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Image: kilabathingsuit.jpg   414x580 78599 bytes 2006.04.10

Kila in a bathing suit...omg, ubur haxs.\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006.

Image: kilabeachanim.jpg   320x509 92051 bytes 2006.07.27

And this is the final look from the previous animation I just posted. Enjoy. X3\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: kilabykaji.jpg   397x672 68147 bytes 2006.04.10

Okay, lets try this again.\r\n\r\nBlah, blah, blah, blah.\r\n\r\nPosty, posty, posty posty.\r\n\r\nno comment, no comment, no comment. o.o\r\n\r\nBlah (C) Blah blah.

Image: kiladressy.jpg   385x919 94813 bytes 2007.02.20

Kila's new Outfit

Been messing around with new outfits and such and I kinda put this one together. Quite possibly Kila's new outfit design.\r\n\r\nKila Jim Russo 2007

Image: kilajump.jpg   737x825 108112 bytes 2007.07.15

Just a random, fun pose. Nothing too special, really.\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2007

Image: kilanerdy2.jpg   283x707 101562 bytes 2006.07.27

I dunno why I drew this...but for some reason, it just works. o_O Kila all dress up getting ready for some studying I guess.^^;\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006.

Image: kilaposingnicely2.jpg   347x674 164713 bytes 2006.07.27

Just a random Kila doodle that I recently colored.^^\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006.

Image: kilasayshi.jpg   315x378 43724 bytes 2007.06.16

Just felt like drawing face portraits for some reason. More to come sometime in the future. o.o\r\n\r\nKila Jim Russo 2007

Image: kilasword.jpg   424x821 130988 bytes 2007.07.05

Kinda got the idea from kinda half watching Blood on Adult Swim a while back.\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2007

Image: lilacuteandbouncy.jpg   440x680 98824 bytes 2006.06.06

Just some random sketch of Lila I drew up. Plus, I haven't drawn her for a while, so I figured, why not? o.o\r\n\r\nLila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: lolnipps.jpg   320x834 128681 bytes 2006.11.28

Ah, those wacky nipps

Man, a lot of people sure did want the uncensored version of that one Kila picture with the heart panties. o.o Sorry, but I just had to upload this with a censor bar of some sort! XD youhave to admit, its pretty funny. Plus I think its better to draw things like this once in a while with out details of sorts.\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: lupeflip2.jpg   486x610 113132 bytes 2006.09.02

I've been bored with my art lately, so I decided to try to draw some more action type poses. So here I drew Lupe in a mid flip. I liked how this came out, so I'll probably do more things like this.^^\r\n\r\nLupe (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: lupeinthewinddone.jpg   836x660 115022 bytes 2006.07.27

Wow...I completely outdid myself on this one! o.o I haven't drawn Lupe for a while and this idea just hit me like a ton of bricks. The whole idea came to me this morning and I just finished it tonight. I had no idea it would take this fast to finish and come out this good. ^^;\r\n\r\nLupe (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: lupeshop2.jpg   567x846 254243 bytes 2006.10.11

Its strange how your mind can work. You can be thinking of something random and before you know it, its on paper. So here's Lupe just a bit out of character.\r\n\r\nLupe (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: lupesnewoutfit.jpg   452x837 121396 bytes 2006.11.08

Here's the other new outfit that I mentioned in the pervious upload. I just decided to give her a pair of more sturdy clothing.\r\n\r\nLupe (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: merryxmaskila.jpg   558x754 115169 bytes 2006.12.18

Kilas Merry Christmas

I got a holiday picture done early and on time for once! So I'm submitting it now so I don't forget about it later! XD Merry Christmas! X3\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: moretocomekila.jpg   401x536 55082 bytes 2007.06.16

Just a quick drawing of Kila I wipped up. Not too sure what the "more to come..." quote means. Guess I just threw that in there. [^^;]\r\n\r\nKila Jim Russo 2007

Image: nonakiekila.jpg   675x754 118431 bytes 2007.01.10

No Naked Kila

You make Kila sad. ;_; But seriously, drew this because I was bored. It was just a plain sketch of facial expression practice, but I just went ahead and finished it.\r\n\r\nKila and Jim (C) Jim Russo 2007

Image: notacat.jpg   336x687 81430 bytes 2006.04.10

Now this picture has two meanings. o.o\r\n\r\nNew color changes by the way. X3\r\n\r\nGinger (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: peacefuldreamskila.jpg   347x416 51711 bytes 2006.05.01

Something random I did the other day. It kinda started as a quick sketch, then I just went ahead and finished it.\r\n\r\nKila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: roadkill.jpg   369x700 137456 bytes 2006.12.05


Its been ages since I've drawn Roadkill. And to think he was the number one character I had before Kila came around. o.o I definally need to draw more of him.\r\n\r\nRoadkill (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: roseducky.jpg   470x755 111012 bytes 2007.01.05

Rose and the Ducky

So you get out of the shower and what do you see? And evil rubber duck. Yeah, its weird. Not to mention Rose has not fully rinsed off all the soap.\r\n\r\nMY GOD! I'M JUST WACKY!\r\n\r\n...the fu...\r\n\r\nRose (C) Jim Russo 2007

Image: rosemodle2.jpg   459x832 145811 bytes 2006.10.12

Just doing more practice on poses and anatomy. This time with Rose.\r\n\r\nRose (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: shila2006p2.jpg   414x697 156163 bytes 2006.07.27

I haven't drawn Shila for a while. Eh, so be it then.^^\r\n\r\nShila (C) Jim Russo 2006

Image: Untitled-Scanned-01.jpg   613x783 159986 bytes 2007.06.18

Wait, I ran out of time for this description? Oh, man!\r\n\r\nRose Jim Russo 2007

Image: valentinemaid.jpg   596x898 199718 bytes 2007.06.18

I haven't uploaded anything for quite a while now, haven't I? o.o Mainly due to getting a new computer. But anything, here's something I had inked for a while, just didn't get around to coloring it till now. Valentine in a maid's outfit. ^^\r\n\r\nValentine Jim Russo 2007

Image: wtfmoment.jpg   436x614 132753 bytes 2006.10.30

Whats with the pope hat? Whats with the yeild sign? Whats with this picture? I dunno, but I just let everythign out. Maybe I'm going crazy because the Naruto fillers are just not ending! Maybe I'm going crazy because people in Florida don't know how to drive worth beans! Maybe I'm going crazy because video games SUCK now! Screw Final Fantasy, I have more fun with Tales of or Nippon Ichi games. I'm litterally giving my games away at this point. o.o\r\n\r\n...or maybe I just did all this just to see you guys go..."wtf..?"\r\n\r\nlol, Ion is not a female.\r\n\r\nJim (C) Jim Russo 2006

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