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Image: JRR_Myriam.JPG   438x600 66790 bytes 2002.04.14

I did this pic for a friend on Tapestries. Was also my first try with some new art supplies. I think I may have rushed it a little too much, mainly because I was excited to try some of my new stuff. I kinda wish I hadn't started on that shadow, but what can yah do?

Image: JRR_Ramona.JPG   298x595 53729 bytes 2002.04.14

Number four in the Pin-Up Grrrls series. The pencil work is nearly as old as the other pics in the series, but I hadn't colored it until just recently. I've never done a raccoon before, and she was a lot of fun.

Image: JRR_Rizalina.JPG   368x656 60400 bytes 2002.02.01

Number 3 of the Pin-Up Grrrls. When I first started to color her fur I thought "Damn, wrong red". I thought about it for a bit, then added horns and the pronged tail. Now she's Rizalina the Diablovixen. The scan doesn't do the pic justice, and my horrible clean up job in Photoshop doesn't help either.

Image: JRR_Chloe.JPG   345x656 80639 bytes 2002.02.01

This is the second pic in the Pin-Up Grrrls series. I like the pose on this one. Though the pencil work leaves a bit to be desired, but hey.. I'm still learnin.

Image: JRR_Prussia.JPG   399x492 111137 bytes 2002.02.01

I decided to work on my hand coloring abilities. This is the first pic in what ended up being my Pin-Up Grrrls series. I like to call this one "How to kill a brown pencil in 300 easy steps". I think my finger had a dent from the pencil after this one..

Image: Vixen.JPG   576x695 75558 bytes 2001.05.12

Foxes are by far my favorite. So with my addition to the VCL, in addition to the fact that it has been two months(!) since I had last done a pic. This one came together supisingly quickly, and I am very, very happy with it. My favorite part of this pic has to be the breasts (no giggles now), not for the obvious reasons, but for that I managed to pull off giving them shape without using lines.

Image: Wannaplay.jpg   294x495 31604 bytes 2001.05.12

The master. While not initially that way, this pic eventually became the inspiration for the Tightchain pic. Done in photoshop, while I was still trying to get the hang of it. That, coupled with my inexperience at coloring, gave me fits when I was trying to make all the leather look shiny.

Image: Tightchain.JPG   266x473 81590 bytes 2001.05.12

And the slave. Yes call it what you will, but I'll just say this: moods are a funny thing, and when they hit you... \r\n\r\nAnother pencil coloring. The graininess is actually on the picture, as I learned that when coloring with pencils, you don't want a meduim texture paper.

Image: Goodview.jpg   426x619 44602 bytes 2001.05.12

Done with nothing more than a pencil, I was working on my shading techniques when I did this one. The big flower is there just to have something else in the picture besides the subject (something I'm always prone to). My favorite part of the whole pic, though, is the little flower.

Image: SarahWolfe.jpg   510x697 150197 bytes 2001.05.12

Another one of the Sarah Wolfe series. Once again colored with a mix of prismacolor markers and pencils. I'd never tried a pose like this before when I did it, and the challenge of making the depth look right was, well, a challenge.

Image: Couchtime.jpg   643x503 102763 bytes 2001.05.12

This pic belongs with a series I did of Sarah Wolfe. It's hand colored, using pencils, watercolor and prismacolor markers. I was testing a lot of ideas when I did this one.

Image: Niveria.JPG   491x716 65096 bytes 2001.05.12

This was my first ever attempt at digital coloring and is also very early on in my drawing ability. Still, I was very happy to see the results after all of the trouble it took to learn that darn program.

Image: Crystal.jpg   600x642 47395 bytes 2001.05.12

This is one of the first furry pictures that I ever did that I considered to be good enough to show other people. I think I colored it with crayolas, it's been a long time since I did it. Still have not figured out exactly what she is, and I doubt I ever will.

Image: Lace.jpg   460x664 68444 bytes 2001.05.10

One of my more recent attempts at coloring by hand. I tried a lot of new things on this one and was suprised by the results.

Image: Sarahstretch.JPG   666x465 59138 bytes 2001.05.10

Part of the Sarah Wolfe series.. I was really happy with the pencil work when I finished this one, so I decided to give it a go in the computer. It turned out to be one of my better photoshop attepts, though I think I may have colored the arm of the couch better than the rest of the pic.

Image: Akino.JPG   351x512 33250 bytes 2001.05.10

One of my first attempts at digital coloring. I have to say myself that it's not too shabby for one of my first times. Back when I finished it I could have sat there all night flipping back and forth between the original scan of the pencil work, and the finished product.

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