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Image: humanAlly_san1.jpg   425x902 75025 bytes 2000.12.22

Ally and San as humans, I dunno if I like this piccy or well\r\nAlly (c) Val and San (c) Dan\n

Image: nakcross.jpg   569x733 73718 bytes 2000.12.22

My kawaii char Nakagi...SMILING?!!! *dies* He never smiles!! WHAT'S HE DOING SMILING?!!! Ne-ways, he's mine! MINE!!!! Dunt steal! Arigatou!\n

Image: The_Lights_cries-bgtest.jpg   617x796 214219 bytes 2000.10.04

MY NAKAGI!!! MINE!!!! MINE!!!!!!! ^^;; A quick scene from my manga. I love this piccy to bits! I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it!!!! ^-^\n

Image: Itmomain.jpg   275x467 44608 bytes 2000.09.13

It's me with devil wings and such. It's what's on the index page of my site. It's pretty tho so I thought I'd put it up.\n

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