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Image: Shun_08_-_This_is_goodbye.JPG   600x768 84388 bytes 2005.04.02

After some problems with Shun being totally clueless around women, and him giving Turk the cold shoulder right when he was starting to get bolder, She was ready to, reluctantly, leave. She thought he didn't want her around anymore and was waiting to hear from him if he wanted her to back off or not. In case you cna't read the text:\r\nTurk: "So.... I guess this is goodbye...?"\r\nShun: "No.. THIS is."\r\nAnd the drama builds!\r\nDamn pens ran out of ink....\r\n\r\nShun Henry Spadoni IV 2005\r\nTurk and image Jessi Pysz 2005

Image: Shun_09_-_The_Druidic_Chamber.JPG   600x795 100629 bytes 2005.04.02

...And those nibbles turned into a full-blown sex scene! Turk's trying not to more suddenly and thus make him stop. There's a lot a=more, but I need to get around to drawing it <^_^> Plus, I want H-kun to draw some scenes from the MUCK as well.\r\n\r\nI was really happy with the kiss. It took me 6 tries to get it right...\r\n\r\nShun Henry Spadoni IV 2005\r\nTurk and image Jessi Pysz 2005

Image: Shun_11_-_Turk_glomps_lil_Shun.JPG   500x798 76524 bytes 2005.04.02

He's...just... SO... CUTE!!!!!\r\n\r\nShun Henry Spadoni IV 2005\r\nTurk and image Jessi Pysz 2005

Image: Shun_12_-_What_are_you_thinking.JPG   400x752 66563 bytes 2005.04.02

Turk gets dressed. Shun's pensive and worried about the danger she's in by being his friend. Turk assures him she can take care of herself and tries to comfort him with a hug. Shun hugs her back with his tail.\r\n\r\nShun Henry Spadoni IV 2005\r\nTurk and image Jessi Pysz 2005

Image: Shun_13_-_Yeah_I--OH_SHIT_GARGAMEL.JPG   586x485 73236 bytes 2005.04.02

Turk rolls away and Shun nervously attempts cuddling with her. She wakes up and nearly screams, not expecting to see a giant 'dillo claw on her butt.\r\nAs for the file name... well, Henry scanned the pics for me and so I blame him <^_^>\r\n\r\nShun Henry Spadoni IV 2005\r\nTurk and image Jessi Pysz 2005

Image: shunflatcol.gif   800x600 45708 bytes 2005.03.25

My first ever drawing of Shun, before his creator had fully tweaked out the design. This was my 3rd attempt on OpenCanvas b/c it kept crashing on me..... The colors are a little off, but my excuse is this was before he'd sent me a flat color pic of Shun to work from <^_^>\r\n\r\nShun is Henry Spadoni IV\r\nposted w/ premission

Image: siblingrivalry.jpg   800x600 81099 bytes 2005.04.15

What's this?! Tick trying to kill his beloved twin sister?! *gasp and alarm!* but yeah, this is an incarnation of Tick that just popped into my head at work today. I was pondering if I should introduce Tick to New Draconia and how... well, this image and the following dialogue were what popped into exsistance. Here's hoping H-kun lets me work this into the storyline.\r\n\r\n"Give me one good reason why I should NOT slit your throat, little big-sister."\r\n"That alone should be reason enough, big little-brother..."\r\n\r\nTick and Turk are Jessi Pysz 2005\r\nDone entirely in PhotoShop CS

Image: singmanda.jpg   600x665 341545 bytes 2001.11.21

Oh... My... GODS! I finally got this pic done! I've been banned from the comp on and off for the past 2 months, thus restricting my chances to work on this. I drew the lineart back in the summer for Manda when she was havin a tough tim ew/ her folks. I finally got around to finishing this thing today. I spent a total of four hours working on this thing today, plus the total of 2 hours before I was grounded. Six hours to color a pic... new record for me ;) I love this one!!! love you, Manda! Hope you get a chance to see this.

Image: Slave.jpg   600x813 77681 bytes 2002.02.02

Why is josie floating in midair?\r\n\r\nOkay, story time. Josie is Evil and Death incarnate, which has made her ver appealing to my dear friend, blue fox boy, Iddy. Iddy-kun was looking over my pics of Josie and drooled that he wanted me to draw him with her. I explained that anyone who sleeps with josie dies the next morning (she's like the ultimate "Typhoid Mary"). Iddy just got this lustful look on his face and nodded vigorusly....\r\n\r\nSo I fugured I'd see how Josie would react to having a fuck-partner who survived. I guess she's just keeping him around to see how long untill he croaks....

Image: SlavePens.gif   558x608 66192 bytes 2002.09.06

I drew this in US History. We're studying slavery, and I started drawing Turk in a new pose. I didn't expect Matty to turn out like she did and I wrote a story to go along with the pic. Go read it in my LiveJournal.

Image: SoPure.jpg   600x458 68368 bytes 2001.11.29

I was feeling so very happy when I drew this <^-^>\r\n\r\nAll my chars love to dance. Some are better than others, but they all love to do it ;)

Image: TabooTwins.gif   454x715 56684 bytes 2003.07.05

Josie and Jaki, posing like....well, like a lil taboo couple.... They like messing w/ me and refuse to tell me what their real relationship is. Starting to get an idea on Jak's tattoos. He's got twice as many as Josie, but mostly tribal type stuff... Designs are subject to change as i forget what goes where.

Image: TallerDreams.jpg   229x603 38588 bytes 2002.07.04

My little Invader has dreams of becoming one of the Tallest. A dream I'm sure she shares with the other Invaders.\r\n\r\nGirly has a passion for fishnets.

Image: tick&selena.JPG   376x619 38023 bytes 2001.03.05

They's so sweet ;)

Image: Tickanter.gif   524x711 74434 bytes 2002.04.19

Sexy playboy Tickanter. A lot of my girlfriends have requested pics of them posing w/ Tick... and i'm sure he'd be thrilled to pose <^-^>

Image: TickBackScars.jpg   641x600 37494 bytes 2005.04.18

I've never drawn the scars on Tick's back, so I randomly decided to do this pic. I tried something different with the coloring and shading, so it looks all artistic and stuff. I like it <^_^>\r\nHenry-kun was over last night and when I showed this to him, he started laughing. He's the first person to understand Tick's scars without me saying anything.

Image: TickWench.gif   619x636 57737 bytes 2002.10.27

He's all sad and depressed... then Wench/ Kytkat/ Erin comes over to cuddle him and make him feel all better. Wenchy requested this after she saw "Urchin". She said, "oohh...he so sad... I wanna snuggle 'im and make him better."

Image: Turk_of_New_Draconia.JPG   378x704 62588 bytes 2005.04.02

Turkituck as she appears in New Draconia, a MUCK I've recently become addicted to.\r\n\r\nTurk Me!

Image: turkbum_copy.jpg   600x457 40267 bytes 2001.04.27

Pen sketch, inspired by a drawing in an anime mag. I think Turk's washin a car or sumthin. Maybe one day I'll finish this... i actually have a pair of jens that are ripped exactly like these :p I only wear them around the house on really hot summer days.

Image: TurkCoat.gif   486x666 90153 bytes 2002.04.19

I don't think i uploaded this one when i drew it a few weeks ago. I like how her pants turned out... and her boots. Those look like they'd hurt if she kicked ya. I"m going to the mall w/ Matt before Goth Nite, gonna get me a new bra and him a DVD player. I'm alsogonna hit Hot Topic and see if they have any fingerless gloves on sle.

Image: TurkCroft.JPG   434x437 45492 bytes 2001.03.05

I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\r\nSorry about my sudden disappearance, I had to delete my VCL files for personal reasons. Don't expect to see any of my old stuff, b/c for reasons still unknown, my comp was infected with a virus and I had to lose all 300+ drawings while reformatting it. ARGH! Well, anyway, here's Turk dressed as Lara Croft. I dunno what inspired this, but I like it ;D

Image: TurkDAWN.jpg   700x1105 110340 bytes 2001.12.27

The flat color job on the Dawn-type pic. Turkituck (c) JCP 2001

Image: TurkDAWNbw.jpg   500x789 33238 bytes 2001.12.27

I borrowed my friend Annie's Dawn Comics and used my favorite outfits from the comics to make this. I'm currently working on dressing my femal characters in Dawn-esque costumes and/or poses ;)

Image: TurkDAWNcol.jpg   600x947 83062 bytes 2001.12.27

My gods.....\r\n\r\nShe's beautiful.....\r\n\r\nHappy holidays and New Year, Furs <^-^>

Image: TurkPinup.gif   800x600 103151 bytes 2005.04.16

Just a lil pin-up of Turk. Dendrite mentioned how she looked like something by Dr. Comet, who's work I'd been looking at. Guess I got subconsciously inspired <^_^> \r\n\r\nMe: Man, I don't know why, but I LOVE drawing pinup's of Turk with a harem-type background.\r\nDendrite: Because nothing says porno like miles and miles of satin.\r\n\r\nTurkituck Jessi Pysz\r\nDrawn in Photoshop CS

Image: Urchin.gif   400x622 63534 bytes 2002.10.27

Tickanter, back in his former street urchin days, before he found Turk. He'd often find a quiet alley and go cry b/c he was beginning to doubt if he'd ever find her again.

Image: wherethehelldidthiscomefrom.gif   537x749 61110 bytes 2003.09.03

These doodles were the suject of much amusement in Role Playing Club yesterday. Scott just couldn't get it around his head that I'd just drawn myself in a giant cherry costume.....and the fact that Jak is balancing his scythe on his nose....and Demeter, my X-men char is there for good measure

Image: YayKarma.JPG   492x567 35179 bytes 2001.03.06

I drawed this for Karma, in light of very good recent events ;) When she gave me the good news, I got the impression that she probably felt like flying, she sounded so happy! *hugs to the Froggie-lady*

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