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Image: James.jpg   420x770 58222 bytes 2007.04.28


Here we go, a new character, James. I could explain the original freaked out story about his unatural chubbyness, but you don't care propably, so...\r\n\r\nWhen drawing this, I noticed that the 3 furry fetishes (Fat furs, pregnancy and inflation) are actually really alike (Vore is also a tiny bit alike). I guess James has to be counted as inflation, but he could be a fat fur since it's a permanent chubyness, but pregnancy also could be cause....\r\n\r\nWhatever! I've done something fetish like for once. At least I tried!

Image: VorenAnd.jpg   800x600 95497 bytes 2007.04.14

This is the thing I'm working on currently, It's Voren and... yeah right as if you would care who he is...\r\n\r\nI hope to color it nicely now... bah hopefully it'll look decent...

Image: Knife.jpg   550x700 124800 bytes 2007.04.07

Voren with a Knife

This is something I drew long ago. Scintillation from FA helped me out with this. Regretfully she was suddenly gone and I had to do it myself, but somehow I didn't want to. I finally took my time and here ya go!\r\n\r\nMy character Voren standing with a Knife. He actually was covere din blood, but since the blood looked like a tissue I removed it. Why is he holding a knife? Ahhh you propably don't care anyways heh ^^

Image: MonsterNinja.jpg   564x624 41557 bytes 2007.04.01

1st April

That's right we got the first april and so here is my joke, even thought it's not funny at all.\r\nOn this picture you can see a Monster with shiny teeth, some blue cap, a beard and funny long ears...\r\nOn this picture somewhere you can find an assasin/ninja guy too! He is hidden there somewhere!\r\nFIND HIM!

Image: eyes.jpg   100x450 23718 bytes 2007.03.31


inu-kun from FA uploaded some eyes and told everybody can "use" them, so I took my time and colored them and added some stuff. The 6 eyes are the eye's of my characters. John's eye is on the top and unlike others it's lineart was modified and not 100% copied from inu-kun. I could tell which character is who, since you might not know them, but because you propably don't care who is who, I'll pass ^^

Image: TropicalVampire.jpg   800x548 151242 bytes 2006.12.09

1/51/603\r\n(First idea used, this was idea number 51 on my list, currently I have 603 ideas)\r\n\r\nThis is the first time I actually use an idea out of my idea list. I once played "Magic the Gathering: Battlegrounds" and one dark duelist used "Krovikan Vampire" but I heard "Tropical Vampire". After finding out it was Krovikan, I decided it would be fun to make a Tropical one ^^\r\n\r\nThe line art is made by NinjaV and I coloured it and used a website to turn it into a card.

Image: Halloween2006.jpg   800x1200 181343 bytes 2006.10.31

Forgive me it took so long to upload something... you do regret it right? <sigh> nevermind... \r\n\r\nIt's halloween! You people love it and celebrate it! So do Raphael and Steve! They dressed up in the best way they could (that means in a poor way). And happyly they went to gather candy, but... no luck! Why? Cause they live in Poland, like me!\r\n\r\nHere in Poland we got "All saints". It's about being sad about the death... no candy...\r\n\r\nWell it took me 2 weeks to make it, poor on candy and poor on results...

Image: Comic1.jpg   622x576 48743 bytes 2006.08.22

I know it's not that Furry... but well....\r\nBut it is the first page of my Furry comic, for that.... I didn't come up with a name yet...\r\nWell anyways... I hope it'll be good.... and you'll like it...

Image: SwordTime.jpg   391x564 97606 bytes 2006.08.04

A random sketch of Raphael turned into this. At first the sword was suppose to be the main thing in this picture, but I guess the fact he is casting some water-like spell is now getting all the attention. \r\nThe funniest thing that happened to me while making this pic, was the moment when I noticed I didn't draw him any wings! A dragon with no wings? That's like a..... ahhh who cares, he's got the wings now.

Image: Smoke.jpg   819x640 160702 bytes 2006.07.21

I decided to test an experiment. Take a photo of myself, and then add lines to it on a difrent layer in Open Canvas. And here we have the results! Allister having a cigarrete, while sitting in a not normal way on the chair. I like the way it turned out, the smoke is nice too. The wings are too smal thought... \r\nOh and ... I don't smoke, when I took the photo I had a pen in my hand ^^

Image: Keeper.jpg   620x822 72692 bytes 2006.07.12

This thing came out of a pathetic doodle ... my first fan art... Kepper of the Grove (my favorite Warcraft 3 Hero). I was too affraid to draw something from Final Fantasy...\r\n\r\nI know it's crap and the way I coloured is simple discusting... Well I hope I'll learn it... one day...

Image: Blitzball.jpg   633x1000 243820 bytes 2006.07.05

Here's another ugly thing I made. \r\nI thought about how weak "Ronso Fangs" are in the FFX Blitzball minigame... The reason why offen the "Ronso Fangs" end on the last place in the league, is because regardless of they're huge END, without good offense and with they're lame speed, they don't stand a chance against anybody! \r\n\r\nSo TADA! The new Blitzball! "Spirit of Gagazet" (it's written in Spira alphabet)! This Blitzball can be hit with claws or horns of the Ronso and not pop like the volleyball on Lisa's head in "[2F05] Lisa on Ice". Also it's quite fast and can be kicked or passed from further distance, which can be helpfull for Ronso's with low swimming speed.\r\n\r\nThis image was fun to make, cause it was done without the help of others and ehhh it was a little hand drawing practice heh

Image: Juggling.jpg   1024x728 302218 bytes 2006.06.06

My new work... I know it's not perfect, but I worked on it for ages! <sigh> uhh boy I won't draw anyone juggling or standing in 90 degree angle to the wiever for the next months for sure... \r\nI got a list with ideas for new artwork on my computer and because I draw really slow, I get twenty ideas before I draw one of them. Actually, I did not draw any of them yet, but now I wanted to draw one of the ideas, but I didn't know what to choose, so I drew this. Yeah I seriously got 201 ideas! No lies!\r\nOh yeah, what do the light bulbs got to do with all this? To your information, light bulbs are a symbol of ideas!

Image: NewJohn.jpg   541x698 133603 bytes 2006.04.29

I present my character "JohnTheRonso" in his new design , I made a new one since the first one looked too much like Kimahri. \r\n\r\nBTW: It took me 2 months to draw him because I'm leaving High School soon and got some serious exams, so I had to learn... my first exam is on the 4th May so wish me luck ^^

Image: AllisterTheGryphon.jpg   530x750 98141 bytes 2006.02.19

Last but not least...\r\n\r\nThe dude's name is Allister, he is a... Alchemist? Inventor? Scientist? hard to say...\r\nHe is the part of my mind that is responsible for passion, \r\nYou don't believe me? Yeah, he doesn't look like "passion", sure...\r\nBut ... he is the reason I love science!\r\nHe makes me come up with ideas... make plans for everything I do!\r\nBut, just like me... he sometimes is lazy... he leaves things unfinished.\r\n\r\nSPECIAL THX TO: Saruuk and BrDarkmoon! Br forced me to improve the muscles (I was so angry at the failed attempts, but at least I got a better result)\r\nand Sarruk showed me a few helpfull links about the anathomy, they really helped out ^^\r\n\r\nAllister The Gryphon is JohnTheRonso

Image: VorenTheSnake.jpg   532x750 89057 bytes 2006.01.26

Here comes number 5\r\n\r\nVoren the Snake is my evil side. Everyone has one and mines a Snake.\r\nI usually don't even say anything evil, it all stays in my mind, and Voren is the thing in my mind.\r\nWhenever I'm angry he has got control over me! Then I think everyone is staring at me...\r\nVoren is cold-hearted and he easyly gets mad so....\r\n\r\nVoren The Snake is JohnTheRonso

Image: SteveTheFox.jpg   585x750 79148 bytes 2006.01.05

Here is Fursona number four.\r\n\r\nThe names Steve and he is a Fox, so ehh yes call him Steve the Fox.\r\nSteve is my sense of humour. Thanks to him I enyoy almost every comedy, he also has a great memory for jokes\r\nand that is why I am able to quote nearly every scene from the Simpsons. \r\nBut he isnt only a comedian but also a macho that thinks all women desire him.... \r\nShortly said Steve is a wacky fox.\r\n\r\nSPECIAL THX TO: Azul and M-Fox! When I started to draw Steve I thought he'd be a patheticly easy guy to draw he turned out to be a serious troublemaker...\r\nYou guys really helped me out since I really had giant problems with a Foxes anatomy... thx a lot\r\n\r\nSteve The Fox is JohnTheRonso

Image: JosephTheUnicorn.jpg   493x700 56315 bytes 2005.12.13

1, 2, 3! Here comes my third Fursona.\r\n\r\nHis name is Joseph... the Unicorn. When I designed him i wanted him to be a Horse, but since Unicorn sounds better then horse...\r\nHe is responsible for my heart. Because of him I am against all War and intolarance (no matter if its about religion, skin colour or sexual orientation)\r\nHe also is responsible for my love for nature, he casses that Im slightly vegeterian. \r\nThe Difrence between me and him is that he has no fear of saying what he thinks.. he has the might to take part in demonstrations.\r\nShortly said my goodie-goodie side.\r\nHe likes to show his Torso, but he wears pants believe me^^\r\n\r\nJoseph The Unicorn is JohnTheRonso

Image: RaphaelTheDragon.jpg   538x765 65148 bytes 2005.12.13

Well here comes my second Fursona ... What? Normal people just got one? Well Im a really weird guy\r\nMy mind has 6 difrent fursonas and each is responsible for a difrent part of it.\r\nJohn is difrent then the others and that is why he is my main Fursona.\r\n\r\nThis is Raphael. He represents the parts of me that loves... video games! He is responsible for my wish to become the best. He is the part of my mind that drives me to try to become the best at something \r\nlike: Magic the Gathering, Warcraft etc or do something crazy and unusual like: completing Vagrant Story without Saving etc.\r\nShortly said he is always on the search for a new chalenge... but he plays games for fun too...\r\nI'll give him gamer typical cloths next time.\r\n\r\nRaphael The Dragon is JohnTheRonso

Image: JohnTheRonso.jpg   539x765 108995 bytes 2005.12.13

Hello VCL I am JohnTheRonso! We have the 13th December 2005 and I finally joined VCL!!!\r\nBe ready for my work... its not really very good ... but its improving.\r\n\r\nWell this is my Fursona, and he is a Ronso (its a race from Final Fantasy X)\r\nHis name is John... not John Ronso (like in the normal Ronso name system), but John THE Ronso. He isnt a typical Ronso, trust me...\r\nYup he has sunglasses on his horn... (never seen anyone use this trick so I guess its original)\r\nHe looks totally like kimahri for now since Im having problems with designing him a nice look.\r\n\r\nJohn The Ronso is JohnTheRonso (seems logical)

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