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Image: Lil_Frh7.jpg   584x444 57319 bytes 1999.09.28

Image: Lil_Frh8.jpg   557x616 77403 bytes 1999.10.01

Image: Lil_Frh9.jpg   638x821 349980 bytes 1999.10.03

I, being the loyal Hardee's employee that I am (not), started working on this drawing inside McDonald's while my friend was helping close. I later finished it at his house while listening to some Pink Floyd. Hmmm....I bet I could get in trouble if they knew I was standing around looking at the deep, dark secrets of their McDonald's restuaunt....^_^ \n

Image: Lil_Napster.jpg   319x409 44498 bytes 2000.10.04

Image: Milk_Sketch_01c.jpg   542x662 39936 bytes 2005.02.15

This is a pic I did recently for

Image: TheFragile.jpg   638x823 859264 bytes 1999.10.12

-_-.....All I have to say about this pic is that it is about real life, not role-playing, as the charicatures might suggest.\n

Image: Weightless.GIF   845x1107 33116 bytes 2005.03.08

I felt like doing a background...

Image: XXXL_DT.jpg   598x820 577472 bytes 2000.03.04

Yay. My first update in monthes. Call it depression, call it "Writer's Block", call it whatever the fuck you will. I felt like emotional shit for a while, but I've finally decided to give another crack at this drawing stuff. But the clock is still ticking, and I expect to have about a billion more of these spells before my time comes. *sighs* Oh well. 'Tis the life of the true artist. Fuck.\n

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