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Image: AtTheBeach.jpg   908x1220 356813 bytes 2007.01.19

At The Beach

One of my favourite drawings this year, I came up with this yet again at work! Just a random character at the beach! I really really love the anatomy at this one ,and I think I was initially doing this AS a anatomy study or something. When I inked this one I really screwed up a good part of her boobs but I eventually managed to fix them up with the colouring... I guess theres not too much else to say about this one, I really love how it came out - her arm on the other side is WAY too small tho.. ugh...Or long or something but either way it looks weird... I really like this one tho, and she is currently up for sale at Furbid, so if you are interested check it out! She is © to Jess Ratte :D

Image: FoxyLady.jpg   744x952 174293 bytes 2006.09.29

I drew this one quite some time ago but I still really like it. I called it Foxy Lady, for obvious reasons ;) She's all done with coloured pencils while the background is with watercolour pencils. I was just having some fun experimenting with different mediums and love the way she turned out! The original of this drawing is up for grabs at Furbid so check out for more stuff ;) I just really like this one, she's probably about a year old or so, tho! She's © to Jess Ratte ;)

Image: Furbid1-sample.jpg   475x609 78000 bytes 2002.07.15

This here is my first auction over at Furbid, and is one out of three items that I have up for grabs there! This features a supposed-to-be-Irish fur femme walking through her village carrying a basket of eggs :) It was done on 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper in coloured pencils :) This auction is closing very soon (like, in two days I beleive), but I intend on putting it back up if no one bids on it :) If you would like to buy this piece, or are interested in buying it, you can email me at or bid on it at Furbid, :) \r\n I really like how this one turned out, but like usual I messed up on the inking, ugh... Ah well, me still likes it :) Also note that the picture comes in a frameless frame (makes sense, I know...) :) And...that's really all I gotta say about this one :) Me likes it :) Anyhoo, this Irish character here is © to Jessica Ratté, aka me :)

Image: Furbid2-sample.jpg   475x612 79389 bytes 2002.07.15

This here is my second item up for grabs at Furbid, and it's a little cow femme on a farm! :) I like it, but I don't fancy that background too much... UGH! What's with that stupid tube thing in the background? It was supposed to be one of those cylindrical things beside barns on some farms, but as you can see yet again my talents at drawing inanimate objects have failed me... I don't like this one as much as Furbid1-sample, but I still like it lots :) Anyhoo, this one is also done on an 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper, with coloured pencils, and is also framed :) If you would like to bid on this auction, more info and such is at , or if you would like to buy this peice or have any questions regarding it, just contact me at :) If this one doesn't get sold the first time, I'm gonna post it again (it closes in about three days, I think...) Anyhoo, this cow here is © to Jessica Ratté, aka me :)

Image: Furbid3-sample.jpg   562x407 64447 bytes 2002.07.15

...And this here is the third item I have up for grabs at Furbid! This one is inspired by my love for ancient Egypt and numerous heiroglyphs :) This features my Egyptian Princess character, Sennakmet, spreading out her arms, with wings spreading out with them... This one I think has some sort of deeper meaning to it, but I have no idea, mind you, what the deeper meaning is...One of those spur-of-the-moment things... Anyhoo, this one was done on a sheet of 9 X 12 bristol-like paper, coloured in coloured pencils :) The yellowish tinge you might see on some white areas are the result of the colour of the paper... Me likes this one lots :) The picture will be framed, and if you would like to bid on it, check out , or if you would like to buy it or would like additional info on it, feel free to email me at :) Hmmm... guess that's it for this one :) Note that the whole thing couldn't fit in my scanner, so some of the bottom is cut off... but not lots :) Anyhoo, Sennakmet here is © to Jessica Ratté, aka me :)

Image: HangingOut.jpg   761x984 432069 bytes 2006.11.29

I got bored at work, and felt like drawing a different animal type then I normally do (ie something besides a cat or dog, hee hee...) and so, I thought drawing a possom hanging would have been cute. Cliche, but still cute nonetheless. So here she is, and she's just hangin out I guess! :D The original of this one is up for sale on Furbid right now, and will be until she is sold :) Not really too much to say, I think the picture itself is kinda boring because theres nothing in the background or anything, but she really stands out tho :D It came out just the way I wanted her too! Anyhoo, she is © to Jess Ratte :)

Image: Sketchlot3colour.jpg   763x921 138970 bytes 2003.04.13

This here is also another drawing for Erin that was coloured apon request from the third sketch lot :) Okay, I'm going to admit it. I never liked this drawing, in fact, I think it's VERY ugly, but I let that fact slide and I finished it for Erin :) It's a drawing of the Jack siblings, Vincent Jack (left), Chastity Jack (center) and Macquel Jack (right) in a picture together :) I wanted to colour it in markers because I had one in coloured I coloured it in markers :D But... NYARRRRRGGGHHH!!!!! Mac and Vinnie look CRAPPPPPY!!! First off, Mac looks BROWN and he in general looks bad, Vincent is TOO orange and he's got a big butt!! I think Chastity is the only one in this who somewhat turned out... The colouring isn't spectacular but it made the drawing look somewhat alright, anyway...Mac still looks the worst, tho, oh my god...His head is ALL wrong.. He's like, in mid 360 or something... BAD... ah well, I hope Erin likes it, anyway!!! Welp, Chastity, Macquel and Vincent are all © to Jess Ratté, aka me :)

Image: Sketchlot3colour2.jpg   680x983 105405 bytes 2003.04.13

This here is part of a sketch lot that I sold on Furbid to Erin! The deal was if you paid a certain amount you could have a picture or pictures coloured for you - so she bidded an amount that got her the chance to have two pictures coloured! This here is one of the pics in the lot that she wanted coloured :) It's just a simple drawing of Rage coloured with coloured pencils :) It's older but when I coloured it I really liked how it came out! The background looks really nice and the colours in general turned out very nicely, yup! For an older drawing it's pretty good :) Anyhoo, not much else, just Rage for Erin! :) Hope she likes! Rage is © to Jess Ratté, aka me :)

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