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Image: American_Vulpic.jpg   716x864 147574 bytes 2004.10.05

So many artists and cartoonists have parodied this painting- that I just had to try it, myself :-) Foxes on a farm- go figure :-)

Image: 'B.D.'-A-Polar-Taur.jpg   1024x768 199196 bytes 2004.10.05

A quick photomanipulation to create a 'fursona image' for an RPG Player- a rarely seen 'Polar-taur'. :-)

Image: ObservationsLRNet.jpg   1008x756 177259 bytes 2004.10.05

Oh well... when ya' gotta go- ya' just gotta go. What can I say? :-) Rendered in Poser 4 and finished in post-production in Adobe Photoshop 6 to create the fur.

Image: MinorMalfunction.jpg   1152x960 298497 bytes 2004.09.15

Oh well... sometimes... things just plain go 'wrong'. It happens. Her last words? Hard to say. Perhaps, "Oops!" or maybe, "Hey- what's this red button for???" Doesn't really much matter.. now. A shame. She 'was' kinda pretty...

Image: ClearingOutTheVermin.jpg   1008x756 360836 bytes 2004.09.15

Yes, this image IS disturbing. It is- a statement- against hunting purely for 'sport'. I very much object to such, and this is what it would look like if in fact the tables were turned on us. But... since we already 'hunt' ourselves and kill one another in numbers every day, from common murder to war... this is essentially 'already' happening- by our own hands. And we have the gall... to refer to ourselves as sentient- 'intelligent' beings. We truly don't deserve the privilege... of saying so.

Image: ForeverUrsan.jpg   1008x806 164703 bytes 2004.09.15

Something for you lovers- of male Bears. VERY male Bears O.O

Image: CLQPortrait1.jpg   1008x756 190687 bytes 2004.09.15

A rare look inside the stateroom of Captain Felix Leone. The ceiling is not a 'window'- but a form of image display/projector that allows for the display of different pictures, stills or moving- usually of 'skies', or any other as desired.

Image: TheFlightOfFancie.jpg   1008x756 186512 bytes 2004.09.15

Something whimsical... and doubtless- one of the riskiest forms of 'sky diving' :-)

Image: C.Snowpaws01.jpg   720x576 132900 bytes 2004.09.15

A little something for you furz whom like 'Taurs' of the Feline variety. A Snow Leopard- and 'friend'- for your viewing pleasure :-)

Image: FurBallz02HappyMother'sDay.jpg   813x1296 304131 bytes 2004.09.15

Some males... just plain say the wrong thing :-(

Image: FurBallz01TheRibbing.jpg   813x1296 184338 bytes 2004.09.15

Yeah, it's an old joke- but I myself have never actually seen it told in a comic, so... I made one :-)

Image: 'No',Means'No'.jpg   1008x756 184962 bytes 2004.09.15

Everyone... has their limits- and standards :-) Rendered utilizing Poser 4 and Adobe Photoshop. Eva McEqqus Scott and Stanley Alston- image created and shared with permission.

Image: Eva-GTTLD-LRNet.jpg   1008x756 136444 bytes 2004.09.15

A frame from one of Eva McEqqus' many filmed sex scenes :-) Rendered utilizing Poser 4 and Adobe Photoshop. Eva McEqqus Scott and Stanley Alston- image created and shared with permission.

Image: Eva-VenusDeMare.jpg   1008x756 107356 bytes 2004.09.15

Eva McEqqus a la 'Venus de Milo'. Rendered utilizing Poser 4 and Adobe Photoshop. Eva McEqqus Scott and Stanley Alston- image created and shared with permission.

Image: EvaMcEqqusApartment3D.jpg   1008x756 151005 bytes 2004.09.15

One of a number of images of 'Eva McEqqus' I made utilizing an Equine female anthro created for use in Curious Labs' Poser. Rendered utilizing Poser 4 and Adobe Photoshop. Eva McEqqus Scott and Stanley Alston- image created and shared with permission.

Image: FedUpWithEaster.jpg   756x1008 164159 bytes 2004.09.15

The Easter Bunny- just... fed up with Easter :-)

Image: SitCollie-Sit.jpg   1008x756 158232 bytes 2004.09.15

Sit Collie... sit. Good. :-) Now roll over. Roll over. Face down. Good. :-) Now... spread those butt-cheeks. Spread 'em. Yes. Good. Very, VERY good. Yes. :-) Nice... now... relax.. Aaaaaaaaaaah- Yes! Oooooooooh... YES! :-D

Image: For-the-Love-of...AFLRNet3.jpg   936x936 115868 bytes 2004.09.15

For the Love of... Anthro Felines- Version #3.

Image: For-the-Love-of...AFLRNet2.jpg   936x936 249887 bytes 2004.09.15

For the Love of... Anthro Felines- Version #2.

Image: For-the-Love-of...AFLRNet1.jpg   936x936 128953 bytes 2004.09.15

For the Love of... Anthro Felines- Version #1

Image: OPMcuComposite1.jpg   806x1008 164866 bytes 2004.09.15

Another example of 'lost' details in my 'One Private Moment' image- fantasy\r\n'consumer products' that detail the scene. Tope Left; Red Panda Beer. Top Right; Otter Ale (brewed in Hairy Beaver, California, O.O *Snicker* ) with TV Remote, and at the Bottom; a portion of the texture map used for the lid of the 'Very Furry Pizza' box- the idea for which came from real life. While cleaning the refrigerator- I found a moldy slice of pizza. I showed it to my sister, saying "Look- furry pizza!" to which she replied, "Eew, yeah- VERY furry pizza." :-D

Image: TheFurryTimes.jpg   1024x673 264722 bytes 2004.09.15

This is an example of how much I stress the details in some of my 3D furry artwork scenes. This newspaper can be seen on the floor, at left, in my full image titled 'One Private Moment'. But since it's so small in that final image- the fine details are 'lost'. However, the newspaper came off as more 'real' looking in the image, in spite of the loss of detail in the final render. Anyway- here is what the paper looks like, close up :-)

Image: SamSinn&DeLilus.jpg   1008x806 166229 bytes 2004.09.14

A pure furry photomanipulation. Real fur... and everything :-) Enjoy :-D

Image: OnePrivateMoment.jpg   1008x756 158086 bytes 2004.09.14

A double fursona image done as a commission for an online friend and his lover. My first 3D render of an anthro randy Red Panda and a wonderful 'wet' Otter :-) Hope you like :-)

Image: InTheCaptain'sChair.jpg   1008x756 218658 bytes 2004.09.14

Yes indeedy- it's good... to be the Captain :-)

Image: HELIX-Furdroid.jpg   1152x1075 203369 bytes 2004.09.14

A Galaxy Wide Web page showing for sale- a 'fur-droid'. Handy... for all sorts of things :-)

Image: ShuttleRedShirtClass.jpg   1152x865 180009 bytes 2004.09.14

Furz of the future need ways to get around through space. Shuttlecraft are certainly handy for that :-) Oh... and the shuttle's resemblence to a butt-plug with attached vibrators... is purely coincidental. Crash-land in one of these things- and you're screwed anyway :-/

Image: RecreationRoom.jpg   864x648 156561 bytes 2004.09.14

In Fur Trek, even surrounded by the high technology aboard a futuristic starship- a furry's gotta eat... Right? :-D\r\nDoesn't look like they're neat about it- either :-/ Oh well- perhaps some 'furdroid' will clean up after them :-)

Image: P10FLSF1.jpg   1008x756 149471 bytes 2004.09.14

The Furries of 'Fur Trek' have to socially meet and interact with one another on a pleasant level 'somewhere'- so aboard the U.S.S. Equus Caballus they do so in 'Push 10 Forward'- a restaurant and bar. Here depicted- a scene somewhat before business picks up for the evening :-)

Image: That...TimeOfTheMonth.JPG   1008x756 222515 bytes 2004.09.14

Being a real furry isn't easy. PMS may be one problem- but Estrus- going into heat- is an entirely different problem. Oh well, there are certainly worse things to endure- in life :-)

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