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Image: TheCaptain.jpg   648x864 69428 bytes 2004.09.14

Meet... the Captain. Felix Leone. Lions are just natural-born leaders- so... why not? :-)

Image: DarkScience.jpg   648x864 95302 bytes 2004.09.14

Proof- that black... is beautiful :-) Scan this :-)

Image: LovelyEngineering.jpg   648x864 104596 bytes 2004.09.14

Now... if only ALL Engineers... were this sweet :-)

Image: FurBallz03FurTrek.jpg   813x1296 202601 bytes 2004.09.13

I started this 'Furballz' comic last year- got distracted by numerous paying commissions- rediscovered the unfinished product... then decided to complete it- as originally planned :-) So, here is Furballs '03', titled... 'Fur Trek' :-) The female character is no one in particular- just a generic 'Cat' femme :-)

Image: LEOHyperfurzMPP.jpg   1152x864 184569 bytes 2004.08.05

Attention LION lovers :-) This is the new main page picture I made up for the 'L.E.O. Hyperfurz' Yahoo group- URL :-) Depicted is King Felix Leone in his duty 'work' uniform. Created in Poser 4 and finished up in post-production in Adobe Photoshop. Hope y'all like it. :-) - Jonathan Rich \r\n

Image: HyperfleetAcademy01.jpg   1024x769 257973 bytes 2004.08.01

I don't just do 'Furry' artwork. Here is one of my few futuristic cityscapes :-) Hyperfleet Academy :-)

Image: SeekingSpiritualAdvice-_LRnet.jpg   1008x756 82274 bytes 2002.04.25

After creating a piece of promised artwork for an online friend)- I created this piece. I don't usually do either 'spiritual' or 'magical' themed work... but I found myself in the mood to do a Vixen, something spiritually calming... and some 'flames' (sic). Contains Anthropomorphic Nudity- rather mild. I enjoyed playing with the lighting effects of this one. The figure and all 'bottles' were made on Poser 4. All the rest was done on Adobe Photoshop 6, including the 'spirit, flames, glowing ring, various highlights and reflections, the orb, the parchment and text. Enjoy- Jonathan Rich

Image: Tia_Tygra_-_J._Rich__02b.JPG   1400x1120 464732 bytes 2002.03.06

Tia Tigra- a lovely Tigress. The figure was rendered in Poser 4 and the fur was created in Adobe Photoshop 6. I think it came out rather well. - Jon Rich

Image: Equenn_x3-_Color-_J.Rich_001.JPG   448x576 210164 bytes 2001.11.15

I call these ladies 'Equenn'. J.R.

Image: Lae_D'Nae_&_Kabalius-_Color-_J.Rich_001.JPG   576x480 292779 bytes 2001.11.15

One of my older Yiffy Pix. The male was my original version of an Equesti (Equine Anthro), long ago. J.R.

Image: Neku-_Centauress-_J.Rich_001.JPG   501x720 113423 bytes 2001.11.15

Neku is a Human-Centaur Hybrid, due to an error in magic use- long story. J.R.

Image: Sylvianna-_J.Rich_001.JPG   543x720 137237 bytes 2001.11.15

Catching butterflies was always much easier than catching Sylvianna :) J.R.

Image: Equessia-_J.Rich_001.JPG   445x720 102821 bytes 2001.11.15

This one was also drawn between '84 and '89 when I was in the U.S. Navy. Lovely, isn't she? Sure she is :) J.R.

Image: Kavalina-_Centauress-_J.Rich_001.JPG   588x765 226816 bytes 2001.11.14

Also from 1985, when I was in the U.S. Navy with a lot of free time on my hands on board ship, playing AD&D a LOT. A Centauress. J.R.

Image: Faela-_Half_Dryad-_J.Rich.JPG   429x576 202547 bytes 2001.11.14

From 1985, when I was in the U.S. Navy with a lot of free time on my hands on board ship, playing AD&D a LOT. A half-Human/Half-Dryad, originally named 'Jessika' J.R.

Image: FALLION-_Unsigned_Lo-Rez_01.JPG   387x500 255281 bytes 2001.09.22

This is Fallion, an anthro Fox, mate to Sallia the Skunkette, from my story 'Of Men and Mice'. For those interested, these pics were created using Adobe Photoshop 5.5, using texture maps and standard coloring methods, shading techniques and filters. Fallion is a scholar by profession, explaining his interest in 'ancient' Human books. He and Sallia live on Earth, some 2,000 years in the future, where mankind no longer exists.

Image: SALLIA-_Unsigned_Lo-Rez_01.JPG   387x500 272626 bytes 2001.09.22

This is Sallia, a Skunkette. Her mate is 'Fallion', an anthro-Fox. Yeah, I know, she's barefoot AND pregnant. So what did you expect for a fur, one of many that doesn't wear clothes, which is commonplace, and with child. She is happily a housewife, and the pic is not meant to demean pregnant women. She is from my story 'Of Men & Mice'.

Tags: pregnant skunk housewife mephit baby cooking hearth married  
Image: Kebrin_01.JPG   600x450 102015 bytes 2001.08.06

Even though the Equesti people are normally lean and muscular due to their demanding environment with living in the harsh wildlands, a few individuals have exceptional physiques. Here 'Kebrin', who was raised by Humans from birth, overlooks the landscape from the balcony of his personal residence. Intensively trained for wrestling and gladitorial events, his intensive training and a high protein diet has resulted in an Equesti individual with uncommon physical strength and fighting skill.

Image: Strange_Day_At_The_Beach.JPG   486x365 96875 bytes 2001.07.23

This is Ekwaela. This is actually my favorite female Equesti photomanipulation. I just love her proportions and 'natural' look and pose... with a distant, watchful expression on her face. She possesses a mature, innocent sexuality. In my mind I make love with her nearly every day... then I make love with her for real nearly every night.

Image: By_The_Ladder.JPG   374x432 168722 bytes 2001.07.23

An Equesti female is as likely to casually 'express' her desire for the pleasure of coitus as the Equesti male. Most Equesti females indicate their desire by simply bending over in front of their mate, derriere well presented with their tail turned sharply to one side. An unmistakable 'invation' seldom if ever ignored.

Image: Making_Camp.JPG   492x369 200212 bytes 2001.07.23

Establishing a new Equesti Clan begins with the builting of huts for the protection of the offspring and females. Many are surprised by how such is done quickly and with very little exchange of words among the males whom do the majority of the work while the females prepare food and care for the defenseless young.

Image: Crystal_River.JPG   486x342 161562 bytes 2001.07.23

Cha-na-laeah pondered the suggestion of 'taking a swim'. Bathing is not in her plans? The water's too cold? She's afraid of fish or crawdads? She never said... and never entered the water. She did partake of a drink however.

Image: Vae-_Shield&Spears-Detail_02.JPG   217x200 38583 bytes 2001.07.23

This is a detail image of Vae's magic wand, one of many she had come to possess. Even though it's appearance is not unique, it was quite powerful. The tip alone was a miniature crystal ball used for scrying- primarily her family, friends and allies, to assist them if necessary. There is a spherically distorted image visible within the crystal, taken from 'CentaurAtTheSeaShore03b'.

Image: Vae-_OriginalDrawing_001.JPG   383x696 148354 bytes 2001.07.23

This is a crude sample of my original drawing of Vae circa 1988. The original looks much better, uncropped and on textured colored paper. I was determined to make it into a photomorph one day, and finally I did.

Image: Vae-_Shield&Spears.JPG   477x600 101371 bytes 2001.07.23

This is a photomorph of Vae, using one of my original drawings as a model. I have been an D&D player since the late 70's, and a Dungeon Master was good enough to allow me to play Centaurs. Vae was my most successful character, taking five (real) years to eventually become Matron of the Great Herds. The use of beads in her head-hair tell of how many offspring she has had. White beads denotes male offspring born to her, red beads- females. \r\n

Image: SpeckledCentauressRunningOnBeach01b.JPG   600x480 174456 bytes 2001.07.23

Most Centaur Tribes make a point to reside near water- drinkable water. The Oceanus Maximus Tribe has chosen the area of a beach, where they can fish, with seafood comprising much of their diet. Fresh water is obtained from wells dug by Dwarves some years ago. Here Valianna enjoys a healthy run across the virgin sands.

Image: CentauressInFieldOfPhlox001b.JPG   480x600 208438 bytes 2001.07.23

No male Centaur- or the male of any sentient species for that matter, can mistake this 'come hither' look and 'presentation' for anything else but an invitation to venial pleasure- or for procreation. As in the case of most female Centaurs, this 'invitation' by Kavalinae is likely for the purpoes of begetting another of her kind, since, after all, she IS at the peak of her estrus.

Image: Centauress&WinterMountains01b.JPG   600x480 172472 bytes 2001.07.23

Even though most Centaurs prefer temperate climates, some Centaur Tribes can be found in extreme environments. A youthful but wise member of the Tribe of the East Arctica Mountain Chain, Abrianae was waiting for us as we arrived, to serve as our guide. That was a good thing too, as the cold had placed us on Death's doorstep.

Image: Centauress&FieldOfFlowers01b.JPG   480x600 180552 bytes 2001.07.23

Spring is the time for birth, mating and feasting, all in the celebration of life. The new fruits of the season were being gathered, but in her haste, Kabalianna did not realize that her bounding excitement nearly emptied the bowl that she carried over her head.

Image: Centauress&FairiesInAutumn01b.JPG   600x480 215597 bytes 2001.07.23

Sentient beings of the forest find their way using a number of natural methods. One of these methods simply involves just stopping and asking for directions, in this case- from Chromomorphic Fairies. These Fairies can change their wing and skin colors to better comouflage themselves with the change of seasons. Since Fairies and Centaurs as Sylvan beings are natural allies, the approach of Equayla is not seen as a threat to them.

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