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Image: KendallCommish.jpg   567x800 160756 bytes 2006.01.02

Commission for SirKain\r\n\r\nHis site cna be found at\r\n\r\n( is in there twice XD....)\r\n\r\n-Jiry

Image: GayBashed.JPG   500x646 106786 bytes 2005.08.01

Hate me for what I am if you must...\r\nBut I wish it were something more...\r\nthen me being what I am...\r\nHate me for something I've done to you...\r\nNot for something you just don't like....\r\n...this was uncalled for.\r\n\r\n-Jir\r\n\r\n(No. This didn't happen to me for the record :3)

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