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Image: jn-sunshine2.jpg   271x425 19048 bytes 2000.09.07

Sunshine. A female ocelot. Sunshine is c. her player\n

Image: jn-sonique2.jpg   186x401 25577 bytes 2000.09.07

Sonique the Hedgehog. Kinda a female version of Sonic. Sonique is c. Her player.\n

Image: jn-meepc.jpg   303x332 23911 bytes 2000.09.07're not wearing any underwear! Ami is c. Me\n

Image: jn-fireplay.jpg   687x596 31327 bytes 2000.09.07

All I can say is...WOWWWWW!!! ^_^ Fire is c. Her player! *blush*\n

Image: jn-fireglaive.jpg   304x408 30942 bytes 2000.09.07

Fire Lightfoot, with glaive action. ^_^ Fire is c. her player, which is Jessi something or other, and who is one of my very bestest friends.\n

Image: jn-cailet50.jpg   608x537 24145 bytes 2000.09.07

Cailet Ambrai -- Nekkid! Just a pencil sketch of my foxie friend. Cailet is c. Bill West\n

Image: jn-bunny.jpg   241x318 20201 bytes 2000.09.07

Mmm...someones having fun. I think I'll call Yeah ^_^\n

Image: jn-adriana1c.jpg   272x349 22929 bytes 2000.09.07

Adriana - Another character from Sonic Unlimited MUCK. Not too bad, if I say so. Adriana is c. Her player\n

Image: jn-playfurbunny.jpg   491x705 21788 bytes 2000.09.07

Just a little happy bunny\n

Image: jn-purrsiaspear.jpg   287x333 20088 bytes 2000.04.26

Purrsia, once again, and this time has a pretty big spear. I wish I knew what a Glaive looked like..Purrsia Lightfoot is c. Her player and appears courtesy of Sonic Unlimited MUCK.\n

Image: jn-scorchSUM2.jpg   362x498 28524 bytes 2000.04.24

Evil Scorch. Don't get in his way....ever.\n

Image: jn-byronshot2.jpg   260x311 18406 bytes 2000.04.24

Volt. Byron Volt. Secret agent 001. Licence to Mew. Byron appears courtesy of Sonic Unlimited MUCK\n

Image: jn-cailetslash.jpg   340x255 19539 bytes 2000.04.22

Pretty Knight Cailet Ambrai in action ^_^ Watch Cailet as she cleaves her enemies ribbons! Ooh and ahh as she performs heroic acts of chivalry. Gaze in awe as the pretty foxie makes spare parts out of Robotiniks forces! Cailet in armor appears courtesy of Sonic Unlimited MUCK.\n

Image: jn-roxannestanding.jpg   232x405 24740 bytes 2000.04.21

Roxanne DePlano, showing us all just how strong this badger is. Don't mess with her...Roxanne is c. Earl Alexander and appears courtesy of Sonic Unlimited MUCK.\n

Image: jn-purrsiastanding.jpg   264x346 24864 bytes 2000.04.21

Purrsia Lightfoot, looking as good as ever! Purrsia is c. Her player and appears courtesy of Sonic Unlimited MUCK. Hugs to my favorite meeser! ^_^\n

Image: jn-scorchstanding.jpg   213x397 27021 bytes 2000.04.21

A nicer pic of my character, Scorch Hedgehog. One in the "standing series". Scorch is c. 2000 me and appears courtesy of Sonic Unlimited MUCK.\n

Image: jn-amikick2.jpg   332x255 19957 bytes 2000.04.17

Ami Chobei in action. I'd love to have seen the action that got most of her clothes ripped off. ^_^ Ami is c. me 2000 and appears courtesy of Sonic Unlimited MUCK.\n

Image: jn-sadie.jpg   328x245 24214 bytes 2000.03.21

What happens when you cross a cat with a get Sadie the Hedgecat! Another one in the "standing" series (although she's not standing). Sadie is c. Jason Northage and appears courtesy of Sonic Unlimited MUCK.\n

Image: jn-byronstanding.jpg   304x422 23005 bytes 2000.02.29

Byron Volt. Another in the "Standing" series. Looking good in his suit and sunglasses (Although I think he looks like a member of the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) ^_^ Byron Volt is c. Earl Alexander. Byron appears courtesy of Sonic Unlimited MUCK.\n

Image: jn-cailetstanding2.jpg   288x343 20426 bytes 2000.02.29

Cailet Ambrai. Part of my "Standing" series. Finally learned what SCALE means. Heh. Scanned in bmp, converted to jpg and colored with Photoshop 5.5 with Pantone non-coated color scheme. I think these pictures look much more professional. Cailet is c. Bill West. All "Standing" series characters appear courtesy of Sonic Unlimited MUCK.\n

Image: jn-amistanding2.jpg   169x387 24858 bytes 2000.02.27

Ami Chobei, standing with her sword. Am I getting better or what? :)\r\n\r\nAmi Chobei is c. Me 2000\n

Image: jn-byroncat.jpg   573x599 24411 bytes 2000.01.19

A picture of Byron Volt as a cat. Mean n' nasty looking...kinda. Byron is c. Earl Alexander and he better not lose this pic or else...\n

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