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Image: Grave03.PNG   622x862 69096 bytes 2002.03.19

Mwahahahaha! My jokes are the WORST! Don't you just want to stab me? ...And yes. I draw the chibi-ish poses. Hell... It works for DragonBall and DragonHalf, doesn't it?\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave04.PNG   622x862 66804 bytes 2002.03.19

Howdy. Heh... That's never a good sign.\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me\r\nThe many many Crushed zombies (c) The Bros Grinn

Image: Grave05.PNG   622x862 72377 bytes 2002.03.23

Mwahahahaha! Why else would someone summon the undead? Frankly I like the dungeon idea. The only problem is that they tend to form unions.\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave06.PNG   622x862 68543 bytes 2002.03.25

Howdy! Boy. These guys sure are civil for brain-eating zombies. This also won't end well...\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave07.PNG   622x862 66196 bytes 2002.04.01

Exibit A for lack of brains.\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave08.PNG   622x862 60745 bytes 2002.04.01

Exibit B for lack of brains.\r\nStay tuned for the next episode!\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave09.PNG   622x862 54003 bytes 2002.04.07

Hoo-Hah! I've introduced two more of my chars. Deuce Wild is my grappler bat, currently cheating at cards. He's a hero by Char'monian standards, but in truth... he's the anti-hero. The only reason the others are forced to tolerate him is because the landlord (Jerry Hattrick) gets paid bundles in stolen goods by the feind. And considering the rest of them aren't really the 'hero' types of heroes, Deuce amounts to little more than an annoyance. Yosilly Goyle is the tavern whor-... um... the tavern 'attendant'. She's an archer/bard who earns her living from mini-quests and BJ's. Typical slut-story for her. Well... aside from her infertility... but that's a different reason.\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave10.PNG   622x862 58650 bytes 2002.04.07

Woo! And here we see what alignment good ol' Deucy-boy has. He may be a living vampire, but that doesn't mean he's giving them a better image than those undead ones.\r\n\r\nSpeaking of undead... I should get back to them to see how they're doing.\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave11.PNG   622x862 41572 bytes 2002.04.12

..........whoa..........\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) Me

Image: Grave12.PNG   622x862 65578 bytes 2002.04.12

Yeah. She's ready... psshshhshaw!\r\nJust be thankful I don't pan the camera too far down on that fat zombie. He still has quite a bit of flesh.\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave13.PNG   622x862 55974 bytes 2002.04.19

Hehehehee!! Seems she had the real instructions the whole time. Isn't that so cute and annoying?\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave14.PNG   622x862 58129 bytes 2002.04.19

Man! It is SO hard to draw while laughing! I don't know how I'm going to be able to draw the next ones...\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave15.PNG   622x862 67980 bytes 2002.04.26

WOW! Those whiches go up like a pile of dry twigs.\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave16.PNG   622x862 68357 bytes 2002.04.26

Toasted? Looks rather burnt to me. Oh well.\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave17.PNG   622x862 63681 bytes 2002.05.05

Woo-wooo! Colby is a tad pissed. Oh well. At least he doesn't have to drag Clair around when he runs. Heh... But he ain't running now!\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave18.PNG   622x862 54772 bytes 2002.05.05

I was late in making this comic. Running around and stuff.\r\n\r\n"That's still no excuse!"\r\n\r\nI know, I know...\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave19.PNG   622x862 47224 bytes 2002.05.11

Oh. Reeeeeal mature. Throw your food. I think it does... oh, 1HP of damage. Throwing a zomies head at least does 10HP, but still. That's pathetic.\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave20.PNG   622x862 56442 bytes 2002.05.11

For those who have just noticed... Yes... I do these comics in pairs. After this episode, I think I should look into making my own web site. Too bad I don't know how. *sigh* :P\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave21.PNG   622x862 51379 bytes 2002.05.17

It's GO time! WHEW! Ba-BAM!\r\n\r\nIt was hard to figure out... but I decided on how Xylia, Ya-ya, and Zedomus were to combine. I call it: Xya-zed! The XYZ Zombie!\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave22.PNG   622x862 59620 bytes 2002.05.17

Mmmmmm... Onamonopoetic...\r\n\r\nHard to attack a monster that can attack from six places, huh? (With the 'Spare Arm Attack' set as a counter to physical attacks.) And it looks like Colby's gonna break out the special moves on the nasty Xya-zed Zombie.\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave23.PNG   622x862 53855 bytes 2002.05.24

I love it too! WOO! Go Colby! Go Colby! Get your groove on!\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave24.PNG   622x862 63219 bytes 2002.05.24

Oop! He dead. Horny-head's gonna make sure of that. So there you have it folks! The end of Episode3. But don't worry! Episode4 is coming soon!\r\n\r\nWoo... need a break... All that copying and pasting has made me worn out.\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave25.PNG   622x862 52032 bytes 2002.06.01

DUDE! LINGUS! YUMMY!\r\n\r\nWell Deuce is in for a real treat. And this one he won't have to pay for. Mwehehehehhehee!!\r\n\r\nThe Misfitter's (c) me

Image: Grave26.PNG   622x862 53607 bytes 2002.06.01

Owie... Well. I told you he was in for a treat...\r\n\r\n...Treat, Death, whatever. It's about the same. Looks like Yosily's session is over.\r\n\r\nThe Misfitter's (c) me

Image: Grave27.PNG   622x862 52535 bytes 2002.06.08

Heh... Nothing like a wild tounge ride to make a girl think kindly of ya. Am I rushing the dialouge for the sake of the joke? Naaahhh...\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave28.PNG   622x862 53344 bytes 2002.06.08

Woo! Say hello to Gerome Hattrick. Owner of the Cliffside Tavern. He's been a 10th level mage for centuries. And say hello to Chibi-Reaper! Cutest bearer of KO-spells.\r\n\r\n...Oh... and that's not Jerry's wizard garb. That's his pajamas.\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave29.PNG   622x862 67624 bytes 2002.06.15

Ahhh... Monochrome. The wonders of using only 5 colors. (6 if you include the border.) I could of did a fancy fuzzy thing for a flashback... but this is Microsoft Paint. No fuzzy things...\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave30.PNG   622x862 50284 bytes 2002.06.15

Hehehehe. Business as usual at the Cliffside Tavern. Ahhh... the saga of misfitting begins... *sniff*\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) Jester a.k.a. Jesterbat8 a.k.a. ME!!

Image: Grave31.PNG   622x862 45106 bytes 2002.06.23

Oop! Clair's Home. Amazing how she died first, yet didn't make it home until the sun was up. Colby must of ran the whole way through.\r\n\r\nAnd now... the idea behind those tacky Halloween decorations...\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) me

Image: Grave32.PNG   622x862 44149 bytes 2002.06.23

TADA! My last comic of the Grave Danger series. I figure 32 is a nice round number... in binary. Heck! These episodes have eight comics each! Consider it a four-pack. Anyhoo, I hope Clair left an impression on you, cause the wall can't take many more.\r\n\r\nExpect more chars, more foes, and more half-assed art skills in the next series! WOO!\r\n\r\nThe Misfitters (c) Ryan Nation a.k.a. Jester

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