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Image: anotherjill.jpg   357x499 15576 bytes 2000.12.18

This is a furry version of Jill Valentine from Resident Evil (copy written to Capcom). Which is one of my favorite games.\n

Image: candy.jpg   945x1038 59478 bytes 2000.12.18

This is a little sketch I did for a friend of mine. She told me she had a snack attack and was running to the store. I drew it up and scanned and e-mailed it to her. She loved it of course. LOL (oh and yes Hershey is spelled wrong, I didn't want to infringe copywrite laws :P)\n

Image: Cariolne.jpg   957x1236 79743 bytes 2000.12.18

Have you ever had those times, when you just wanted to create a character for no reason at all. Well thats where she came from.\n

Image: ChrisRedfield.gif   614x940 101515 bytes 2000.12.18

This is a picture of Chris Redfield as a wolf. He is dressed in casual clothes. I like the Idea for the picture but it is just a sketch and didn't turn out quite like I wanted.\n

Image: Dorrianne2.jpg   491x701 106212 bytes 2000.12.19

This is the female main character in my original novel that is still in production and will be published, called Faux's Dream (COPYWRITTEN TO MYSELF) Dorrianne is a spoil brat of the chieftain. although beautiful and with the training from Leenden she becomes quite deadly with her short swords.\n

Image: foxface.jpg   593x670 28353 bytes 2000.12.18

This is another one of those impulse sketches. I love her eyes...don't you.\n

Image: Garrien2.jpg   493x736 84869 bytes 2000.12.19

This is another character from the Faux's Dream series he is a Vulf. He doesn't have a HUGE part in the story, but he will in the later books of the series. (Faux's Dream and Dorrianne are copywritten to me.)\n

Image: Jagwar.gif   581x919 85206 bytes 2000.12.18

This is a character from the Archie comic book Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I liked his character and wanted to see what I could do with him. I guess he turned out okay.\n

Image: JAMIS.jpg   575x873 35091 bytes 2000.12.18

Another one of those impulse pictures I guess you could say. This was a double header with Carolne, but there was nothing else done of them.\n

Image: JillValentine.gif   637x848 92768 bytes 2000.12.18

This is a picture of Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 1 Director's Cut. She is hiding from something. What can I say I am GA GA for Resident Evil.\n

Image: JillValentine2.gif   469x670 54515 bytes 2000.12.18

This is another picture of Jill Valentine, looking a little more prepared than before.\n

Image: Leenden.jpg   500x713 130975 bytes 2000.12.18

This is another one of my favorites. Leenden is my character, I created Leenden back in 1988, and have grown quite fond of him. There have been dozens of changes to him as well. In this picture, he is a Bard spreading Merriment to all. Leenden is Copy written to me.\n

Image: Leenden_Music.jpg   609x688 88909 bytes 2000.12.18

This is another tender shot that I drew for me and my wife. The instrument he is playing was enchanted by elves, it brings out all the emotions from a person and makes them weak. The female there clings to him for support. OF COURSE SHE LOVES HIM (smiles). Leenden Copywritten to ME.\n

Image: LeonKennedy.gif   637x858 208967 bytes 2000.12.18

This is DA MAN. Leon Kennedy was my favorite character from the Resident Evil series. (I USE WAS BECAUSE I HAVEN'T SEEN HIM SINCE RE2) Maybe Capcom will put him in another one. (I can only hope.)\n

Image: LLLeenden.gif   637x783 88973 bytes 2000.12.18

The LL before it stands for a group created by my friends on an Online game called the Realm (copywritten to Sierra). It stands for Legacy of Lycanthropy. This was my character added to the group. Leenden in a native american man that changes into a werefox. Leenden Copywritten to me. Legacy of Lycanthropy copywritten to the creator (not me).\n

Image: Minotaur.gif   582x910 88818 bytes 2000.12.18

This is a dabble in minotaurs. I like it, I think it turned out better than I had expected.\n

Image: Mystice.jpg   876x616 76732 bytes 2000.12.18

This is a picture I did for a friend of my from and online game called The Realm (copywritten to Sierra.) She was a cynical person, but she had a good heart, I haven't spoke too her forever. HI MYST... (Mystice copywritten to her. Not me)\n

Image: Nanner.jpg   989x1296 164191 bytes 2000.12.18

This is a picture I did for another one of my Realm friends (copywritten to Sierra) She was a wonderful friend and I hold her dear in me heart. Miss you... (Nanner Copywritten to herself)\n

Image: Neena2.jpg   638x832 131809 bytes 2000.12.18

Here is my first BAT. Neena McWaulff is from a comic I am making. She is a spy, that makes 007 look like a wussy. This girl can do anything a guy can do and BETTER. Here's to you furry fems, GIRL POWER. LOL\n

Image: Obi-wan.jpg   380x518 204885 bytes 2000.12.18

Oh did I forget to mention that I am a HUGE Star Wars Fan, and here is my favorite character Foxx-ified. I like the color that I used on it. (Obi-Wan Kenobi Copywritten to George Lucas)\n

Image: ocelotknife2.GIF   576x794 276115 bytes 2000.12.18

This is a trade work that I did for oCeLot. Who I might add is an awesome artist. Please go check her work out as soon as you are done looking through mine, you will not regrete it. Standing behind her is Leenden.(ocelot is copywritten to her player, Leenden is copywritten to me)\n

Image: Pregnant.jpg   280x741 90623 bytes 2000.12.18

This is a picture I drew for my wife when she was pregnant with my daughter Trinity. I love my family very much, and every bit of art I do, I secretly dedicate it to them. \n

Image: Rebecca.jpg   813x1102 65116 bytes 2000.12.18

This is my favorite Female Character from Resident Evil. Rebecca Chambers, she is sad because she lost someone that she loved in an Umbrella accident. Isn't she pretty?\n

Image: Resfur3.gif   637x806 148839 bytes 2000.12.18

This is a poster type picture of Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 1 Director's cut. Behind her is a giant spider, a giant snake, and a zombie. (The Brady Bunch, the Brady bunch, ick nevermind.)\n

Image: RFposter2.jpg   637x825 169516 bytes 2000.12.18

This is another poster type picture of the character from Resident Evil 2. Claire Redfielf, Leon Kennedy, as well as some of the monsters from the game.\n

Image: Sexynakira.jpg   400x477 175517 bytes 2000.12.19

This is a picture for Wookiee, who is a dear friend of mine. He was one of the first artists I spoke too when I got on the internet. He is one of the people that drove me to get better in my art. I thank you so much Wookiee it isn't the best dedication I know, but I tried :P\n

Image: Slycolor.jpg   400x479 18645 bytes 2000.12.18

This is a picture that I did for Tracy Butler. It was a trade piccie, but I never got a picture back. That is alright, she is incredibly busy. (I think I would be too if I was as good of an artist as she is.) I will wait patiently for my picture from her.\n

Image: steveperry.jpg   779x961 51678 bytes 2000.12.18

Yes it is a Furry version of the lead singer for Journey, which I might add is one of my all time favorite groups. Oh I might also add, that he is not too shabby by himself either.\n

Image: Vikki.jpg   525x676 38226 bytes 2000.12.18

This is another one of my own characters, created about the same time as Leenden. This is more of an animeish style of her. It was alright I guess, maybe if I finish it, it won't look so bad. (Vikki copywritten to me.)\n

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