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Image: Sue-Chan-Classic-s.jpg   1086x843 67005 bytes 2006.06.01

Sue-Chan. Drawn for and (c) to Ken Singshow

Image: Sue-Chan-New-s.jpg   1086x843 69446 bytes 2006.06.01

Sue-Chan. Drawn for and (c) to Ken Singshow

Image: Sue-Strech-s.jpg   621x814 75412 bytes 2006.04.08

Sue-Chan taking Up Ballet along with Sachi. Sue-chan is (c) to Ken Singshow.

Image: SunflowerBeach-s.jpg   763x562 98621 bytes 2004.02.05

Images from Stellor Warriors Portfolio 1\r\n\r\nThe sexy yet very evil Sunflower. Iguana girl from the Brothers Grinn at!

Image: Sunni-s.jpg   548x726 73008 bytes 2006.02.06

Image: SuperBuxomGal.jpg   620x805 109216 bytes 2001.11.07

Image: SuperBuxomGals2.jpg   624x817 133777 bytes 2001.11.07

Image: SuperDarkBuxomGal.jpg   624x809 108879 bytes 2000.12.23

This is SuperMegatopias Dark Buxom Gal. Clone of Buxom Gal. Drake is starting to get intersted in DBZ and the Infamus Hair styles of Akira Toriyama. Well Heres My mix of The Super Megatopian style and the DBZ power and hair..\r\nCan you say KAaaaa MEeee HAaaaa MEeee HA!\n

Image: SuperGreasy-s.jpg   1253x1638 267688 bytes 2001.07.31

Hot damn Its been along time. 5-6 Months I think? Deprsion can be arealy sucky ass thing. However I'm starting to finaly brake it and heres My first Iked work in 6Months! Its Greasy Monkey shes a Under aprecated charcter from my Good Buddy Brian Burke's Supermegatopia site. Since Hes a DBZ fan (and a Transformer fan.. But I'll get to that Later) and Greasy IS a Monkey... Well it was easy to draw this picture. heh heh. Hopefully now that I'm finaly starting to crawl out of this deep black pit of dispair, yada yada, More art WILL fallow!

Image: SupermegaValintine.jpg   556x795 50725 bytes 2001.02.17

Heres a Picture of Brian Burke an his wife to be Michel. The cutest Comic book\r\ncupple I know. Brian is co Creator of

Image: SuperMetalguist.jpg   629x817 51135 bytes 2001.09.06

New Armor Upgrade for Metalguist. Copyright TBG

Image: TammyAdorableLass-s.jpg   636x819 104194 bytes 2003.09.27

This is Brian Burke's Cute little Heroren (spelling?) Tammy in her Adorable Lass Costume.\r\n\r\nTammy is (c) to the Brothers Grinn

Image: TarePandoraOnsen-s.jpg   623x815 104408 bytes 2002.02.19

This is Pandora (Propity of Shawntae Howard) at at Onsen (Japanese Hot Springs). This was draw as a request form Ken Singshow (buddies with Shawntae) This picture is sort of a In joke. The thing on her Head is a Tare Panda. Go here to learn about Tare Panda and hopefully get the joke.\r\n

Image: Tenshin.jpg   417x528 52188 bytes 1999.11.22

Image: Tmp.jpg   510x416 56138 bytes 2000.05.03

Image: TMP5.jpg   631x816 93854 bytes 2003.01.17

This is Tyamet and Katalina. THey are (C) to Ricky Gentry AKA Alex Dargon. \r\n\r\nJason.

Image: TMP6.jpg   631x816 100135 bytes 2003.01.17

This is Sassy Williams. She's very very excited that she scored a Goal during her Soccer game. She part of a new story I'm working on. She too is featured in my New portfolio.

Image: Tmp8.jpg   648x848 47436 bytes 2000.12.27

Image: Tofu-s.jpg   623x815 52831 bytes 2002.02.19

Drawn as a request of Tofu. Tofu is (c)

Image: Tofu.jpg   629x817 68537 bytes 2001.08.29

A picture I drew for a fan in the UK. Tofu (c) to her creator.

Image: TofuRuffAnalRide-s.jpg   624x817 70588 bytes 2001.10.30

Ok heres a picture done by request for Farli Cresent. Tofu is getting it very very hard from some human guy.\r\n\r\nJason Canty\r\

Image: TraditionalWeddingTsunami-m.jpg   850x1092 215260 bytes 2005.12.27

This hulking Brute is Sachi's Boy friend given Synthoid Body. \r\n\r\nTsunami isn't big on formal occasions, or even wearing human clothing, but he does aprecate having a comanding and impressive apperince and presence.. \r\n\r\nTsunami is (c) to Shawntae Howard and drawn as a gift for both Ken and Shawntae.

Image: TsunamiSachi-c.jpg   638x816 89156 bytes 2002.10.21

A gift picture for Both Shawntae Howard and Ken Singshow. Shawntae's Tsunami and Kens Sachi are posing fora picture.:)\r\n\r\nCharacters (c) Ken and Shawntae and drawn with their premissioin.

Image: Tsuneko.jpg   748x974 95539 bytes 2003.07.03

This was drawn for Ken Singshow... This his his Andorozon Fox girl Tsuneko in my style. \r\n\r\nTsuneko (C) to Ken Singshow

Image: TsunekoMon-s.jpg   638x811 73340 bytes 2002.04.08

TSUNEKOMON DIGI err Transform too!....\r\n\r\nThis is Ken Singshow's Athromorph Android Amazon (NEO LIFE FORM: ADROZON. GO!) Tsuneko. We've been bouncing ideas of each other again and this what happend. Hehe. \r\n\r\nTsuneko is (c) to Ken Singshow. BWT his charcters will be in Issue 11-13 of Shawntae Howards Extintioners! Buy it! READ IT!! Pray to it as a False GOD!!.. err well maybe not the last part but buy it when it comes out. :)

Image: TsunekoMon.jpg   632x811 164167 bytes 2002.04.30

This is Tsuneko Dressed up as Renamon. Drawn with Premission from ken Singshow ( \r\n\r\n

Image: TsunekoMonAura.jpg   632x811 162146 bytes 2002.04.30

This is Tsuneko Dressed up as Renamon about to send a Fire Storm down to some evil Androids! Drawn with Premission from ken Singshow ( \r\n\r\n

Image: TurnyPrep.jpg   638x878 100086 bytes 2001.12.08

Rith: Hmm Green Tea....\r\n\r\nLizzan: Jay I really don't know why You brought that Demoness here. SHe might kill some one.\r\n\r\nJay(off screen): Oh its ok were on Char Mon. Everyone dies here alot.. Especaly the heros.\r\n\r\nLizzan:....?\r\n\r\nJay: Oh didn't you know as long as some one has saved at the temple of Infinet lives you can't be killed normaly. \r\n\r\nLizzan: Oh so I can though the kid gloves off!?! Hehehe Omoshiroi(intersting). Finaly I can fight in a turnament with out having to "spar" agenst them.. \r\n\r\nJay backs away slowly. O_O\r\n\r\n

Image: TyametSythe-s.jpg   817x624 54133 bytes 2001.11.07

For Ricky (Alex Dargon).

Image: Untitled-1a.jpg   361x326 32226 bytes 2003.04.25

Another Sprite I'm doing for a fighting game. This time compleatly hand drawn. This is Umnus ("NightStalker) from Shwantae Howards super Hero Furry Comic The Extinctioners!\r\n\r\nMore to come soon. \r\n\r\nUmnus (c) to Shawntae Howard

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