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Image: 1150599859.freakyrockfox_kilatablet.jpg   431x753 87593 bytes 2006.06.19

Well, after months of thinking about it, I finally got myself a tablet. X3 And man, do I have a lot to learn. Once I get this down, my pictures are going to look a lot better.^^\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006.

Image: 1158954143.freakyrockfox_jimspooning1.jpg   473x631 144370 bytes 2006.10.02

I was bored one day and just wanted to draw something random. Maybe its my endless hours of playing Disgaea one and two? Maybe Prinnies finally made me insane. And where did the huge Musashi hands come from? Oh, well, can't complain.\r\n\r\nJim (C) Jim Russo 2006.

Image: 1159223120.freakyrockfox_omgmistyfilia2.jpg   403x725 165266 bytes 2006.10.02

I haven't drawn these two in ages. So I felt like it.\r\n\r\n...and I realised that most of my tracks in Winamp are Naruto songs. o_O\r\n\r\nMisty and Filia (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: 1173762753.freakyrockfox_katcatkittycat.jpg   567x797 112459 bytes 2007.06.16

"Cat cat kitty, this is just getting annoying..."\r\n\r\nA quick little picture of Katt tangled up in some yarn.\r\n\r\nKatt Jim Russo 2007

Image: 1174527106.freakyrockfox_rosenadroadkillaww.jpg   599x509 71274 bytes 2007.06.16

I always though Rose and Roadkill made a cute couple. *shrugs* So here's Rose washing Roadkills hair in a lake...pond...ocean?\r\n\r\nRose and Roadkill Jim Russo 2007

Image: 1197391505.freakyrockfox_duckhuntsweeper.jpg   546x386 68072 bytes 2007.12.14

I was browsing around gameFAQ's last night just before going to bed and I happen to find walkthroughs for games like Duck Hunt and Minesweeper...\r\n\r\nThese weren't just regular FAQ's mind you, they were incredibly detailed. o.o So a lot of effort went into writing them. My gripe? Its freaking Duck Hunt! You point and shoot, thats it! I will admit the coolest thing I found out while browsing them is how you can hold up a magnifying glass and shoot threw that to create a shot gun effect.\r\n\r\nBut it made me realize how easy it was to learn a game back then even if you rented it and 90% of the time it didn't come with a manual. Now there's in game tutorials on how to simply attack an enemy or just move around. Crazy!\r\n\r\nJim and Kila © Jim Russo 2007

Image: 1202841027.freakyrockfox_youareapirate.jpg   620x897 182623 bytes 2008.04.20

Got the idea from that one flash with the pirate song from that lego commercial or whatever. o.o I dunno, its been a while since I've seen it. I've actually had this penciled in for a few months now, I just never got around to finishing it until now.\r\n\r\n...and yes, I know the background looks like crap, but I tried. XD\r\n\r\nJim and Kila Jim Russo 2008

Image: 1205895904.freakyrockfox_aftersex.jpg   462x357 71793 bytes 2008.04.20

This is what me and fishyhylian do. XD\r\n\r\nAnimal Crossing for the win! And yes, we both have Zelda edition DS's! XD\r\nFish fishyhylian\r\nJim Jim Russo 2008

Image: 1206993505.freakyrockfox_kilacatgirl.jpg   569x556 71479 bytes 2008.04.20

So how do you make someone who allready has ears and a tail into a catgirl? o.o\r\n\r\nKila Jim Russo 2008

Image: 1210257825.freakyrockfox_kilastrip.jpg   519x406 86268 bytes 2008.05.12

\r\nAnother little scribble I got around to doing. I really should work on an actual picture sometime soon. o.o\r\n\r\nKila Jim Russo 2008

Image: atthebeach.jpg   644x948 261459 bytes 2006.11.30

A day at the beach

Just something random I drew while watching Gremlins 2 on TV. Man, its been forever since I've seen that movie. o.o\r\n\r\nAnyway, yeah, a day at the beach.\r\n\r\nKila and Jim (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: awinnerisyou1.jpg   506x403 102741 bytes 2006.08.07

I've been playing a lot of puzzle games as of lately. Like Super Puzzle fighter Turbo, Tetris, and Bust a Move '99. So I randomly drew up Chibi Jim and Kila.\r\n\r\nJim and Kila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: babs20062.jpg   434x529 124277 bytes 2006.08.23

Here's another one of my rarely drawn characters, Babs. This was originally going to be a nude sketch but I just looked at it and went..."ahhh, no." and threw some clothing on her.\r\n\r\nBabs (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: batterupkila2.jpg   353x733 123529 bytes 2006.08.14

Kila in a baseball uniform. Nothing more.^^ I'm kinda pleased with how this came out. Kila pretty much can look good in anything. o.o\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: cindy.jpg   418x744 80218 bytes 2007.06.16

Some new character I've been messing around with for some time. And yes, she uses a big ass wrench for a weapon. X3\r\n\r\nCindy Jim Russo 2007

Image: cindypose.jpg   472x703 84264 bytes 2007.06.16

Another picture of Cindy I drew up. Made a few changes to her outfit, mainly removing the fish net stockings after seeing how bad they looked after the pic was finished. x.x And yes, the wrench expands. XD\r\n\r\nCindy Jim Russo 2007

Image: dragongirl2.jpg   382x652 102322 bytes 2006.08.14

A while back I drew a dragon girl that was pink and peach. Well, I kinda changed those colors around and gave her spots.^^; I still haven't found a name for her yet. o.o\r\n\r\nUnnamed dragon girl (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: giftforvani.jpg   525x517 95682 bytes 2006.05.18

Finished version for my friend, Vani. ^^ I'll be sending her the original real soon.\r\n\r\nJim (C) Jim Russo\r\nVani (C) Vani

Image: gingerallhidden.jpg   374x529 64357 bytes 2006.05.05

A random Gigner picture I drew to try to force my artist block to go away. I changed her tail a bit also. I kinda liked the way I drew Rose's tail in a previous picture and decided Ginger would look good with it.\r\n\r\nGinger (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: gingercoloredtablet.jpg   401x644 121410 bytes 2006.07.04

Okay, this is my 6th tablet job within 17 days of owning one. Have I been improving at all? o.o Anyways, its Ginger, all perttied up. X3\r\n\r\nGinger (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: gingermoa.jpg   333x734 63803 bytes 2007.06.16

Haven't drawn Ginger for a while, so I drew her in some sort of school uniform.\r\n\r\nGinger Jim Russo 2007

Image: goingcrazyyet.jpg   481x703 167071 bytes 2006.12.06

Something on my face?

Just something I drew up for Nimil. She's into the slasher films and such, so I put this together. X3

Image: hotkatt.jpg   432x560 62016 bytes 2007.06.16

Its getting to be that time of year again where its getting ungodly hot. x.x So I just figured I'd draw a picture about it with Katt.\r\n\r\nKatt Jim Russo 2007

Image: ipodkila.jpg   332x685 77619 bytes 2006.05.28

Just some random picture I drew.\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006.

Image: jimkiladmstyle.jpg   628x801 221762 bytes 2006.10.17

This is what happens when I play a few games at once and my crazy mind works something up at random. I some how mixed up the styles of Disgaea and Musashi together and came up with this.\r\n\r\nJim and Kila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: jimnarband.jpg   311x454 32734 bytes 2006.05.13

I had this drawn for quite a while now. I was suddenly in the mood to draw Jim in a hair style thats similiar to the one I have in real life.\r\n\r\nJim (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: jimnewoutfit.jpg   261x650 84968 bytes 2006.11.07

Just trying out a new outfit for Jim. I got another one for Lupe that I'll post in the near future. I think Kila's outfit is going to remain the same though.\r\n\r\nJim (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: jimpeace.jpg   288x481 50409 bytes 2006.04.30

I'll admit, I didn't really put a whole lot of efort into making this picture spectacular. Infact by just recently looking at it, I kinda noticed that his left arm is kinda off. But anyway, I mainly drew this to try a few new things, like diferent clothing and I've been messing around with hair styles. I got another one on the way.\r\n\r\nJim (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: jimpose2.jpg   459x691 67125 bytes 2006.08.23

A quick drawing of Jim because I don't draw him much. Sitting on some sort of floppy couch maybe? And would you look at that, the picture in the backround isn't some framed porn! Shocking.\r\n\r\nJim (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: Kilaarms.jpg   371x658 54781 bytes 2007.06.18

Ramen can be quite a delicious dish for costing no more then a handful of change. But it must be made right or it can be a soggy disaster! If you let the water boil first and then add the packets of flavoring, you can spice it up by adding spices and such. Then you add the noddles and stir it constantly. Once its soft enough to move around while still being slightly hard, you pour it all into the bowl and continue with your stirring. And as you eat it, you continue to stir, while never taking a break! If you let it stand for anything more then a minute, it just turns soggy and unpleasent. Ooo, ramen makers are so picky!\r\n\r\nKila Jim Russo 2007

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