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Image: bclover.jpg   308x390 126903 bytes 2000.03.09

Black Clover, the Eldritchiu. Black Clover, the Ace Of Clubs, (C) 1999-2000 me\n

Image: MONEYBAT.jpg   687x399 260972 bytes 2000.03.09

Image: fear.jpg   429x379 113037 bytes 2000.03.09

Here we goes. First pic in my Velar archive. Here's the scoop: Thass' Dust Bunny, and the text is from a music video I'm making for my school project. Pretty cool, eh? I also put the last 2 sentences (on the right side of the pic) onto a shirt. :P Dust Bunny (C) Tookay me\n

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