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Image: AntroHorse.jpg   550x1045 67573 bytes 2003.12.28

Antro horse. I drew it last year. Who knows i'll ever finish it.

Image: HeadShot.GIF   793x845 43677 bytes 2003.12.28

I can't believe my account is still active after not uploading for years! Well, i haven't been seriously drawing for years. Trying to get started again.

Image: sillyfoxy.jpg   600x585 89519 bytes 2001.11.28

Now i'm just beeing silly. \r\n\r\nWas doodling a bit not really into making a complete drawing. Still i thought the big ears were kinnda cute. It had a huge tail at first wich fitted the fox better. Oh well.

Image: piccie2.jpg   555x698 91280 bytes 2001.11.25

Hmmm. Almost seems like an entirely different character. More mature and more sexy then cute. Perhaps because i changed the nose bridge (No i did not change it because i couldn't get the eye right! who said that!? ;)\r\nAh well. I enjoyed making them.\r\n

Image: piccie.jpg   555x783 82257 bytes 2001.11.25

Your a cute. Yes you are :) Another Wacom scribble.

Image: sadwolfieretry.jpg   521x506 93539 bytes 2001.11.24

Thanks everyone for the comments :) I've changes a few things now. The eyepatches are gone, the nose is bigger and i fixed both cheekbones. Also made some lines more fluent.

Image: sadwolfie.jpg   521x506 90281 bytes 2001.11.23

Sad Wolfie. I dunno why but he is. I Made this with my Wacom tablet. Comments on this pic much appreciated :)

Image: cheetazebra.jpg   700x576 56043 bytes 2001.09.05

Cleaning up this pic took me 3 times as long as actually drawing it. I love mixing cat and horse species :)

Image: cathorse4.jpg   600x407 18538 bytes 2001.06.24

Just bought myself the neatest anatomy book. I thought it would be good practise to not actually draw from example but to try to merge 2 spieces into one. That needed a real good look at the anatomy. So i took a (house) cat and a horse, and tried to merge it so it would look convincing. Just started out as some doodling while watching TV. But i kinnda like how it turned out and tried to finish it. I like the 3d sketch a bit better then this one though. I intend to re-do this piece after i have some practice with first drawing normal cats and horses. Please see the Scetch section if you want to see how i build it up. 5th and final step will probably be that i try and color it with pencils. In that case i will try and fix the hooves. If not, i will fill it in in greyscale. That will improve the picture a lot since it's flat now.

Image: lioness.jpg   750x260 35253 bytes 2001.03.26

A picture of a lioness relaxing. I used a photo of a real life lioness as reference for the head. Then i studied a picture of a women in my anatomy book. I made her body a bit more muscled. Then i added a lioness head and tail, as well as i gave her claws instead of hands and feet. I am kinnda pleased at how it turned out. Since it IS my first try at this sort of work ;) I especially liked the 'butt-tail and upperleg' part. A little less pleased with her body. Well. Practise makes perfect. Or something like that ;)

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