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Image: ActionSonaoki.jpg   799x1042 256009 bytes 2004.08.19

Image: ANDthing.jpg   699x961 110114 bytes 2004.09.08

AND is on the left and I don't know what AND is. All Natural Droid, I guess.\r\n\r\nHe's fake. Next pic in Inflation section -- or Inflation sketches section since I never ever color anything at all whatsoever except when I feel strange.\r\n\r\nOn the right .. Flightless bird wench.

Image: armor.jpg   764x962 170729 bytes 2001.09.01

It's Jen(my character)! She's all suited up for combat on the world Jade, a medievil world of dragons and real magic created by Fred Perry, the superb manga artist of Gold Digger and Legacy at AP.. Anyway.. jen is workin as a mercenary.. she looks very tired.

Image: boXmas.jpg   1005x1301 171161 bytes 2002.02.25

Very cool guy.. Illy's true love in real life. Old Xmas Picture. and if you wonder.. that's a chibi-ish version of him in the background. Cute hmm? :)

Image: BritStanding.jpg   973x1250 108436 bytes 2001.09.10

Just a Cheetah picture I did yesterday (Sept. 9) Hope you enjoy! Also something I did for a friend I should appreciate more than I have been.. Dragen.. find his page at if you didn't know already. (smile!) Cheetah is (C)2001 to Fred Perry

Image: CheetaJKGD.jpg   633x817 65041 bytes 2001.09.01

You all know who this is! Or should be shot if you don't... It's Fred Perry's (stressing this) Fred Perry's Cheetah! She's a great character and I've vowed to not post other persons' characters in sexual situations... unless given permission and stuff.. So anyway.. I was going to color this.. that never happened Cheetah is (C) 2001 to Fred Perry

Image: CrouchingLeopard.jpg   695x913 140767 bytes 2001.09.01

I had fun with this picture.. I especially like the quality with the dress.. Luckily.. the optimization didnt ruin it at all, a large portion of the shading remains. Anywhay! This is the fun, fwuffy Mia_Fillene, in what she calls her GD form. Mia_Fillene character is (C) 2001 Mia_Fillene .. pic is MINE! :D

Image: CtarlJen.jpg   557x891 139217 bytes 2001.09.02

Outlaw Star themed kitty! This is an old one.. Aisha ClanClan's cute design belongs to Cartoon Network/Toonami

Image: Doll.jpg   935x1456 197862 bytes 2002.03.15

A middle-weight class angel.. a special type that seems to be negating an actual angel form.. notice her wings that form when she hits her peak performance.. bat-like succubus wings..\r\n\r\nAngelic Layer....Be my only Angel

Image: Fightback.jpg   954x1266 130805 bytes 2001.09.12

Trade Center... Done... Jen defends her capital city... last line of defense.. Thunderhammer Urban defense unit standing by in the bakground as they futily fight... their city burns....

Image: Fire-n-Ice-n-Sweaters.jpg   1000x1301 236700 bytes 2001.12.04

This was a picture request from Mia_Fillene... She loved it. I am sure the public will as well.\r\nMy new quote~ Trance music sounds like love... (sigh)\r\nMia(c)Mia_Fillene\r\nJennet(c)JenkatGD

Image: FreeSpirit.jpg   703x913 155842 bytes 2001.09.01

This was a picture that I did rather spontaneously.. I wonder if people like the anime-ish styles of furry art.. Anywhay.. she's an urban panthress. Feel free to borrow and use her design, but please give some credits to me.

Image: gothyslt.jpg   799x1042 199796 bytes 2004.09.04

The Jen person cat thing character turned into sad, creepy self. Bad attempt. I like the pants though.\r\n\r\nBlah.

Image: Hybrid2.jpg   818x1110 102644 bytes 2004.09.04

Combine Jen and Naoki and you get.. Kamicheetah's tail.\r\n\r\nOld pic.

Image: IllyArtist.jpg   809x1051 93262 bytes 2001.09.03

Hooray! Illy the Lioness is a fun looking person, and she draws, too! Even though she may not think she's all the great, I think she's advancing well and gaining knowledge and such to improve :D She seems comfortable drawing realistically, but she's good at more manga-style, too. She's a nice person and I'm glad she let me post this. Illy is (c) Illy

Image: IncomingGame.jpg   1092x1388 197838 bytes 2001.10.17

Just something in onor of Reboot.. which will begin airing new episodes on Cartoon Network... I cant wait.. I was shocked!!

Image: Infected.jpg   1088x1380 240789 bytes 2001.10.19

Eeek! Jenna is being bitten by a vampire! Ferdkat the vampire sneaks up behind Jen, an operative sent in to neutralize vampire activity in the starport.. in a dark corridor as she heads toward the infirmary...she is struck from behind...

Image: ink-Costumed.jpg   699x961 131045 bytes 2004.09.14

Inked version of something I sketched. I should color it. I should, but things that should be done are rarely carried out.\r\n\r\nHe's a bunny. I'm knocking off my Halloween pic early. Costume design based upon a dream I had.

Image: ink-Fayd.jpg   699x908 126809 bytes 2004.11.11

INKED VERSION WOOOO!\r\nPlease overlook the fact that after several years of drawing, I have failed to do things like: Reference Human Anatomy charts.

Image: ink-Naobigger.jpg   672x877 77823 bytes 2004.08.19

Drawn for\r\n\r\nIt's Naoki and he's gotten something that could've only originated from Alice in Wonderland! or um--yeah--He's getting bigger and his clothes magically stretch. The hand looks weird *pokes the fingers* 0.0;

Image: ink-NaoRarRar.jpg   699x961 115127 bytes 2004.09.10

Inked it! Ballpoint pen, then I touched it up in Photoshop. A bit to eliminate some of the 'scratchiness' from the ballpoint.

Image: ink-TarotCrd6.jpg   841x1097 132234 bytes 2004.08.19

Drawn for Gallyhead. She was all like: Do eet! And I was all like: Uhhh. And then she said: Do eet! And I was all like: Uhh\r\n...

Image: J-Limey.jpg   1088x1355 178865 bytes 2001.10.24

Yay! Im really glad Lime liked this picture.. and even more excited that she allows me to post it.. I did it for her B-day..although belated... Hopefully I can come up with a better one, maybe even a series of Gundam-related stuffs.. anyhoo.. I drew this as it says on the pic and Lime is (C) Lime/KLANE so blah :D

Image: JenkatHexed.jpg   995x1246 189392 bytes 2001.11.03

Wheee... I draw so slowly while watching TV.... All Reboot associated things are (C) Mainframe and YTV .... please dont sue me, Reboot owners.. I have not but fifty cents.. =n.n=;;;

Image: Jennet-carpet.jpg   1291x1000 147295 bytes 2001.12.04

This one was fun! Jennet loves the shag rug carpet in Mia's bedroom.. she mauls around and lies on her belly.. Which of course shows that I too like to sleep on my belly.. it feels warmer.. *blush* Anyway! Seductive piccu.. But I belong to Mia and her friends so nyah!(Tapestries MU*) :P\r\nJennet(c)Jenkatgd

Image: Jennetpose.jpg   705x901 99559 bytes 2001.09.02

Just Jennet posing. Hi-YA! Jennet belongs to me.. P.S. (I HATE inking!!) Feel free to email me!

Image: JennetTapsCloth.jpg   801x1101 250371 bytes 2004.08.19

Image: MagicCity.jpg   758x978 212572 bytes 2001.09.01

This was one of my pictures in which I post in order to show the effect BACKGROUND can have on a picture.. It really gives it depth and makes it more interesting.. People are very picky.. like for example.. My eyes are crossed!! Except for that.. People only really notice things in your pictures if they are A. Mistakes or B. Lack of detail or.. are just picky..

Image: MGSJennet.jpg   739x962 166016 bytes 2001.09.01

This would have been a good picture had I scaled the size of her head correctly... This is Jennet.. a bioandroid copy/counterpart of Jen! She is sent to assassainate Jen, whom was created by the same organization as she was.. so uhm.. this is Jennet in a Metal Gear Solid theme.. She is mine! :D B'longs to me..but feel free to use her.. just dont draw my characters being brutally slaughtered or other defacing things... naughty pics are ok!! <n.n>

Image: MiaDash-.jpg   630x812 143098 bytes 2001.09.03

Woo!! This IS one of my first color images.. this is another one of the forms of Mia_Fillene that Mia owns.. Just running a bouncey 10K and not looking the least bit fatigued.. character depicted (C)2001 Mia_Fillene

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