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Image: JonathanRich-FamiliarSymptoms.jpg   1296x972 211683 bytes 2005.03.28

Some people that go to Sickbay... aren't actually... 'sick'. But... they may still go there in the hope of being made to feel... 'better' :-) Enjoy

Image: AwayTeam.jpg   1024x768 258854 bytes 2004.12.26

A very recent artwork commission that I managed to finish just in time for Christmas for 'Cap' and his STArtZone group :-) These aren't any known characters in particular- just a couple of non-Human types, out on something of an away mission on a planet due for proper and thorough surface exploration :-)

Image: HappyThanxgiving2002.jpg   888x666 147571 bytes 2004.11.22

Thanxgiving for a Lion, Wolf... and an unfortunate Bunny. A Poser image I created back in 2002 but hadn't ever uploaded to VCL- one created soon after I had gotten the Poser 4 program. The fur was rendered in Photoshop utilizing the 'Smear' tool with a speckled brush. One could suppose that the Bunny should not had refused the Wolf's proposal of a date- by replying... "Eat me." Bad move :-)

Image: Dummies-01.jpg   565x720 116582 bytes 2004.11.09

A parody I created some two years ago- based on a form of well known series of real life self-help book publications. And no- the websites noted on this parody book cover... are not real. Or at least... they didn't exist- when I created this :-)

Image: MERRYXMASCapt.Leone.jpg   1152x864 235557 bytes 2004.10.11

Last year's X-mas card from Captain Felix Leone of L.E.O. Hyperfurz at

Image: ScorchFursonaImage1.jpg   720x720 261414 bytes 2004.10.11

A so-called 'fursona' image of 'Scorch', played by R. Sauer in the Yahoo Group 'L.E.O. Hyperfurz' at

Image: KindredSpirits.jpg   720x720 71456 bytes 2004.10.11

In the shuttlebay of the starship L.E.O. Equus Caballus, Scorch meets up with a kindred spirit :-)

Image: Scorch&ThePaparazzi.jpg   864x648 103601 bytes 2004.10.11

The Papparazzi- what a pain :-/

Image: Fierra&ScorchConsum.jpg   1008x720 129065 bytes 2004.10.11

A pair of Dragons, Fierra and Scorch- joyfully consumate their 'union' aboard the starship L.E.O. Equus Caballus. It looks like it feels... pretty damned good :-) I guess that it's a good thing they have a fire extinguisher handy :-)

Image: RonaldUncensored01.jpg   1008x756 118474 bytes 2004.10.11

Ronald Perjorative- Scorch Perjorative's nephew, and freshman at Hyperfleet Academy. You can meet him and other scalies, furz... and others, at: ... and he'll be pleased to meet you :-)

Tags: Dragon Dragons Ronald Perjorative Star Trek Fur Trek Role Play RP  
Image: A-Glider's-Night.jpg   1024x768 350186 bytes 2004.10.10

Sometimes... Dragons seem to have all the fun :-) Here- the then 'Lt.' Scorch takes a relaxing nighttime glide :-)

Image: HTS-1a.jpg   720x504 121106 bytes 2004.10.10

L.E.O. Hypertransporter Station HTS 000001 & it's attending dedicated starship the L.E.O. 'Ratt's Pride- a long range transporter designed to teleport furz & other sentients, materials & cargo for distances up to 50,000 Light Years, and designed by the sextuplet Engineers 'The Ratt Brothers' currently assigned to the L.E.O. Equus Caballus. A complete starship unit in itself, the forward section- the L.E.O. Ratt's Pride- can separate for the duties of independant physical transport, short exploratory missions or attend to defensive needs.

Image: GoldenKittyPortraits.jpg   1024x768 191256 bytes 2004.10.10

The 'Golden Kitty'- a small, private, cargo ship. It is outfitted with 4 Model-F Catzclaw Cargo Manipulators, 6 Mark 'F' Multilitterbox Fursion Generators, 2 Hyperspit Fuzzer Cannons, 4 Photurd Torpedo Launchers, paired Plasma Spray tanks, and 2 Bellyrake Warpy Drive units. Utilizes a crew of from one to six furz depending on mission needs. Currently uses the new 'Whiskerfresh' air purification & recycling system. Also possesses a defensive winged mini-shuttle. Just start it up- and listen to those engines purr :-)

Image: 'Harvey'-V1.0.jpg   864x648 137465 bytes 2004.10.10

No- some Engineers on some starships don't look all that bright- but don't underestimate good old Lt. Harvey Lugnutz here. He's a lot smarter Bunny than he looks :-) He's traditionally posing with... a sledge hammer- an old joke when it comes to starhip Engineers posing for photos such as this one. Rumor has it however... that he actually uses it- on the main Engineering Computer- or at least... he often enough actually treatens to :-)

Image: Freshman'sRoomInterior.jpg   896x1008 198548 bytes 2004.10.10

L.E.O. has done a great deal to acommodate the Freshman furries and others at Hyperfleet Academy. Depicted is a typical dorm room for Freshman, which includes four bedding units with accessory desks, closets and chairs. Yes- these dorms are 'cramped'. It's intentional to force students to grow accustomed to such conditions as commonly found on the average spacecraft or space stations where thay may one day be assigned after they graduate after 4 years of hard study... and campus drinking. It also fosters cooperation and kinships with diverse others of sentient kind- one's fellow students :-)

Image: Chirrup&Vivian&Helix.jpg   1008x756 100070 bytes 2004.10.10

Fur Trek's 'Ensign Chirrup', and head of Captain Leone's private R&D Department. Oh... Rats. Microwave's broken. Who ya' gonna call? Ensign Chirrup. :-)

Image: TakingLibertiesV1.0.jpg   1024x768 148473 bytes 2004.10.09

Security Chief 'Scorch' takes unfair advantage of a Human prisoner. Dragons will be Dragons after all- and Humans are sometimes just so... 'tasty' :-)

Image: AssassinArrested2nd.jpg   720x720 60870 bytes 2004.10.09

I've created a notable number of 3D artwork pieces during the course of my 'Fur Trek' Adult RPG. Here a Human as an 'Assassin' is arrested by the Draconian Security Chief- Vermithrax 'Scorch' Perjorative. Adults only- 'Fur Trek' can be played in 'L.E.O. Hyperfurz' at

Image: InsertYourOwnMessage1.jpg   1008x1008 186959 bytes 2004.10.05

Free for anyone to use. So go ahead... and insert your own message :-)

Image: Vizzy...Finally-Freedom.jpg   720x576 170640 bytes 2004.10.05

Vizzy again- in a less vulgar mood :-) Btw- this is what fur as a mere texture map looks like on a 3D Poser model- if not made 'furrier' using Adobe Photoshop.

Image: TwoOpinions.jpg   806x1008 233246 bytes 2004.10.05

A Vixen- with two 'opinions'. This character, whom I call 'Vizzy', was the first anthro fox I ever created in Poser 4, used in a variety of other images :-)

Image: Majenta-LRNet.jpg   691x864 78517 bytes 2004.10.05

My actual first 'Mephit' furry image ever, made about 3 years ago, I think. Image compression ruins the fur texture though. The full-rez image looks much better.

Image: QuirksOfNature.jpg   1008x756 326664 bytes 2004.10.05

Another blending of my own photography and Poser 4 Figures, depicting a Fox (Vixen) and- ick- a Human. One of the very few Poser furry images I've made that involves a Human figure also. Creating the anthro Fox was tricky, with not having any actual 3D anthro models of such characters at the time. The end result came out fairly well, I think :-)

Image: KnightWolf.jpg   806x1008 198004 bytes 2004.10.05

WOLF 2!!! Redone as a fursona Image for someone :-)

Image: Lu'pe'peHardWolf.jpg   576x720 82294 bytes 2004.10.05


Image: The-X-Furz.jpg   691x864 87213 bytes 2004.10.05

Just a parody- and a good excuse to image a Fox and Skunk :-)

Image: PeachesInThePark.jpg   1008x756 283175 bytes 2004.10.05

Some views- are just plain better than others ;-) An Equine femme and her Zebra boyfriend. My own photography (Picture taken in Riverside Park, Baltimore City) blended with my Poser 3D work. Enjoy :-)

Image: Just-Visiting-01LRNet.jpg   1152x864 207599 bytes 2004.10.05

Vikki-Rubbervixen in her more 'homey' environment. Lions and Bunnies and Skunks- oh my... :-)

Image: Vikki-Rubbervixen-01LRNet.jpg   806x1008 134713 bytes 2004.10.05

Fursona image for Vikki-Rubbervixen :-) Foxy :-)

Image: SexSuperNatural.jpg   864x648 277499 bytes 2004.10.05

Anthro Equines in their natural habitat- just being themselves :-)

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