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Image: father_son.jpg   417x475 104009 bytes 2002.08.15

Airell in human form with daddy Fenrir.

Image: airell.jpg   484x586 66849 bytes 2002.08.15

Airell likes yer head. And yer feet. And everything between as well.

Image: offering.jpg   350x350 51595 bytes 2002.08.01

Offering to the forest spirits. Another Oekaki.

Image: ai_growly.jpg   484x518 48491 bytes 2002.08.01

I'm really happy with this one. One of the best pics I've done the last weeks.

Image: zzz.jpg   527x390 71833 bytes 2002.07.30

Drawing too many hyoomans and hyoomanlike things lately... so no uploads here -.-\r\nAt least on this one's something wolflike.

Image: oekaki_wolf_celstyle.png   350x350 31309 bytes 2002.06.10

I need more time so I can do some normal pencil work again. Working way too long and the only chance to do a pic are Oekakies... bah. I'll change that.\r\n\r\nAnyway, another random wolfen with kinda "I've told you so" look.\r\n\r\nImage © P. "Jidane" Rödig, as always

Image: jiji_braskafroggy.png   400x400 16313 bytes 2002.06.04

Long story behind this one. I try to keep it short.\r\n\r\nSome of my friends play at FF Mux. During one session, some members of the group got turned into frogs. This blue here was Braska, a guy who seems to be happy all day for no reason. \r\nI had the silly idea he might not just be happy... he might make ppl happy as well XD\r\n\r\nResult is this: Me and Braska-Froggy, both higher than high.\r\n\r\nImage © me

Image: ai_sick.jpg   300x300 48305 bytes 2002.05.21

What you get from too much boys... or party... or boys and party. Prepare for a major headache the morning after.\r\n\r\nimage and Airell © me

Image: vg_jaguar.jpg   763x445 114020 bytes 2002.05.21

More vector stuff... used a photo as reference for this one.

Image: vg_hunter.jpg   349x534 48622 bytes 2002.05.21

Playing around with vector graphics once again. I like this one, maybe it's going to be a shirt some time.

Image: surprise.png   450x450 23796 bytes 2002.04.24

Random Oekaki sillyness. I drew something cute o.O Huuuuh, scary. \r\nWell, I guess Airell's more scared than me. See, that's what you get for humping that snowfae XD\r\n\r\nSnowfae Kai © Inazuma;\r\nAirell, cub and image © me

Image: spirit_prayer.JPG   333x523 59727 bytes 2002.04.13

First image of Koresch, a character I came up with lately. I like the colors but I don't know if I'll keep 'em... still trying different variations.\r\n\r\nKoresch © me

Image: wolf.jpg   401x604 85875 bytes 2002.04.13

Just a random wolfen.

Image: 6000hit_kaipissed.png   450x380 17109 bytes 2002.04.12

Was piccie 6000 on an Oekaki BBS I use to draw at. \r\nCurrently I'm having loads of fun there with Snow Fae Kai, who just became (more or less) friends with Airell (Greetings and thanks to Adria Lynne Tondreault at this point, she did a nice piece of fanart... but Airell is NOT a sadomasochistic one!).\r\n\r\nAirell © me, Kai © Inazuma

Image: warrior.jpg   532x666 79537 bytes 2002.03.26

A young warrior, ready to join his comrades in battle.\r\n\r\nPicture done during work today, pencil on paper.

Image: cerberos_logo.jpg   283x402 29393 bytes 2002.03.21

Logo for a small (or maybe not so small?) comic project.

Image: yote.jpg   350x450 60999 bytes 2002.03.15

Another Oekaki... I spend too much time on those boards.\r\nHappy dancin' yote, just because it was fun to do.\r\n\r\n© me

Image: vargr.jpg   438x511 58669 bytes 2002.03.10

Picture done for a little bi-monthly art contest in a Manga/Anime Magazine.

Image: ifurit.jpg   347x578 118326 bytes 2002.03.05

What to do if work's way too boring? Fool around with the programs on the computer. Ifrit was done in Illustrator, not too bad for one of my first vector graphics I guess.\r\n\r\nScribble was pencil on paper, the actual picture's Illustrator/photoshop.

Image: foulu_guardian.jpg   548x593 67222 bytes 2002.03.05

One of the last pics done 2001.\r\nEmperor Fou-Lu (he's a dragon, no human) and his guardian, liondog Onkuu.\r\n\r\nPencil on paper.

Image: jidane_sit.jpg   466x377 69995 bytes 2002.02.27

I'm planning a little menue in Flash for my website. While thinking what it could look like I scribbled this picture. Not bad for a sketch, so I decided to color it. I'm kinda lazy at backgrounds, but this picture has one.\r\nI dunno, but on this one I look like a German Shepherd of sorts... or maybe it's just me.\r\nPencil on paper, quick OpenCanvas coloring.\r\n\r\nMe © myself =P

Image: trade01_hecate.jpg   371x515 67071 bytes 2002.02.24

Part of an art trade with Melsa. She liked it a lot.\r\nColored pencil on paper.\r\n\r\nHecate © Melissa O'Brien\r\nArtwork © me

Image: cerberos_fullcg_01.jpg   580x373 56641 bytes 2002.02.19

I'm angry, I feel like ripping off someone's head... but that's another thing. Let's get to the picture.\r\n\r\nMy personal rendition of everybody's favorite hellhound, done the last year. Quick CG thingie in cel style... more or less.\r\nI got the idea for the design from watching my brother playing Exermination on PS2. There were some pretty weird doglike creatures and they infected me with somewhat you could call inspiration of sorts.\r\nI was pretty bored of the usual Cerberos pictures, so I tried to do something different, but at the same time I wanted to stick with those things that mark the creature as the greek hell guardian. So he still has his three heads, even if the placement's different.

Image: rion_pissed_bw.jpg   428x408 47906 bytes 2002.02.07

Rion's usually a peaceful creature, but even a Were can be pissed sometimes. *snarl*\r\n\r\nDeleted the colored picture because I like the b/w version better.\r\nBlack fineliner on paper; Rion © me

Image: pe_cerberus.jpg   407x579 83567 bytes 2002.02.06

A two years old picture, but still one of my favorites.\r\nThis is Sheeva, a German Shepherd... or better it was, before all the mitochondria went mad. Freaky dog. (Re-upload: The former version was to dark. Made a print and tried to adjusted my screen after that print. Hope it's the right thing now.)\r\n\r\nParasite Eve and related characters © SquareSoft

Image: jidane.jpg   300x300 57249 bytes 2002.02.06

Hey, I finally managed to get a bit of free space here on VCL!\r\n\r\nNothing special for the first upload, just an Oekaki doodle I did. Like the filename says, it's simply me.

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