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Image: MamasBoy2.jpg   636x800 105944 bytes 2002.03.16

Digital camera through the glass of the framed picture. Original is about 24 by 28, Eagle Prismacolor pencil on paper, re-worked to 8 by 10 ratio for easier-to-frame prints.\r\n

Image: Rage.jpg   946x1200 205413 bytes 2001.08.31

Drew this for a friend about eight years ago and finally got it back on loan to scan. 11 by 14 pencil on good paper. Made it greyscale and increased contrast a bit.

Image: Steedasb.jpg   480x600 27587 bytes 2001.03.01

This unfinished drawing is my muck character, Steed, the American SaddleBred stallion in his non-anthro form. Will have much more shading and background.

Image: Steedrobe.jpg   450x600 60048 bytes 2001.02.21

Messing around with putting a robe on my muck character, Lord Steed, Duke of Equinoire. His sword, Epona, is magical and of elven make.

Image: ArrowTWolf.jpg   800x600 43117 bytes 2001.02.09

My friend from FurryMuck, Arrow T Wolf. Still working on this one with color and woodsy background.

Image: styrann.jpg   436x600 39509 bytes 2001.02.09

My friend, Tyrannix. Still shading and drawing a complete\r\nbackground.

Image: spleased.jpg   800x600 56271 bytes 2001.02.08

This is the final drawing I did for TOR of Sheena, her riding buck Rocky and Steelheart, a centaur. This was a challenge, but a lot of fun, and I plan a lot more along these lines. Currently coloring this, adding a complete background and small touch-ups. These player characters are copyrighted by the way.

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