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Image: Alexcol.jpg   414x698 11919 bytes 2002.03.07

Alexander from my Runts of the litter story. I know I forgot to draw his tail, my mom pointed it out after I spent hours on these pictures.

Image: BWRunts.gif   762x962 107676 bytes 2007.11.02

This drew this when my dad was messing around with computer printable iron-ons a few months ago. I'm going to try to color it, but it may take a while.

Image: Crosshare.jpg   460x698 16459 bytes 2002.03.12

Crosshare from my Delta Labs story. He is a superhero defending New York. I'm still working on the other heroes from L.A., England and other places for the story.

Image: Elena.gif   513x909 31348 bytes 2005.03.06

Elena from my Tangled Paths story. The patch on her eye is discolored fur, of course I haven't dicided what her normal fur color is. Also, my parents got a new scanner, this took a lot less time to clean up than usual.

Image: ForeverTG.gif   884x595 16635 bytes 2003.12.27

This isn't my best work, and the compression didn't help either. Anyway, this is the main comic relief for my Not Forever story, the Phun Times tour group. I haven't named any of the characters and the line-up may change, but this is the basic idea.

Image: Ignite.jpg   635x1167 30160 bytes 2002.08.19

Ignite from my swordarms story. Other than forgeting to put belt loops on the pants, I'm satifird with this picture.

Image: ironrat.jpg   604x432 29599 bytes 2002.07.09

My home-made con badge. On FurryMUCK I play a wannabe martial-arts kangaroo rat named ironrat. I haven't got the hang of mucking yet so I have a lousy description and no personalized home. I'm just as shy online as off, so you probably haven't seen me.

Image: IronRatColor.gif   704x1040 100961 bytes 2006.12.29

Here is my newest picture of IronRat in color. Not colored very well, but mabey I'll try again some other time.

Tags: KangorooRat  
Image: IronRatDance.gif   697x1029 24812 bytes 2006.12.11

My alter-ego dancing. Once I get better at building in Second Life, I'll try to make my avatar look more like this. By the way, my SL name is IronRat Gallacher.

Image: Joshcol.jpg   436x698 17601 bytes 2002.03.07

Josh from my Runts of the litter story.

Image: Julliettecol.jpg   349x698 13634 bytes 2002.03.07

Julliette from my Runts of the litter story (but you can call her Julie).

Image: Lukecol.jpg   357x698 15465 bytes 2002.03.07

Luke from my Runts of the litter story. I think I made him older looking than I wanted to.

Image: LukeFam.gif   800x576 77835 bytes 2004.01.20

Luke from the Runts story with his older brother and his dad (neither has a name yet). His brother is a local sports star, he tries to encourage luke but doesn't push him. His father on the other hand is trying to live vicariouly (sic?) through his children, to mold them into sports legends that he thinks he was when younger.

Image: Mikeycol.jpg   460x698 15637 bytes 2002.03.07

Mikey from my Runts of the litter story. The paint program I have now doesn't use layers so I couldn't get the fire right. Somewhere in the story I plan to give him a hellhound puppy, but I'm trying to get a good balance between cuteness and pure evil.

Image: Mitch&Katie.png   732x972 79182 bytes 2003.05.02

Two characters from my Tangled Paths story. Mitch, former down on his luck surfer now interdimentional hero and Katie (real name Ketahi), former slave rescued by Mitch. I think it's one of my best pictures so far, my brother says the runts group shot is.

Image: Rain.png   464x728 55301 bytes 2003.01.23

Rain from my Swordarms story. As you can see, I've reduced the number of plates in the armor. Easier to draw and looks better. Also I'm practicing more with the GIMP to get rid of background noise.

Image: Robyncol.jpg   335x904 18699 bytes 2002.03.07

Robyn from my Runts of the litter story.

Image: Runts1.png   752x503 107990 bytes 2003.03.06

The entire Runts gang. Just now looking at it, I realised that I didn't put Robyn's right hand on Josh's shoulder.

Image: smokeanv.gif   926x613 22197 bytes 2005.01.13

It's Marlboro's 50th birthday everyone! Here I thank them for all the years of stench and death (like both my grandparents). I drew this at Midwest Furfest, but due to laziness, scanner problems, and seeing more and more scanner artifacts on the picture every time I tried to upload, at least it's ready now.

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