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Image: rosemodle2.jpg   459x832 145811 bytes 2006.10.12

Just doing more practice on poses and anatomy. This time with Rose.\r\n\r\nRose (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: lupeshop2.jpg   567x846 254243 bytes 2006.10.11

Its strange how your mind can work. You can be thinking of something random and before you know it, its on paper. So here's Lupe just a bit out of character.\r\n\r\nLupe (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: 1159223120.freakyrockfox_omgmistyfilia2.jpg   403x725 165266 bytes 2006.10.02

I haven't drawn these two in ages. So I felt like it.\r\n\r\n...and I realised that most of my tracks in Winamp are Naruto songs. o_O\r\n\r\nMisty and Filia (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: 1158954143.freakyrockfox_jimspooning1.jpg   473x631 144370 bytes 2006.10.02

I was bored one day and just wanted to draw something random. Maybe its my endless hours of playing Disgaea one and two? Maybe Prinnies finally made me insane. And where did the huge Musashi hands come from? Oh, well, can't complain.\r\n\r\nJim (C) Jim Russo 2006.

Image: lupeflip2.jpg   486x610 113132 bytes 2006.09.02

I've been bored with my art lately, so I decided to try to draw some more action type poses. So here I drew Lupe in a mid flip. I liked how this came out, so I'll probably do more things like this.^^\r\n\r\nLupe (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: jimpose2.jpg   459x691 67125 bytes 2006.08.23

A quick drawing of Jim because I don't draw him much. Sitting on some sort of floppy couch maybe? And would you look at that, the picture in the backround isn't some framed porn! Shocking.\r\n\r\nJim (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: babs20062.jpg   434x529 124277 bytes 2006.08.23

Here's another one of my rarely drawn characters, Babs. This was originally going to be a nude sketch but I just looked at it and went..."ahhh, no." and threw some clothing on her.\r\n\r\nBabs (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: dragongirl2.jpg   382x652 102322 bytes 2006.08.14

A while back I drew a dragon girl that was pink and peach. Well, I kinda changed those colors around and gave her spots.^^; I still haven't found a name for her yet. o.o\r\n\r\nUnnamed dragon girl (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: batterupkila2.jpg   353x733 123529 bytes 2006.08.14

Kila in a baseball uniform. Nothing more.^^ I'm kinda pleased with how this came out. Kila pretty much can look good in anything. o.o\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: awinnerisyou1.jpg   506x403 102741 bytes 2006.08.07

I've been playing a lot of puzzle games as of lately. Like Super Puzzle fighter Turbo, Tetris, and Bust a Move '99. So I randomly drew up Chibi Jim and Kila.\r\n\r\nJim and Kila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: kilaposingnicely2.jpg   347x674 164713 bytes 2006.07.27

Just a random Kila doodle that I recently colored.^^\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006.

Image: kilanerdy2.jpg   283x707 101562 bytes 2006.07.27

I dunno why I drew this...but for some reason, it just works. o_O Kila all dress up getting ready for some studying I guess.^^;\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006.

Image: shila2006p2.jpg   414x697 156163 bytes 2006.07.27

I haven't drawn Shila for a while. Eh, so be it then.^^\r\n\r\nShila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: lupeinthewinddone.jpg   836x660 115022 bytes 2006.07.27

Wow...I completely outdid myself on this one! o.o I haven't drawn Lupe for a while and this idea just hit me like a ton of bricks. The whole idea came to me this morning and I just finished it tonight. I had no idea it would take this fast to finish and come out this good. ^^;\r\n\r\nLupe (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: kilabeachanim.jpg   320x509 92051 bytes 2006.07.27

And this is the final look from the previous animation I just posted. Enjoy. X3\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: gingercoloredtablet.jpg   401x644 121410 bytes 2006.07.04

Okay, this is my 6th tablet job within 17 days of owning one. Have I been improving at all? o.o Anyways, its Ginger, all perttied up. X3\r\n\r\nGinger (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: 1150599859.freakyrockfox_kilatablet.jpg   431x753 87593 bytes 2006.06.19

Well, after months of thinking about it, I finally got myself a tablet. X3 And man, do I have a lot to learn. Once I get this down, my pictures are going to look a lot better.^^\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006.

Image: lilacuteandbouncy.jpg   440x680 98824 bytes 2006.06.06

Just some random sketch of Lila I drew up. Plus, I haven't drawn her for a while, so I figured, why not? o.o\r\n\r\nLila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: ipodkila.jpg   332x685 77619 bytes 2006.05.28

Just some random picture I drew.\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006.

Image: giftforvani.jpg   525x517 95682 bytes 2006.05.18

Finished version for my friend, Vani. ^^ I'll be sending her the original real soon.\r\n\r\nJim (C) Jim Russo\r\nVani (C) Vani

Image: jimnarband.jpg   311x454 32734 bytes 2006.05.13

I had this drawn for quite a while now. I was suddenly in the mood to draw Jim in a hair style thats similiar to the one I have in real life.\r\n\r\nJim (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: gingerallhidden.jpg   374x529 64357 bytes 2006.05.05

A random Gigner picture I drew to try to force my artist block to go away. I changed her tail a bit also. I kinda liked the way I drew Rose's tail in a previous picture and decided Ginger would look good with it.\r\n\r\nGinger (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: peacefuldreamskila.jpg   347x416 51711 bytes 2006.05.01

Something random I did the other day. It kinda started as a quick sketch, then I just went ahead and finished it.\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: jimpeace.jpg   288x481 50409 bytes 2006.04.30

I'll admit, I didn't really put a whole lot of efort into making this picture spectacular. Infact by just recently looking at it, I kinda noticed that his left arm is kinda off. But anyway, I mainly drew this to try a few new things, like diferent clothing and I've been messing around with hair styles. I got another one on the way.\r\n\r\nJim (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: kilabathingsuit.jpg   414x580 78599 bytes 2006.04.10

Kila in a bathing suit...omg, ubur haxs.\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006.

Image: notacat.jpg   336x687 81430 bytes 2006.04.10

Now this picture has two meanings. o.o\r\n\r\nNew color changes by the way. X3\r\n\r\nGinger (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: kilabykaji.jpg   397x672 68147 bytes 2006.04.10

Okay, lets try this again.\r\n\r\nBlah, blah, blah, blah.\r\n\r\nPosty, posty, posty posty.\r\n\r\nno comment, no comment, no comment. o.o\r\n\r\nBlah (C) Blah blah.

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