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Image: 4th_tail.jpg   430x550 82869 bytes 2000.04.08

"And the spirit said unto the disgraced fox, so be it. I shall grant you back your tails, if you prove your sincerity to do something with your imagination. One tail for when you start your journey, one for when to learn from another. One for when your training is finished, One tail for when you use your gift in the service of another..." This is part of my online personna's story, and a way I track my own progress through my career. Since I'm now an employed animator, my personna is recieving tail number four. =)\n

Image: AD-cover.jpg   600x600 89315 bytes 2002.07.27

Off-topic, But I think I have enough images saved up to keep my ratios safe. A friend of mine asked me to burn a pair of Mix CDs for him, one containing soft pop-rock (Eric Clapton, Goo Goo Dolls, BB Mak), the other with industrial and hard rock. (Rammstein, Puddle of Mudd, and lots of Lords of Acid). As a christmas present, I also printed up CD covers. Disk 1 had the angels and sky, disk 2 had the devils and the flames. This is the cover. I'll probably post up a couple more CD Covers/labels and suggested track lists with a more "furry" theme to them in the future, Ch'marr and Staff willing.

Image: Alystin.JPG   601x396 34949 bytes 1996.05.24

Alystin, a back 2-tailed kitsune on FurryMUCK, to whom Platinum was married for a couple years.

Image: Angsty.JPG   449x600 77827 bytes 2000.07.22

I got a little depressed recently. Generally, I don't do self pity. Inside, there's a little voice that pipes up whenever life sucks. It tells me what dosen't suck about my life, why it won't suck forever, and thinks up ways to eliminate or solve the problems I face. But on some issues, especially romance, it breaks and says all those little platitudes and homilies you least want to hear. Self Portrait in my personal furry form.\n

Image: Artist-Reflection.jpg   587x521 77261 bytes 1999.11.05

A relatively "honest" furry self portrait. I base the number of tails on certain career milestones: The three I have mean I'm an animation school graduate, while 9 tails would be me reaching all of my career goals.\n

Image: Avanti.JPG   408x600 75076 bytes 1999.07.14

Avanti, cute skunkmorph of FurryMUCK. \n

Image: Aztec-Painting-Finished.jpg   625x810 211183 bytes 2003.04.08

Whew! A 14x11 watercolour painting of an Aztec Jaguar warrior woman. I think I'm getting better with watercolour paints. Thanks to Talin for his infinite patience!

Image: backcover-fin.jpg   675x900 108738 bytes 2003.04.08

Yay, I've been pubished! The back cover to Anthrolations #6. I had the good luck to be assigned to the story "Two Sick Days" by Andrija Popovic, an excellent writer, and one of my first friends on FurryMUCK. Thanks to Jeff Eddy for the opportunity!

Image: Brighttail.JPG   445x501 42887 bytes 1996.05.24

Brighttail of FurryMUCK. Auction Commission.

Image: Buretin99.JPG   319x550 59105 bytes 1999.07.14

Buretin, FurryMUCK wolf-morph, and one of the remaining Packmates.\n

Image: Canoncov.GIF   540x627 139161 bytes 1996.05.24

Early color cover idea for a comic I was working on. Cannonized. You know, before I knew anything about printing, color design, or art... ;)

Image: Cassievixcolor2.jpg   590x750 139730 bytes 2003.04.08

Commission for Earl Bacon: Cassie the Rock Vixen singing a softer rock ballad than usual.

Image: Catre.GIF   450x469 28034 bytes 1996.05.24

Catre, the snow tigress of FurryMUCK. Done as one of my first paying commissions, for the grand total of $5. Years later, this would seem like an odd request, but at the time, i thought it was just a role-playing paoint. Seriously!

Image: catre2.gif   196x444 13592 bytes 1996.06.22

Roth's Law: The client's expectations are inversely proportional to their financial obligation. In other words, the cheaper the client, the pickier they are. This one went back to revisions 4 times in pencil stage, then had to be redrawn after inking, all for a lousy $5. However, the character was @toaded, and I was never paid. @whee.

Image: chessgroup.gif   640x497 74142 bytes 2001.05.26

After Ambush sketch: Draw yourself as a king! Since i was busy finishing Amy's memorial picture, I did this one as an fter ambush sketch. \r\n

Image: Christmasgroup.jpg   800x533 101919 bytes 2002.01.25

Part of a christmas card and gift to the folks back home, friends, and the cast of Fuz Comics. Clockwise, from top center: Me, Orcinus, Bahumat, Shaka, Slicky, Jia (holding Monica), Rei, Shanti_Wolf, Duke, CleverFox, and Maskwa. There;s about another 10-20 other furs in Edmonton, but i figured I'd stick with the ones i knew when I left.

Image: conte_vixen.JPG   500x688 129292 bytes 2001.02.11

And Now for Something Completely Different (OK, no, not really): Vixen a la Conte. I love working with this stuff. Expect more in the future.

Image: Critic.JPG   1024x561 183554 bytes 1996.05.24

When i offered to draw a picture of Shawn's FurryMUCK character, he agreed, but only if i had a car in the background. Naturally, the running gag had to wind up in here. Stingray the beaver is ©Shawn Heath, Platinum is ©Jonathan Roth.

Image: Dai-clouded-Leopard.jpg   840x510 133120 bytes 2003.04.08

Part of a series of model sheets for Talin for an upcoming painting: A clouded leopard in garb based on the traditional clothing of the Dai minority people from China.

Image: DarsGame.GIF   512x453 43728 bytes 1996.05.24

Dar, the cuddly but dangerous snowy owl of FurryMUCK seems to be playing with his food. Chess, to be specific.

Image: dawn.gif   301x561 34505 bytes 1996.06.22

Dawn of FurryMUCK. Auction commission.

Image: Delahaye99.JPG   667x600 109437 bytes 1999.07.14

Delahaye of FurryMUCK.\n

Image: DelPump.JPG   319x400 68085 bytes 2000.05.23

Ok, all. This is my first official e-bay image. It's on sale now, . The Vixen once again is Delahaye, the puppy is Belair. Media is Watercolour and Prismacolor. This image is on sale with the full permission of her player: in fact, the vix flat out demanded it be created for sale... Ah, friends. =/\n

Image: DJ-Joy.jpg   600x829 155304 bytes 2002.01.25

My Christmas card this year: Joy. Featuring the most recent "forest critter" design of Dope, Jazz and the rest. All characters are (c) Jonathan Roth.

Image: dragonpattern.gif   305x402 76530 bytes 1999.11.05

An older pattern in my sketchbook, sort of an attempt at a more graphic design.\n

Image: DrunkAsASkunk.JPG   600x317 45425 bytes 2000.10.03

Hey all, I'm Back! Bunch of new things this time around. Here's a little sketch I did while visiting Rei at his new place. I've promised Skunkaholic the original. This is the problems when predators and prey are on the same trophic level, and when the drunk at the bar is highly resistant to chemical spray.\n

Image: felicia.jpg   510x675 137139 bytes 1999.07.14

Felicia, an elven weretigress thief.\n

Image: Fox-Actor.jpg   411x600 77666 bytes 2002.07.07

Another faux-japanese ink drawing. This time of a fox actor. I felt the fox suited this role for several reasons: Actor prints were very popular subject matter, and the feminine nature of the fox in legends meshes well with male actors, who played both male and female roles in all plays.

Image: foxgym.gif   335x424 23581 bytes 2001.03.31

Original inked drawing of an unusually buff male fox advertising his gym. Why don't you come by and get pumped? Heh, it's a tame image though. He's covered by his logo. This was done to satisfy a well-meaning friend who wanted me to make sucme FurryBid bucks. =) \r\n

Image: foxnude.GIF   260x314 13438 bytes 1996.05.24

My earliest venture into erotica, before I made the choice to stay primarily G-PG rated with my artwork. I've left it here just for the sake of completeness. Ink wash. Random Nekkid vixen © to no-body in particular.

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