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Image: WhatAmI-2.JPG   600x583 93711 bytes 2000.10.03

Another creature from Dougal Dixon's"After Man: A zoology of the future." "After Man" demonstrates the theories of evolution by hypothisizing what creatures would look like in 50 million years, if man went extinct. This creature is an anthro 'Rootsucker', a desert dwelling mammal similar in evolution to the armadillo or tortise. Creatures are 1981 Dougal Dixon.

Image: WhatAmI-1.JPG   447x600 69695 bytes 2000.10.03

Contest is long over, so time to alter the descriptions here. The three creatures are from Dougal Dixon's 1981 book on Evolution: "After Man: A zoology of the future." This is a Falanx, a predator rat evolved to replace the extinct canine. Here, seen as a warrior huntress, taking the head of a common Rabbuck, a rabbit evolved to replace deer. creatures are 1981 Dougal Dixon.

Image: VickiVolley.JPG   693x600 169891 bytes 2000.10.03

Vicki Fox on the USA Olympic VolleyBall Team for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, about to deliver a spike. This is an actual animation cel, hand painted on commission. Vicki Fox is the copyright of Michael Russell. \n

Image: PecanFest.JPG   365x600 111645 bytes 2000.10.03

Vicki Fox and Jazz enjoy the pecan festival in the Deep South. It's a good thing they have parasols as part of their costumes, since Ricky seems to have some problems keeping his balance with that basket. Vicki Fox is Copyright of Michael Russell\n

Image: ZTdemo1.JPG   400x282 33702 bytes 2000.10.03

And now for something I've been promising for a while. Here's a demo animation cel from Scene 2 of the animated trailer I'm doing for Richard Bartrop's 'Zaibatsu Tears' comic. Zaibatsu Tears and Pi are the copyrights Richard Bartrop. \n

Image: OrciFin.JPG   497x439 41525 bytes 2000.10.03

Another sketch from that night for Orcinus, quickly colored in Photoshop. Orcinus is 2k his player.\n

Image: DrunkAsASkunk.JPG   600x317 45425 bytes 2000.10.03

Hey all, I'm Back! Bunch of new things this time around. Here's a little sketch I did while visiting Rei at his new place. I've promised Skunkaholic the original. This is the problems when predators and prey are on the same trophic level, and when the drunk at the bar is highly resistant to chemical spray.\n

Image: pokejoke.jpg   596x372 38652 bytes 2000.07.22

Why Pokemorphs? I'm not too fond of the TV show, I've never seen the movie, and I don't own the comics. What has caused this sane artist to post such odd stuff? A borrowed GameBoy game. *The horror*. Also, Pikachu kicks butt in Super Smash Bros. =D\n

Image: Yllectra.JPG   322x600 83297 bytes 2000.07.22

Pokemorph #2: Yllectra, a Raichu (Big Electric Rat) on Team Ruby. While not as powerful as her little sister Lexi, She is the more mature and (Ahem) Grounded of the two. She shares her sister's zeal for life and, ah, sparkleing personality though, and lights up a room with her presence. *Puns ahoy!*\n

Image: Sandixy.JPG   344x600 75329 bytes 2000.07.22

AIEEE!!! Pokemorphs!!! Don't worry, I promise no more than one dozen, and nothing naughty (As usual). We begin. This is Sandixy, a Sandslash (Or a Hedgehog warrior knight, if you prefer.) A skilled bladeswoman, and former mistreated brawler, she finds herself growing concerned that she may be becoming as cold and emotionless as the murderers she fights. Angst! Angst! ;D\n

Image: Angsty.JPG   449x600 77827 bytes 2000.07.22

I got a little depressed recently. Generally, I don't do self pity. Inside, there's a little voice that pipes up whenever life sucks. It tells me what dosen't suck about my life, why it won't suck forever, and thinks up ways to eliminate or solve the problems I face. But on some issues, especially romance, it breaks and says all those little platitudes and homilies you least want to hear. Self Portrait in my personal furry form.\n

Image: platinum2000.JPG   512x396 36535 bytes 2000.05.27

It occurs to me that I haven't sketched my MUCK character properly for several years. Here's Platinum, the cybernetic fox in an action pose.\n

Image: nevergreen.jpg   480x600 130402 bytes 2000.05.27

An image done for the Artist ambush, then recolored for general distribution. Topic: take a classic cartoon and make it cyberpunk or post apocolyptic. Result: A homage and parody to the classic Canadian cartoon "The Raccoons". Cyril Sneer, Cedric Sneer, Burt, Melissa, Ralph and the Pigs are all copyright to Kevin Gillis. \n

Image: DelPump.JPG   319x400 68085 bytes 2000.05.23

Ok, all. This is my first official e-bay image. It's on sale now, . The Vixen once again is Delahaye, the puppy is Belair. Media is Watercolour and Prismacolor. This image is on sale with the full permission of her player: in fact, the vix flat out demanded it be created for sale... Ah, friends. =/\n

Image: toonmouse.jpg   375x441 38460 bytes 2000.04.08

This started as a doodle, but already he's starting to carve out a story niche in my brain... No name, but he's still Me. =)\n

Image: tempest.gif   384x758 35173 bytes 2000.04.08

An odd dream: myself and all my friends were normal humans in an LA college (?) but there was a single rabbit-morph who was one of my best friends. Wierd. So let's just say I was inspired. Tempest Rabbison 2000 Kitsune.\n

Image: 4th_tail.jpg   430x550 82869 bytes 2000.04.08

"And the spirit said unto the disgraced fox, so be it. I shall grant you back your tails, if you prove your sincerity to do something with your imagination. One tail for when you start your journey, one for when to learn from another. One for when your training is finished, One tail for when you use your gift in the service of another..." This is part of my online personna's story, and a way I track my own progress through my career. Since I'm now an employed animator, my personna is recieving tail number four. =)\n

Image: Rei.jpg   395x729 50444 bytes 1999.11.06

An image of Rei as part of an art exchange done over Halowe'en. to see his half of the trade. Rei is Dion Turner.\n

Image: wolfen.gif   549x499 44715 bytes 1999.11.05

This is a somewhat more realistic image than the ones I usually do. It's my version of a Palladium RPG Wolfen; I got tired of the toothpick-legged monsters in the illustrations, and thought I should try my hand at one.\n

Image: Harriet.jpg   317x731 35270 bytes 1999.11.05

Harriet, the toon tabby rabbit spirit of FurryMUCK on vacation in an old world city.\n

Image: galleria.jpg   590x296 54401 bytes 1999.11.05

The full sized picture of my Kitsune Galleria image. I put in too much work to make this such a little graphic.\n

Image: future.jpg   576x435 79069 bytes 1999.11.05

I felt like showing off my first 3-d attempt. There's still a lot wrong with it, like the twisted wrist, but otherwise, I'm happy with it. And no, it's not supposed to be the same as the 2-d character.\n

Image: dragonpattern.gif   305x402 76530 bytes 1999.11.05

An older pattern in my sketchbook, sort of an attempt at a more graphic design.\n

Image: Artist-Reflection.jpg   587x521 77261 bytes 1999.11.05

A relatively "honest" furry self portrait. I base the number of tails on certain career milestones: The three I have mean I'm an animation school graduate, while 9 tails would be me reaching all of my career goals.\n

Image: felicia.jpg   510x675 137139 bytes 1999.07.14

Felicia, an elven weretigress thief.\n

Image: Delahaye99.JPG   667x600 109437 bytes 1999.07.14

Delahaye of FurryMUCK.\n

Image: Buretin99.JPG   319x550 59105 bytes 1999.07.14

Buretin, FurryMUCK wolf-morph, and one of the remaining Packmates.\n

Image: Avanti.JPG   408x600 75076 bytes 1999.07.14

Avanti, cute skunkmorph of FurryMUCK. \n

Image: Platveng.JPG   503x663 30333 bytes 1999.02.24

Platinum in a different variation of his usual leathers. I think this is the image tha weaned me off gratuitous Photoshop Filters.

Image: KitsuneManga.jpg   873x563 124499 bytes 1999.02.24

Commission, a Japanese Kitsune in his human form. Painted Animation cel, done on commission. 1998 Jonathan King

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