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Image: 'B.D.'-A-Polar-Taur.jpg   1024x768 199196 bytes 2004.10.05

A quick photomanipulation to create a 'fursona image' for an RPG Player- a rarely seen 'Polar-taur'. :-)

Image: 'Harvey'-V1.0.jpg   864x648 137465 bytes 2004.10.10

No- some Engineers on some starships don't look all that bright- but don't underestimate good old Lt. Harvey Lugnutz here. He's a lot smarter Bunny than he looks :-) He's traditionally posing with... a sledge hammer- an old joke when it comes to starhip Engineers posing for photos such as this one. Rumor has it however... that he actually uses it- on the main Engineering Computer- or at least... he often enough actually treatens to :-)

Image: 'No',Means'No'.jpg   1008x756 184962 bytes 2004.09.15

Everyone... has their limits- and standards :-) Rendered utilizing Poser 4 and Adobe Photoshop. Eva McEqqus Scott and Stanley Alston- image created and shared with permission.

Image: A-Glider's-Night.jpg   1024x768 350186 bytes 2004.10.10

Sometimes... Dragons seem to have all the fun :-) Here- the then 'Lt.' Scorch takes a relaxing nighttime glide :-)

Image: American_Vulpic.jpg   716x864 147574 bytes 2004.10.05

So many artists and cartoonists have parodied this painting- that I just had to try it, myself :-) Foxes on a farm- go figure :-)

Image: AssassinArrested2nd.jpg   720x720 60870 bytes 2004.10.09

I've created a notable number of 3D artwork pieces during the course of my 'Fur Trek' Adult RPG. Here a Human as an 'Assassin' is arrested by the Draconian Security Chief- Vermithrax 'Scorch' Perjorative. Adults only- 'Fur Trek' can be played in 'L.E.O. Hyperfurz' at

Image: AwayTeam.jpg   1024x768 258854 bytes 2004.12.26

A very recent artwork commission that I managed to finish just in time for Christmas for 'Cap' and his STArtZone group :-) These aren't any known characters in particular- just a couple of non-Human types, out on something of an away mission on a planet due for proper and thorough surface exploration :-)

Image: By_The_Ladder.JPG   374x432 168722 bytes 2001.07.23

An Equesti female is as likely to casually 'express' her desire for the pleasure of coitus as the Equesti male. Most Equesti females indicate their desire by simply bending over in front of their mate, derriere well presented with their tail turned sharply to one side. An unmistakable 'invation' seldom if ever ignored.

Image: C.Snowpaws01.jpg   720x576 132900 bytes 2004.09.15

A little something for you furz whom like 'Taurs' of the Feline variety. A Snow Leopard- and 'friend'- for your viewing pleasure :-)

Image: CentaurAtTheSeaShore03b.JPG   600x480 115538 bytes 2001.07.23

I just asked Equesius to stand by the rock so that I could snap his picture. He agreed- and here you are.

Image: Centauress&FairiesInAutumn01b.JPG   600x480 215597 bytes 2001.07.23

Sentient beings of the forest find their way using a number of natural methods. One of these methods simply involves just stopping and asking for directions, in this case- from Chromomorphic Fairies. These Fairies can change their wing and skin colors to better comouflage themselves with the change of seasons. Since Fairies and Centaurs as Sylvan beings are natural allies, the approach of Equayla is not seen as a threat to them.

Image: Centauress&FieldOfFlowers01b.JPG   480x600 180552 bytes 2001.07.23

Spring is the time for birth, mating and feasting, all in the celebration of life. The new fruits of the season were being gathered, but in her haste, Kabalianna did not realize that her bounding excitement nearly emptied the bowl that she carried over her head.

Image: Centauress&WinterMountains01b.JPG   600x480 172472 bytes 2001.07.23

Even though most Centaurs prefer temperate climates, some Centaur Tribes can be found in extreme environments. A youthful but wise member of the Tribe of the East Arctica Mountain Chain, Abrianae was waiting for us as we arrived, to serve as our guide. That was a good thing too, as the cold had placed us on Death's doorstep.

Image: CentauressInFieldOfPhlox001b.JPG   480x600 208438 bytes 2001.07.23

No male Centaur- or the male of any sentient species for that matter, can mistake this 'come hither' look and 'presentation' for anything else but an invitation to venial pleasure- or for procreation. As in the case of most female Centaurs, this 'invitation' by Kavalinae is likely for the purpoes of begetting another of her kind, since, after all, she IS at the peak of her estrus.

Image: CentaurOnTheDarkDesert01b.JPG   600x480 152798 bytes 2001.07.23

Kavalino tries to make his escape from the 'Killing Light', a sentinel posted by an evil Mage. This magical hazard can chase an intruder for up to a mile, can throw ten bolts of lightning before it's exhausted, and each bolt has an 80% chance of hitting, and thus killing a full grown Centaur. A metal-shaft spear, thrust into the ground, will 'attract' such bolts and send their power into the soil, but totally destroying the spear within the ten strikes.

Image: Chirrup&Vivian&Helix.jpg   1008x756 100070 bytes 2004.10.10

Fur Trek's 'Ensign Chirrup', and head of Captain Leone's private R&D Department. Oh... Rats. Microwave's broken. Who ya' gonna call? Ensign Chirrup. :-)

Image: ClearingOutTheVermin.jpg   1008x756 360836 bytes 2004.09.15

Yes, this image IS disturbing. It is- a statement- against hunting purely for 'sport'. I very much object to such, and this is what it would look like if in fact the tables were turned on us. But... since we already 'hunt' ourselves and kill one another in numbers every day, from common murder to war... this is essentially 'already' happening- by our own hands. And we have the gall... to refer to ourselves as sentient- 'intelligent' beings. We truly don't deserve the privilege... of saying so.

Image: CLQPortrait1.jpg   1008x756 190687 bytes 2004.09.15

A rare look inside the stateroom of Captain Felix Leone. The ceiling is not a 'window'- but a form of image display/projector that allows for the display of different pictures, stills or moving- usually of 'skies', or any other as desired.

Image: Crystal_River.JPG   486x342 161562 bytes 2001.07.23

Cha-na-laeah pondered the suggestion of 'taking a swim'. Bathing is not in her plans? The water's too cold? She's afraid of fish or crawdads? She never said... and never entered the water. She did partake of a drink however.

Image: DarkScience.jpg   648x864 95302 bytes 2004.09.14

Proof- that black... is beautiful :-) Scan this :-)

Image: Dummies-01.jpg   565x720 116582 bytes 2004.11.09

A parody I created some two years ago- based on a form of well known series of real life self-help book publications. And no- the websites noted on this parody book cover... are not real. Or at least... they didn't exist- when I created this :-)

Image: Equenn_x3-_Color-_J.Rich_001.JPG   448x576 210164 bytes 2001.11.15

I call these ladies 'Equenn'. J.R.

Image: Equessia-_J.Rich_001.JPG   445x720 102821 bytes 2001.11.15

This one was also drawn between '84 and '89 when I was in the U.S. Navy. Lovely, isn't she? Sure she is :) J.R.

Image: Eva-GTTLD-LRNet.jpg   1008x756 136444 bytes 2004.09.15

A frame from one of Eva McEqqus' many filmed sex scenes :-) Rendered utilizing Poser 4 and Adobe Photoshop. Eva McEqqus Scott and Stanley Alston- image created and shared with permission.

Image: Eva-VenusDeMare.jpg   1008x756 107356 bytes 2004.09.15

Eva McEqqus a la 'Venus de Milo'. Rendered utilizing Poser 4 and Adobe Photoshop. Eva McEqqus Scott and Stanley Alston- image created and shared with permission.

Image: EvaMcEqqusApartment3D.jpg   1008x756 151005 bytes 2004.09.15

One of a number of images of 'Eva McEqqus' I made utilizing an Equine female anthro created for use in Curious Labs' Poser. Rendered utilizing Poser 4 and Adobe Photoshop. Eva McEqqus Scott and Stanley Alston- image created and shared with permission.

Image: Faela-_Half_Dryad-_J.Rich.JPG   429x576 202547 bytes 2001.11.14

From 1985, when I was in the U.S. Navy with a lot of free time on my hands on board ship, playing AD&D a LOT. A half-Human/Half-Dryad, originally named 'Jessika' J.R.

Image: FALLION-_Unsigned_Lo-Rez_01.JPG   387x500 255281 bytes 2001.09.22

This is Fallion, an anthro Fox, mate to Sallia the Skunkette, from my story 'Of Men and Mice'. For those interested, these pics were created using Adobe Photoshop 5.5, using texture maps and standard coloring methods, shading techniques and filters. Fallion is a scholar by profession, explaining his interest in 'ancient' Human books. He and Sallia live on Earth, some 2,000 years in the future, where mankind no longer exists.

Image: FedUpWithEaster.jpg   756x1008 164159 bytes 2004.09.15

The Easter Bunny- just... fed up with Easter :-)

Image: Fierra&ScorchConsum.jpg   1008x720 129065 bytes 2004.10.11

A pair of Dragons, Fierra and Scorch- joyfully consumate their 'union' aboard the starship L.E.O. Equus Caballus. It looks like it feels... pretty damned good :-) I guess that it's a good thing they have a fire extinguisher handy :-)

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