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Image: femalebonding.JPG   408x347 35491 bytes 2001.03.13

Selena's pregnant, and Turk's tellin her all about the joys of motherhood while she feeds baby Donny, Taylor and Rusty-Chan sittin by. Don't mind me, guys, it's a chick theng ;)

Image: Friend.gif   446x538 24213 bytes 2005.05.15

Alice asks Turk to be her friend. She's the Esper of Corruption; how could I say no? <^_^>\r\n\r\nAlice (c) her player\r\nTurk (c) Jessi Pysz 2005

Image: FurcTurk.jpg   311x560 40988 bytes 2003.05.28

Turkituck in her Furcadia ..uhm... finery is too strong a word, I think..<^-^>;;

Image: FURRBALLZ.jpg   597x713 212316 bytes 2002.09.17

Heehee... Dragnilar dun likey da Furrballz and Kamira like to tease him :-p\r\n\r\nImage JCP 2002\r\nKamira and the Furrballz Kat K.\r\nDragnilar Steve W.\r\n\r\nAll chars used w/ permission

Image: goodbye.jpg   504x360 54226 bytes 2001.08.06

I'm not gonna be drawing or posting for a while.... I dunno for how long. Bye for now, furs. It's been fun. Love you all.

Image: GothMatty.jpg   300x608 54737 bytes 2002.02.20

Sexy cat...\r\nIn leather pants....\r\nFishnets....\r\nSee-thru jacket....\r\n...\r\n.....\r\n*POUNCE*LICK*SNUGGLE*KISS*

Image: hatechem.jpg   550x746 55651 bytes 2001.03.27

Yeah, it's not Furry, but I liked it and wanted to post it. and to also state the fact that I GOT PSHOP 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image: HelloNurse.JPG   600x838 197506 bytes 2005.03.25

A Get Well gift for my cousin's boyfriend (that's the Woofy in the tub). She and I had been watching Ren and Stimpy and I got an idea to sketch this up for him <^_^> He's doing much better now and has posted this pic on his wall... next to one of Mandi's thongs he swiped from her.\r\n\r\nNick Himself\r\nAngel Manda Jessi Pysz and Mandi Taylor\r\nDr. Matt Jessi Pysz and Matt Atanian\r\nImage Jessi Pysz 2005

Image: HereComesTheRainAgain.jpg   350x562 52903 bytes 2002.02.20

I'd hate to be kicked by those boots!\r\n\r\nMy costumes are getting more and more elaborate.....

Image: HugsforPC.gif   613x878 235639 bytes 2003.09.23

For Alex Cockburn and Pussy Cat.\r\n\r\nMy 2 cents: If ppl don't like who you are, fuck'em. Labels are over-rated and if you feel you're a "goth", no one else can tell you otherwise.

Image: Invader.jpg   252x281 12323 bytes 2002.07.04

Summertime is usually a time where I'm so busy swimming, hanging out w/ friends and being bored out of my scull. Sadly, i don't usually draw during the summer. I guess nothing is quite so inspiring as classroom boredom....\r\n\r\nAnyway, I hope IZ stuff is still allowed to be uploaded here. I finally came up with my own Invader. Big surprise with the name ;p

Image: Jaki.gif   415x717 36411 bytes 2003.07.01

Jaki Teufel Diabolus; Josie's...erm... brother, clone, evil counterpart....something like that... Still working on his design, also trying to figure out if he and Josie are gonna have matching tattoos or if he's gonna get his own...

Image: JAX&Turk.gif   555x708 48730 bytes 2003.02.21

I recently had the honor of meeting Jax, God of Yaoi. Turns out, Jax is a local! After looking thru a few sketchbooks, I wanted to draw the batty-boy himself ;) Good thing I finished this when i did... I just accidentally sliced my hand on a broken bottle.... stupid mother forgot to warn me when i took out the trash.....

Image: jenfly.JPG   461x606 76611 bytes 2001.03.25

I drawded Jen in color :D If I had Pshop 5 back, I'd have done a better job of this... but at least it gave me a chance to work on my colored pencils... which need work...

Image: JessiTurkage5.jpg   484x681 78463 bytes 2001.07.17

Ok, so I"m not good at anything even resembling a photo manipulation, but I wanted to try it :p This is what Turk might have looked like at age 5. Actually, it's my fave pic of me when I was little and I can still remember the day mom took it :p

Image: Josie.jpg   500x599 51526 bytes 2001.11.29

Josie had been quoted as saying,\r\n"I'm singlehandedly responsiple for the destruction of billions for women's self-images."

Image: Josiebio.jpg   500x575 58110 bytes 2001.11.29

Josie and her bio-as-it-stands-now. I plan on doing some fine tuning on this thing. this was the first pic of her I did. Her names are Josie (Afrikaans- "Devil") Gaiaku (Japanese- "Evil Influence") Diabolus (Latin- "Devil")

Image: JosieDeath.jpg   500x577 90881 bytes 2002.07.18

I've had this bugger sitting on my hard drive since I drew it... Josie's first CG color job. I"m quite happy with how the hair turned out. I'm getting the hang of using different brushes to create textures. Maybe I'll try the techniques next time I CG Turk's tail...

Image: JustUsThisTime.gif   621x650 48245 bytes 2005.05.15

Inked version of the sketch i uploaded a few days ago. And I realized that I forgot Shun's 10 foot tail.... >_<\r\n\r\nColoring to be done later.

Image: Kai1.jpg   600x776 65112 bytes 2001.10.23

Another new char. I was sitting in study hall and happened to glance at one of the substitute teachers, a really cool guy named Noel, who has amazing dreads. I thought "Ya know, I've never drawn a character with dreads...." So I came up with this lion guy. Couldn't decide which name to use; Kai, Helios or Solarus, since they all mean "Sun" and I wanted to call him something celestial. So I gave him all three names :p So I guess you could say his name means "Three Suns".

Image: KamiPissed.jpg   622x800 386108 bytes 2002.05.19

Finally finished Kamira's pic! Gods bless extensive filter usage!!!

Image: kamiturk.gif   600x671 105120 bytes 2001.07.07

I drew this yesterday and sent it to Aja williams. I've been a fan of her stuff for a long time and have been wanting to draw Kami and Turk for quite a while. Turk's usually straight, but she's a bit bi curious. I've got a few ideas involving either Kami or ZigZag to "deflower" Turk ;)

Image: kickass.jpg   600x940 86823 bytes 2001.03.31

Many thanks to the kid person who sent me a bunch of my old pics :D I was worried I'd have to rescan them, since the comp crash of mid February lost them all... I still LOVE this one :D

Image: Kitlookout.jpg   400x400 97057 bytes 2003.10.08

Just messing around in Photoshop last night. Kitsukame was floating around my head and i decided tosee how interestingly I could render him. He's standing guard over the Farmhouse w/ the Holoke Mt. Range in the distance. Those red lights are the local radio towers.

Image: Kitsukame.jpg   379x456 29931 bytes 2005.03.24

After a long absense, I've decided to bring new life to my VCL archives!\r\n\r\nKitsukame all grown up and looking nice in markers.

Image: leavemealone.jpg   600x720 67755 bytes 2001.08.27

My mom's a bitch.... She's been in Ireland for the past 2 months and so she didn't know that I failed 2 academics and one performing arts class. So she was sorting thru the mail today and she found my reports. She fucking blew up at me, all pissed off b/c she didn't know and apparently dad never discussed it with her. So she was yelling at me, when I had already been punished by dad for messing up (grounded for a week) so I was really pissed at her for being so mad at me and not listening to me when i tried to explain. She's been bitching at me and dad since she came home and today it finaly exploded. I snapped, called her a horrible bitch and then she grounded me (for how long i don't know yet) and dad had to separete us. Mom wanted to know what classes I was taking this year, but I don't have the papers, and she didn't believe me when i told her that. So long story short, I'm grounded, I drew this while i was busy crying in my room while she was yelling at dad, and I can't do anything with Matt-chan until mom says I 'm free. Hopefully I'll be able to go to Matt's grandparent's cook out on the 2nd.... I think i'll call him now.

Image: MandaSleep.gif   337x668 73886 bytes 2002.08.21

Drew this for the ever- fabulous Amanda Payne. One of these days, I'll color it and then it'll look mucho spiffy. Copyright info on the pic

Image: MarkingsGalore.gif   558x713 120586 bytes 2003.07.05

Not quite finished, still needs a bit of tweaking.... You can't see it, but on his right butt-cheek, Jak has a smiley face w/ a bullett hole in.\r\n\r\nAnd i still can't believe I drew them in clothes!?

Image: mermaid.jpg   500x779 48946 bytes 2001.09.08

i like this one, except for the BG and the water... I'm still learnin how to use all the different filters in Pshop 6 :p

Image: NJand-babyKit.gif   351x663 75308 bytes 2003.05.28

Baby Kit w/ his mommy, NJ. NJ is sad b/c sh'es worried about how ppl in her tribe are afraid of Kit. She doesn't want to move back to Japan,but it's not safe for her to stay where she is.

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