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Image: sarahcol.png   236x722 61257 bytes 2002.03.12

This is the final colored version of Sarah. Ten hours of work for this. I like it. I don't like how long I flicked to get it done, but I do like it. This is my first time using GIMP to do something besides flat coloring.\r\n\r\n<quickly spoken disclaimer follows>\r\nSarah and Art (c) Jason Mitchell\r\nRefrences - \r\n Hayashi, Techniques for Drawing Female Anime Characters\r\n Hamm, Drawing the Head and Figure\r\n Hamm, How to Draw Animals\r\n

Image: sarahbw.png   205x710 74426 bytes 2002.03.12

Part 2 of my 10 hour saga, this is the shading layer and line art layer. What's nice is that this was done completley with with my 1337 optical mouse and the GIMP, something I thought was not really possible.

Image: jason.png   644x547 33505 bytes 2002.02.21

Egad, an old drawing of human me! I now have much more hair that happens to be green, but this is an ok drawing of how I look no matter what. Of course, all it tells you is that I'm black and have a pathetic attempt at a goatee.

Image: mothers_day_card.png   391x547 204453 bytes 2002.02.21

Old Mother's Day card which will truly look weird nestled among belated valentine's day pics. BTW, my mom loved it.

Image: bnj.png   571x586 64770 bytes 2002.02.21

Me and my friend Brandon Participate in a police line up. We had a habit of calling each other slut/X-monkey. Kinda sad this is what I'm putting up first as I return to the VCL, but it was the first in the list.

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