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Image: dontexist.jpg   500x474 71791 bytes 2003.02.07

According to public opinion: I do not exist.\r\nI beg to differ.\r\nMox in a rather feral form, quite ticked.\r\nWho cares about copyrights. If you wanna steal this, have fun with it.

Image: Intro-Mox.jpg   500x842 66783 bytes 2000.04.17

Might as well introduce my furryself. "Hi, I'm Mox!" ^_^\n

Image: Mcab.jpg   843x660 57055 bytes 2002.12.12

To avoid confusion: Mox is a shapeshifter (polymorph, doppleganger, changling, w/e), though he rarely uses the ability. \r\nFor Britt's birthday, however, he thought a surprise was in order. This is Mox in his female cabbit form.

Image: Mox_2_Britt.jpg   590x800 145131 bytes 2000.06.07

This is my gift to Brittany Heyser. She's a wonderful person and a GREAT artist. If you haven't seen her art, you are missing out! *snuggles to Britt* Hope you like it ^^));\n

Image: MoxnBritt2.jpg   527x800 156747 bytes 2002.09.22

Re-upload cuz the first was too big and got deleted x_x\r\nAgain, our fursonas reflecting our RL relationship.\r\nAren't we a cute couple? n_n

Image: No_Boundaries.jpg   608x800 273358 bytes 2000.05.03

Colored version of the previous sketch ^_^ Would love to hear what everyone thinks of it! Mox and his image are to me :\n

Image: No_Boundaries_bw.jpg   600x789 54966 bytes 2000.05.03

"HEY! Who stopped the music???" - Did this pic while listening to the "No Boundaries" mix by Dj Spree, thus the name. Mox and his image are to me ^_^\n

Image: Pilgrimage-Mox.jpg   694x750 352368 bytes 2000.06.07

Actually did this one earlier in the year but figured I'd wait to upload it. The logic behind the quote is the fact that I took a vacation from everything art related for a while. This was my first pic when I picked up the Photoshop brush again ^_^ Email me and let me know what you think. I need real emails to battle all the SPAM I'm getting at hotmail :(\n

Image: Riddim.jpg   492x500 113589 bytes 2002.09.23

My AMZ pet, Riddim. Kung Fu student and street-dancer.\r\nImagine the Kung Fu moves you could pull off with a tail. ;)

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