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Image: CentaurOnTheDarkDesert01b.JPG   600x480 152798 bytes 2001.07.23

Kavalino tries to make his escape from the 'Killing Light', a sentinel posted by an evil Mage. This magical hazard can chase an intruder for up to a mile, can throw ten bolts of lightning before it's exhausted, and each bolt has an 80% chance of hitting, and thus killing a full grown Centaur. A metal-shaft spear, thrust into the ground, will 'attract' such bolts and send their power into the soil, but totally destroying the spear within the ten strikes.

Image: CentaurAtTheSeaShore03b.JPG   600x480 115538 bytes 2001.07.23

I just asked Equesius to stand by the rock so that I could snap his picture. He agreed- and here you are.

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