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Image: CastaStone.jpg   400x769 87368 bytes 2006.10.14

I won't be the victim, but the first to cast a stone.

Image: Daww.jpg   400x540 51751 bytes 2006.11.07

The inked 'nice' wolf. I may possibly colour this and use it as a Wolfhome pose. D'aww, aint she so damn cute?

Image: Dienowplskthx.jpg   650x746 124599 bytes 2006.12.17

Take Your Shot, Bitch.

And you better make it count, because I'm only giving you one. \r\n\r\n\r\nMicrons and markers.

Image: DreadsFlat.jpg   250x251 21521 bytes 2006.11.18

I miss my dreads. :(

Image: FurryPr0n.jpg   300x816 80053 bytes 2006.10.25

Some people are of the opinion I should draw furry pr0n.\r\nI think some things really shouldn't see the light of day.

Image: HugLeil.jpg   500x682 88018 bytes 2006.12.17

I miss my Aleilisth.\r\nA failed experiment with microns. First time using my light table to ink as well. Turned out very meh.

Image: I_like_Hammers.jpg   300x496 39307 bytes 2006.02.26

We have a hammer behind the counter at work and the idea of using it on a sucky customer has popped up more than a few times since I've been working there. The law is that if you hit on me at work, I will put it through your skull. -_-''\r\nI love my hair extensions. \r\n

Image: IWantToGoDownInApplause2.jpg   500x611 58792 bytes 2006.11.17

Ich will in Beifall untergehen

Image: JessicatCalendarEntry.jpg   800x626 148259 bytes 2006.12.11

Wolfhome's Guardian

I hate this already. There's a million things wrong with it too that I don't care to correct. Character is the creation of Goldenwolf. Created for Wolfhome. Blah blah blah. You all know the drill. Next everyone will be getting on my ass for forgetting to state who invented the palette I used. Hum. Photoshop. Done in about 3 days. 600dpi big. Yes.

Image: JessiDisplacer.jpg   800x686 132927 bytes 2006.11.04

I got bored at work, found a ball point pen, some lined paper and happened to be staring at a D&D monster manual. \r\nVoila.\r\nJessicat as a displacer beast. \r\nSome would say this is what I look like in the morning. These things have far too many legs.

Image: JessiStab.jpg   600x599 90981 bytes 2006.03.20

"Welcome to CD Plus.\r\nWe apologise, but we cannot take any responsibility for the loss of limbs or major organs should you decide to hit on the counterstaff."\r\n\r\nA work doodle I later coloured in with markers.

Image: KittyHead.jpg   600x497 57754 bytes 2006.10.25

Just a Jessikitty head. Done in pencil.

Image: Kittysit.jpg   600x629 57730 bytes 2006.03.22

I got a little excited when I got a brand spanking new set of markers and re-drew a picture I'd drawn months ago but unfortunately is unscanable due to being crumpled at the bottom of my bag for a week. I liked the position though. \r\n\r\nTried to ink this with a brush, but every time I tried to do a thinner line I got a case of shaky hand syndrome so it looks like a three year old inked it. Bah.

Image: LeonoirColour.jpg   350x683 63360 bytes 2006.03.14

The coloured version!\r\n\r\nI tried a new method of colouring with this one, using coloured lines and colouring by setting my eraser at a low opacity and removing colour rather than adding it. I like it.

Image: NeedHug.jpg   800x236 68092 bytes 2006.10.12

Because Ha7ean is always there to give me a hug when I'm feeling like a terrible person. An MSPaint doodle done when spending time in the UK with nothing else to do later made into WH poses.

Image: Nightmare.jpg   632x600 94365 bytes 2006.03.15

Nightmares are proud equine like creatures with hearts as black as the dark abysses from which they come. They roam the world doing evil and haunting the dreams of all who dared cross them.\r\n\r\nNightmares seldom allow others to ride then, but particularly powerful and evil creatures have been known to make mounts of them. - 3.5 D&D Players handbook.\r\n\r\nPhotoshop, references used.

Image: notamorningperson.jpg   400x603 99830 bytes 2006.10.14

The Jessicat is a primarily nocturnal creature - rarely seen around before noon. \r\n\r\nThough my slippers, whilst incredibly comfortable, are no way NEAR that awesome.

Image: Omnomnomnom.jpg   500x687 48197 bytes 2006.03.22

I have a slight.. unhealthy obsession with trying to destroy nalgene bottles any way I can. So far I have not succeeded.

Image: PProink!.jpg   500x338 69403 bytes 2006.05.05

Sometimes I feel like being a wolf. And though I'm all kitty, sometimes this spunky woof will come out on paper and here she is. She's all colourful'n'stuff. Flats because I'm far too lazy to shade and I'll probably change her markings.

Image: PwnColoured2.jpg   449x551 51010 bytes 2006.03.14

Recoloured version. Bit sloppy, but meh - I like the mohawk.

Image: queenofhearts.jpg   500x347 68912 bytes 2006.11.10

Another image with the intent of being a pose. There are so many mistakes in this, but I don't care. :P I'm going to attempt the yellow lightsource for more of my poses because it makes them look awesome when they're small. I digitally paint SO much like I do with a real brush and canvas -_-''' But hey, it's gonna be small so nyah.\r\n\r\nI like the foot..

Image: RaiCubi.jpg   605x800 140997 bytes 2007.04.15

Shi'Rai'Ya as a Cubi..

Needed an excuse to play around with a new style of digital inking and so I doodled this. I was reading DMFA at the time, and the inspiration hit me to draw Shi' as a Succubi. It's kind of rushed and all over thep lace as I didn't really take much time on it, but it was a lot of fun to draw.\r\n\r\nGo check out Amber's work at she's awesome. I love her comic.\r\n\r\nAnyhow, if anyone is interested I will be offering character portraits in this style (but better drawn) for $25. jessicatta AT gmail DOT com for details.

Image: RefSheet.jpg   850x532 324214 bytes 2006.03.23

Reference sheet for Jessicat. \r\nWill prolly re-do this sometime soon, but it'll do. And now I have this out of the way I can finish my trades - but not at 4am..

Image: RRB.jpg   600x772 100572 bytes 2006.10.17

Because some problems can only be solved with a bullet.

Image: Sadcat.jpg   500x544 62276 bytes 2006.03.17

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream. Wandering by lone sea breakers, and sitting by desolate streams. World losers and world forsakers, for whom the pale moon gleams. Yet we are movers and the shakers of the world forever it seems." Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy\r\n\r\nA bit of a self reflection piece here really. I love the sketch-outline style of this, and playing with various brushes. Curious to see what it would be like with Jessicat coloured in Sepia tones, but part of me just wants to leave it as it is. Hum.

Image: Snake.jpg   500x776 63227 bytes 2006.03.13

Snakes make me wiggle and jiggle and giggle inside.\r\n\r\nThe reptilian kind... sickos. :P

Image: Sprawl.jpg   400x227 24151 bytes 2006.10.12

I like to lay like this and chill to awesome face-melting solos. Another WH pose done in Paint, that shirt was painted pizel by pixel. >.< Tedious, but fun.

Image: Wolfcoloured.jpg   300x304 24519 bytes 2006.11.04

Mmm sloppy colouring!

Image: ZombieHunter2.jpg   300x570 53297 bytes 2006.10.12

Wow, first upload in a while - computer died and I've been slowly getting all my files back online. I owe so many trades - those should be up as soon as I can get the files off various cds and DVDs sorry. So this was a celebration about getting photoshop back. (yaay) - Jessy is out to hunt some zombbieeees. I like the colours in this but I got lazy in the colouring as my wrist started to hurt. Damn mouse. But, I'm back! Rejoice.

Image: ZOMGCUTE.jpg   400x542 94994 bytes 2006.11.08

D'awwwww! Look at the really lazy colouring and even lazier background! But aint she so damn cute?

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