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Image: bornnaughtyc.jpg   497x557 38149 bytes 2000.08.25

A picture I drew in Missouri at the hotel. There was a post-labor, momma phin \r\nin the background, but she came out kind of scary, so I cleared her out for the \r\ncolor version. I really like how the wolf guy came out though, especially his \r\nfacial expression. But just so you know, I didn't learn to be naughty, I was \r\nborn that way. >:}\n

Image: csdelc.gif   485x595 20931 bytes 2000.08.25

I spend way too much of my free time playing Counter-Strike. As such, I figured \r\nI might as well draw my alter ego in the game; Beaucoup Fishies. If you play CS,\r\njust do a search for me using gamespy. I'm the only Beaucoup Fishies as far \r\nas I know. Kill!! \n

Image: deleaster.jpg   540x510 50555 bytes 2000.08.27

Image: devolutionc.gif   735x396 17982 bytes 2000.08.25

This is a picture of the "evolution" of my Delphis character over the years. \r\nFrom the first humble and big-eyed sketch of a generic dolphin up to my modern \r\nand huggable self. (Gotta love the banana stripe!) \n

Image: djc.jpg   551x522 45384 bytes 2000.08.25

An older pic of mine, one of the first donkeys I did too. Well, he's supposed \r\nto be a donkey anyway. Here he is mixing up some fresh beats for the masses\r\nand sporting a very nice looking shirt that I still have yet to buy. Ninja Tune\r\nis one of the most creative labels out there! Word out to Coldcut and Kid \r\nKoala, as well as Mr.Scruff and Dj Food!\n

Image: faithlessc.jpg   600x485 53341 bytes 2000.08.25

This is a quick pic that came into my head while listening to Faithless' "Bring\r\nMy Family Back". It was also an attempt of mine to try out a new brush to see\r\nhow well it made hair. Came out kinda kookie, but it was a quickie, so I \r\nwasn't expecting a whole lot anyway. :)\n

Image: gfrc.gif   514x622 41404 bytes 2000.08.27

greatFox is (c) Todd Guilmette. He's a musician and he just loves his Pinkie\r\nhat. Shhh, he's starting!\n

Image: gracec.jpg   300x698 40484 bytes 2000.08.25

This is a picture of Grace Slick as a dolphin. If you don't know who she is, \r\nshe just happens to be the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane...or was that\r\nstarship. I don't quite remember, but this was a request anyway, and the \r\nrequester liked it, so I was happy too. \n

Image: herpguyc.jpg   475x559 65517 bytes 2000.08.27

Some reptile guy. And NO, he's not playing with himself. Those are cleverly \r\n(or not)placed hands put there to cover up any genetalia that he wouldn't have\r\nvisible anyway since he's a reptile! So there! NYAH! :P \n

Image: kechashowc.jpg   550x700 82988 bytes 2000.08.27

Kechara gryphon is also (c) Orca. She's putting on a big show for all of her\r\nadoring public. Isn't she just sooo cute in that outfit?? Anyway, check out \r\nthe naughty section for an alternate version of this pic. :)\n

Image: loinc.jpg   424x570 47400 bytes 2000.08.27

Kelp loincloth. Nuff said, any more would be more than you probably want to \r\nknow.\n

Image: mobyc.gif   368x556 15135 bytes 2000.08.27

This is a Moby fan phin. Moby is one of my favorite musicians of all time, so\r\nI decided to take it trademark rave smile and transition it over onto a phin.\r\nHe came out sorta like a ninja turtle, but ah well. Dig the shirt. Off a rare \r\nMoby album I have. :)\n

Image: orcasanc.jpg   400x686 46035 bytes 2000.08.27

Orca is (c) herself again. This time she's in an oddly colored kimono. This\r\none was actually made a while ago, and also before orcasanc.jpg was. I still \r\nlike how it came out, as did she, so it's all good. *does a lil dance*\n

Image: orcatoonc.gif   618x581 13466 bytes 2000.08.27

Orca is (c) herself and looks so adorable as an all out toon! It's not a dirty\r\npic, I just usually do phins nude because the look silly with clothing on most\r\nof the time. Also notice the breast-like lumps on her chest. Human breasts\r\nalso look kinda funky on a phin, so these are an excellent replacement in my\r\nopinion. :)\n

Image: polopony.jpg   650x481 62074 bytes 2000.08.27

Sorry, bad pun. That funky colored pony on the right is my Furcadian character \r\nthat I used for the short time I used to be on there. The coon lady on the \r\nright is a former friend of mine that suddenly decided to leave one day\r\nwithout a good reason and has never come back. \n

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