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Image: angelglyph.jpg   216x466 22483 bytes 2001.08.22

a red and blue 3d glasses pic mad with two TS5 pics and an anaglyph maker i found on CNET or somthin

Image: Chess.jpg   800x600 51505 bytes 2002.02.24

Me: Who do you thing is gona win now?\r\n\r\nViolet: You can have the game..\r\nas long as i can have you after!\r\n\r\nMe:i like my odds meroowl!

Image: kiko023.jpg   800x600 136695 bytes 2005.11.30

trying to rifine my art before TS7 releases

Image: kiko_hello.jpg   800x600 176633 bytes 2005.11.30

My Kikos so adorable

Image: lushcook.jpg   800x600 44045 bytes 2004.04.04

Lush is ready to get cookin

Image: lushmed.jpg   800x600 69607 bytes 2004.01.29

this is Lush. \r\nShe has many jobs she has taken upon herself. My protector ,doctor ,cook ,teacher ,but most recent and preferd is colover. I have known her cince i was a child a niebor to my grand parents she was grampwas leb assistant and sometimes my sitter...\r\n\r\nBut that was 15 years ago. \r\n\r\nThings Have changed

Image: riagaaside.jpg   700x766 140201 bytes 2005.12.01

a model shet inprogress of my self though im waiting for TS7 to see if i can improve on any details.\r\n

Image: sakiVdress.jpg   800x600 120429 bytes 2005.12.01

a rework of my renamon inspired creation Saki.\r\n\r\n(and we all should know who reanamon belongs to by now)

Image: shade_bath..jpg   800x600 76890 bytes 2004.04.04

Irealy dont see why shade likes this tub so mutch.\r\n\r\n(theres no room for me..)

Image: shadebed.jpg   800x600 86144 bytes 2004.01.29

allow me to introduce Shade. Part sucuba part vamp all insatiable. She can drain blood from an enemy and use the power to heal others (usualy me). As lively as lovely shes a sweetheat as long as your not messing with me.

Image: Violet1.jpg   800x600 35248 bytes 2002.02.24

Im back, This is Violet a wolf fem based on Satski form the ova Amazing nurse Nanako. Violet is the third and final member of my naughty Trio.

Image: Violet1bk.jpg   800x600 43014 bytes 2002.02.24

Violet from behind this was a test of a neet littel plugin i found(wich is why any one i create would have clothing).

Image: vispsytac.jpg   800x600 66884 bytes 2002.02.24

A battle of titts...?\r\nor\r\nA Practice in Visual Phycological Tactics

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