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Image: babyfurs.jpg   534x400 58764 bytes 2007.05.27

Photoshop, completed 08 February 2006. Commissioned image.

Tags: baby babies babyfur zebra white skunk  
Image: bak-dee.jpg   750x578 114088 bytes 2008.01.14

In the Forest

Photoshop, completed 12 January 2008. Baksrit the ermine wizardress enchants crystals in the Artemin forest while Deidrei Leafbright looks on. Art trade image with CyberCorn Entropic. Characters belong to him.

Tags: eastern gray squirrel ermine artemin forest magic enchant crystal  
Image: bunny.jpg   265x617 38978 bytes 2007.05.27

Photoshop, completed 30 March 2007.

Tags: rabbit bunny girl pose  
Image: cat.jpg   427x631 88455 bytes 2007.05.23

Coloured pencil, completed 01 October 2000. Sense of fashion inspired by Coming to America.

Tags: cat catgirl girl woman 80's 80s fashion coming to america  
Image: cce-xmas-07.jpg   564x663 156421 bytes 2007.12.31

Out of the Cold

Photoshop, completed 30 December 2007. Side 7 Secret Santa image for CyberCorn Entropic. Characters belong to him.

Tags: striped skunk white rabbit snow snowstorm blizzard shop shopping christmas xmas  
Image: chaoskitty.jpg   594x474 99960 bytes 2007.05.24

Photoshop, completed 17 July 2003. I was asked to design this nose art for a plane in a comic based on Canadian forces in WWII air combat. The photos on the left are a model the comic's creator built of the plane, with a custom printed decal of the design.

Tags: cat chaos kitty plane nose art  
Image: cupid-psyche.jpg   441x651 100724 bytes 2009.01.13

Cupid and Psyche

Marker and Photoshop, completed 28 December 2008. Image for the <a href="">Side 7</a> Secret Santa picture exchange. Characters belong to <a href="">Marvin E. Fuller</a>.

Tags: cat rabbit man woman couple love christmas butterfly bird cupid psyche  
Image: cwnb5.gif   555x559 46317 bytes 2007.05.25

Drawn spring 2002, completed in Photoshop 29 February 2004 to learn the pen tool.

Tags: raccoon jump fly kick staff  
Image: d-malice.jpg   510x587 117961 bytes 2007.05.27

Dragon Soldier

Photoshop, completed 07 November 2006. Commissioned image.

Tags: dragon soldier army camouflage bdu military  
Image: da3.jpg   745x584 137195 bytes 2007.05.25

Delta Attack III

Photoshop, completed 05 June 2004. An abysmally delayed Christmas gift for both my friends where I used to live.

Tags: red fox wolf king snake magic spell sword axe knife knives weapons  
Image: duke.jpg   433x564 68220 bytes 2007.05.27

Photoshop, completed 03 February 2006. Commissioned image.

Tags: duke mccormick canada lynx toronto police forensic scientist  
Image: fant-fur-1.jpg   560x772 167174 bytes 2007.05.26

Atop Greymoor Castle

Coloured pencil, completed 27 August 2006.

Tags: horse clydesdale knight armor armour palomino   [Bid/Buy]
Image: fly.JPG   635x430 95645 bytes 2007.05.24

Where Dreams Come True

Photoshop, completed 21 January 2002.

Image: grif.gif   430x430 28422 bytes 2007.05.23

Ballpoint pen, completed 18 June 2000. Drawn for the cover of a poetry anthology made by my high school creative writing teacher.

Tags: griffin gryphon griffon griphon pen ink write writing draw drawing  
Image: griffin.jpg   599x477 67839 bytes 2007.05.26

Photoshop, completed 07 February 2007.

Tags: griffin gryphon griffon griphon gryffon gryffin  
Image: highkick.jpg   447x438 62651 bytes 2007.05.25

Drawn summer 2001, completed in Photoshop 27 February 2004 to test a line clean-up technique.

Tags: high kick plaid shirt action pose  
Image: kaz5redo.jpg   394x512 52260 bytes 2007.05.24

Reincarnated Soul

Originally drawn 31 October 2000, completed in Photoshop 16 November 2001. Title from "Perfect Selection Dracula Battle 2."

Tags: silhouette color reincarnated soul spirit magic spell  
Image: kimono.jpg   477x642 64372 bytes 2007.05.25

Originally drawn for the turning of the last year of the snake, 2001, completed in Photoshop 31 July 2005.

Tags: snake kimono sakura cherry blossom brazilian emerald tree boa  
Image: mermaid.jpg   438x599 71719 bytes 2007.05.23

Coloured pencil, completed 23 April 2000.

Tags: mermaid sea nymph under water  
Image: origdragon.jpg   475x660 105850 bytes 2007.05.25

To New Heights

Originally drawn October 2001, completed in Photoshop 25 October 2004.

Tags: dragon fly flying soar glide sky air high  
Image: rapid.jpg   271x546 84319 bytes 2007.05.26

Photoshop, completed 21 February 2006. Art trade image with The Mad Hatter of his character, Rapid Rabbit.

Tags: rapid rabbit punk goth girl  
Image: reddance.jpg   682x510 87101 bytes 2007.05.24

Desert Rose

Photoshop, completed 22 September 2003. Inspired by "Desert Rose" by Sting, "Republic of Love" by Atash, and Mars.

Tags: desert rose fox vixen dance red dress woman   [Bid/Buy]
Image: sexyfurs.jpg   640x480 109235 bytes 2007.05.27

Photoshop, completed 17 January 2006. Commissioned image. Pattern in background found on the internet.

Tags: cute sexy wolf white skunk lingerie  
Image: shakes-pups.jpg   605x519 95041 bytes 2007.05.26

Shakespeare's Last Stand

Photoshop, completed 07 December 2006. Dramatization from the final episode of Meerkat Manor, somewhat Disney-fied because it's more fun. Style reference used for faces and some markings, everything else from the top of my head. Blood splatter brushes from

Tags: meerkat manor shakespeare pups fight   [Bid/Buy]
Image: shwayfox.jpg   315x281 45911 bytes 2007.05.24

Photoshop, completed 06 May 2001.

Tags: fox pose shway  
Image: skyking-angles.jpg   528x608 102119 bytes 2007.05.26

Sky King

Sculpey III, modeling paint, Pilot marker, and Future floor polish, completed 10 September 2006.

Tags: sky king dragon clay sculpture  
Image: unicorn.jpg   638x450 50725 bytes 2007.05.27

Photoshop, completed 11 February 2007. Drawn to match the griffin.

Tags: unicorn  
Image: wiredragn.jpg   480x698 116598 bytes 2007.05.23

Wire, completed 09 May 2000.

Tags: dragon stretch back leg claw cat wire sculpture  
Image: wolf.jpg   478x510 40634 bytes 2007.05.23

Nocturne of Shadows

Ballpoint pen and marker, completed 03 December 1999. Title from The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.

Tags: wolf lone wolf growl moon night dark nighttime darkness black shadow   [Comment]

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