467 bytes 2002.08.13

HI All! Its sure been a long time! But I finaly got a chance to send some pictures from the library (when no ones looking). Any way This is Dr. Van Burden. She is evil! EVILL! She is also (c) to Ken Singshow. This is a Gift Picture I drew for Ken a while ago. I was experimenting with a new style I hope people like it. Any way Ken and Shawntae Howard are having a 3 issue Crossover in Shawntae's Comic the Extinctioners (from Shanda Fantisy Arts) Get it because its good!\r\n\r\n

Image: drag.JPG   634x819 96719 bytes 1999.11.07

Image: Dragoncastle.jpg   542x414 95474 bytes 1999.11.14

Image: DrCOMET'sOffice-s.jpg   638x814 117343 bytes 2002.04.07

Very Crowded gift Picture for COMET.

Image: EasterDrake.jpg   638x814 114236 bytes 2002.04.02

Drake Fenwick surviving the kids on his block during easter.\r\n\r\nDrake Fenwick Aka Brain Burke is copy to him self.

Image: EasterMax-s.jpg   616x814 75629 bytes 2002.03.30

know all the Cameo's?

Image: EasterZigZag-s.jpg   616x814 65132 bytes 2002.03.30

Characters (c)Max Blackrabbit

Image: ECSPandora-s.jpg   846x1091 159266 bytes 2004.05.14

This is a Stylised version of Ken Singshows CyberCatgirl Pandora. Pandora looks a little annoyed.. Zora and Tonya must bedoing something thats bothering her.;)\r\n\r\nPandora is (c) to Ken Singshow and drawn with Premission

Image: EgyptionQueenZora.gif   839x1095 160302 bytes 2004.06.30

Drawn as a request for Ken Singshow.\r\n\r\nZora is (c) To Ken Singshow.

Image: Embriana-DeadlyBeauty-s.jpg   626x817 46259 bytes 2002.03.27

Embriana is a Character I did for SMT. If I get off my but She'll have her own short side comic for Supermegatopia. \r\n\r\nJason.

Image: Equus-s.jpg   850x1097 114975 bytes 2006.07.28

Character drawn for Equus-san and (c) to him.

Image: EvilZora-s.jpg   636x876 98871 bytes 2005.03.10

Zora in her skin er Fur tight Black Leather Suit. \r\n\r\nDrawn in a few seconds (and it shows) for Ken Singshow.\r\n\r\nZora is (c) to Ken Singshow.

Image: Falonsback-c.jpg   378x542 39383 bytes 1999.11.22

Image: Felicia_Zummi-s.jpg   638x817 85326 bytes 2006.04.08

Felicia is of the Angel Pride FC(Football club) from my Striker Amazon story.

Image: Florida_Ino-s.jpg   638x817 57736 bytes 2006.04.08

Florida Ino, another member of the Angle Pride Football club.

Image: Fred&thegirls.JPG   877x636 201032 bytes 1999.11.09

This is a picture I edited of Fred Perry and his characters... ^_^\r\nevery one in that picture is (c) to Fred Perry.\n

Image: FriskyBeachSassy-s.jpg   636x819 103046 bytes 2003.09.27

Sassy Williams of the Strikers Being the Skebi Girl that she is.\r\n\r\nPreview for upcoming Portfolio.

Image: FurryTron5-s.jpg   798x1028 128595 bytes 2001.12.08

Hi all. This is a picture I just finnished for Ken Singshow(\r\n \r\nIts of his 5 Androzon robo girls, Sachi, Rokki, Tsuneko, Merry and Sue as one big robot. I was talking to him a few days ago and we joked that since they are robots what would happen if they Combined. Well heres the end Result. Furry Tron 5! \r\nEnjoy and keep an Eye out for them In Issue 11 of the Shawntae Howards Extintioners( \r\n \r\nEnjoy.

Image: FuzionBuxomGal-s.jpg   570x730 148596 bytes 2006.01.04

Drawn for Brian Burke of\r\n

Image: FuZionBuxomGal-s.jpg   819x627 85384 bytes 2001.08.07

Based on Buxom Gall and Buxom Gall Dark. This is what I think the would look like if they did Fusion!

Image: GreasyMonkey.jpg   626x814 294394 bytes 2001.12.19

Greasy Monkey Climed the Montan of Enlightenment, learned all she wanted to know... And came back down to kick some ass!\r\n\r\nGreasy is C to The Brothers Grinn.

Image: GrownUpStinken&Pandora-C.jpg   633x819 104914 bytes 2003.12.11

Pandora and Stinken. Drawn for Shawntae Howard and Ken Singshow for their Birhtday's last month.\r\n\r\nPandora is (c) Shanwtae Howard\r\nStinken is (c) Ken Singshow

Image: GrownUpStinken&Pandora-s.jpg   633x819 88760 bytes 2003.11.16

Shawntae Howards Pandora and Ken Singshow's Stinken. Two childhood friends grown up. This is a picture drawn for Kens Birthday. \r\n\r\nPandora is (c) Shawntae Howard\r\nStinken is (c) Ken Singshow

Image: HalloweenKarabiner.jpg   635x817 109164 bytes 2002.11.01

Halloween Karabiner dressed up as Krystal to go along with Tsuneko. Karabiner is copy to him self.\r\n\r\n

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