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Image: letmebetheoneyoucall.jpg   411x408 116251 bytes 2003.11.10

Quite old, done with crayola pencils.\r\nBad scan, for Faz on DA. Listening to Savage Garden.\r\nJyss [c] JH03\r\nFaz [c] Faye Scott-Farington

Image: duckboi.jpg   384x576 109147 bytes 2003.11.10

Random duckboi who made me smile.\r\nBy ME.

Image: queer.jpg   329x639 107813 bytes 2003.11.10

Toxin, though shes gone through a couple of changes since here. Plus she may be a he. It depends how it goes.\r\nNevertheless, i should really do a recent pic of her soon.\r\nToxin [c] JH03

Image: secretsmile.jpg   438x611 133565 bytes 2003.11.10

I like how this one came out, i like the shading. Jyss again, looking all evil and seckseh. Doobeedoo.\r\nJyss is all mine bey.

Image: but_you_aint.jpg   672x317 172093 bytes 2003.11.10

Yeeah its a nekked Jyss lying in the grass. Got the bg from google. Cant go wrong with google.\r\nStopped uploading to DA for a while. It annoys me.\r\nJyss is mine.

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