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Image: easter2.jpg   485x600 80400 bytes 2002.03.08

A honry pink easter bunny on an easter egg background. This one sold surprisingly well on FurBid ( ^_^ Sakura pigma microns, Prismacolor pencils, some Crayola colored pencil.

Image: nekkidbw.jpg   600x529 64120 bytes 2002.03.08

Nude panther lounging, holding a pencil. Her face looks more like an otter.. Staedtler pigment liner, crayola grey pencil. \r\n

Image: felolf.jpg   656x700 83590 bytes 2002.03.08

A felolf on a tropical beach towel - Felolf = Feline/Wolf. Species to Blanca Wolf ^_^ Prismacolor pencils (lots of em) Staedtler pigment liners.

Image: leoptaurstretch.jpg   700x547 76297 bytes 2002.03.08

Yawning, stretching leopard taur. I don't really like the face but this was fun to draw. Prismacolor pencils, Staedtler pigment liners, Crayola grey pencil.

Image: sledhusky.jpg   401x500 46424 bytes 2002.03.08

A husky gal in a sled-dog harness adapted to an anthro - bondage-esque. I like how the harness came out, though the fur on the arm and tail is kinda off due to black Prismacolors being evil. And her ears are weird-looking. Staedtler pigment liners, Prismacolor pencils, Crayola grey pencil.

Image: snowx4.jpg   484x800 56641 bytes 2002.03.08

Snow sheds her shy demeanor and goes out shopping. The legs (the in-the-boots part) look kinda... uneven..but not too bad. Haha, I'm bad at text. :P Black marker, staedtler pigment liners, prismacolor pencil, crayola pencil. Snow the husky remains to me.

Image: snowx3.jpg   469x500 42694 bytes 2002.03.08

A later pic of Snow. In the doghouse ^_^ She looks tired, and seems to lazily beckon the viewer with a slight smile. I like the expression except the open eye looks kinda spacey. Prismacolor pencils, crayola grey pencil, staedtler pigment liners. Snow the husky is to me.

Image: snowx2.jpg   374x500 33526 bytes 2002.03.08

First pic of Snow the husky (I think) She's a bit more outgoing than usual in this one. Staedtler pigment liners, Prismacolor pencils, crayola grey pencil. Snow the husky is to me.

Image: snowx1.jpg   338x500 39647 bytes 2002.03.08

Second drawing (I think) of Snow - She begins to spread her arms as she gazes off, daydreaming about spreading them as wings to fly. Arg@some black lines being too thick, I need to fix them. Staedtler pigment liners, prismacolor pencils, crayola grey pencil. Snow the Husky is to me.

Image: brownhusky.jpg   413x500 52625 bytes 2002.03.08

A brown and grey husky. The pink on the butt looks messed up @_@ I guess it came out OK mostly otherwise, looks like she's about to pull the cover over herself and curl up which is nice. Staedtler pigment liners, prismacolor pencils.

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