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Image: Lovers2.jpg   465x538 74628 bytes 1996.07.29

Lovers Chala and Shandowner in cuddling in the twilight.

Image: LynxFin.jpg   800x486 111029 bytes 2003.04.08

Part of a series of model sheets for Talin: the lynx from the earlier "Old Barn" picture.

Image: Mixed-Signals.jpg   421x600 59485 bytes 2002.07.29

Is she threatening the judges, or simply finishing her routine? When I first sketched this out, Skorzy pointed out that it reminded him strongly of an XianJaguar piece, so I made sure to clear it with her. Many thanks to her for being nice about this. =)\r\n

Image: mocha.gif   702x499 97090 bytes 2001.03.31

Mochaccina, HollyAnn R'ela'h's Wox-folf mutt peasant vixen. A tragic figure, don't you think? The art trade with HollyAnn was goin to be with Pantera Atra-u but I sketched this one up quick enough to make it a free extra. The Pantera picture will come in a week or so. To see Hollyann's picture, check out my site at <a href=""></a>

Image: nevergreen.jpg   480x600 130402 bytes 2000.05.27

An image done for the Artist ambush, then recolored for general distribution. Topic: take a classic cartoon and make it cyberpunk or post apocolyptic. Result: A homage and parody to the classic Canadian cartoon "The Raccoons". Cyril Sneer, Cedric Sneer, Burt, Melissa, Ralph and the Pigs are all copyright to Kevin Gillis. \n

Image: NewGeisha.jpg   563x747 83227 bytes 2003.05.07

The modified Japanese Geisha bunny. Brush-inked on hand-made paper. It's now up for sale at Furbid, along with a selection of other originals which can be seen in my archive. \r\n\r\n to see what's for sale.

Image: Obsidian.jpg   688x562 138354 bytes 1999.02.16

Obsidian of FurryMUCK. Obsidian is a mooncat, and her fur changes to the color of the sky for each phase of the day. This is her in all four of her forms. Obsidian is to her player.

Image: OrciFin.JPG   497x439 41525 bytes 2000.10.03

Another sketch from that night for Orcinus, quickly colored in Photoshop. Orcinus is 2k his player.\n

Image: packbro.GIF   324x595 36156 bytes 1996.05.24

Buretin, the first Packbrother, and my closest friend on FurryMUCK.

Image: packbro2.GIF   290x616 23569 bytes 1996.05.24

Malachite the unicorn, who joined the pack as it's first (and I believe only), non canine member.

Image: packsis1.GIF   545x754 58207 bytes 1996.05.24

Steelfur, one of the two original Packsisters that formed the pack Platinum was part of, back when I first joined FurryMUCK, and my first online romance. Ah, the memories...

Image: packsis2.GIF   467x716 50741 bytes 1996.05.24

Night-Dances, one of the two original Packsisters that formed the pack Platinum was part of, back when I first joined FurryMUCK.

Image: packsis3.GIF   388x410 35923 bytes 1996.05.24

Packsisters Nightdances and Steelfur in an intimate embracefor the artist. I should probably note that the packsisters aren't related by blood. ;)

Image: packsis4.JPG   409x565 104884 bytes 1996.05.24

Steelfur comes from a much higher tech universe than her werewolf packsister. This is her mecha, based loosely off of the Appleseed designs. This image is still one of the best mechas I've ever designed, and one of my better early exporations into 24-bit computer coloring.

Image: Pastels2.jpg   800x581 152645 bytes 2002.07.29

Vixen in oil pastels. I really should practice more with these things...

Image: PecanFest.JPG   365x600 111645 bytes 2000.10.03

Vicki Fox and Jazz enjoy the pecan festival in the Deep South. It's a good thing they have parasols as part of their costumes, since Ricky seems to have some problems keeping his balance with that basket. Vicki Fox is Copyright of Michael Russell\n

Image: PiSL-Web.jpg   640x501 88068 bytes 2002.07.07

"Payment in Still Life" A female fruit bat munching on some of the subject matter. The original will be for sale at Anthrocon.

Image: pitch.jpg   558x751 81736 bytes 2001.02.11

Alright folks, I admit it, I have a Tapestries Character! Pitch is a Dreamwraith, a creature that enters the waking world through strong dreams. Pitch is a bit of a kleptomaniac, as well as a roving artist and storyteller. In either male or female form, Pitch wears clothing of small patches, made from what they could scrouge, steal or afford.

Image: platbutton.JPG   232x235 27806 bytes 2001.07.24

It's me! Platinum of FurryMUCK. Keep an eye out for me at AnthroCon, I'll be wearing this on a button.

Image: Platinum.GIF   371x666 119897 bytes 1996.05.24

Platinum, my FurryMUCK persona. A cyborg fox. The character and universe seems a little fanboyish to me now, I'll probably give him a bit of an update some day.

Image: platinum2000.JPG   512x396 36535 bytes 2000.05.27

It occurs to me that I haven't sketched my MUCK character properly for several years. Here's Platinum, the cybernetic fox in an action pose.\n

Image: Platveng.JPG   503x663 30333 bytes 1999.02.24

Platinum in a different variation of his usual leathers. I think this is the image tha weaned me off gratuitous Photoshop Filters.

Image: pokejoke.jpg   596x372 38652 bytes 2000.07.22

Why Pokemorphs? I'm not too fond of the TV show, I've never seen the movie, and I don't own the comics. What has caused this sane artist to post such odd stuff? A borrowed GameBoy game. *The horror*. Also, Pikachu kicks butt in Super Smash Bros. =D\n

Image: polaroid.JPG   547x434 38199 bytes 2002.03.09

A very recent photo to celebrate a rather hideous attempt at a new hairstyle. Last time I let a pretty hairstylist talk me into trying out a new style. My alter ego came by for some moral support, and teased me the rest of the day.

Image: Rabbit-Geisha.jpg   430x600 67441 bytes 2002.07.07

Third in a series of faux-japanese images. Really, do i have to explain the suitability of rabbits as geisha? ;) Well, ok, the western concept of "Ladies of the Evening", and the japanese view of the Man in the Moon as being a Rabbit making rice cakes. \r\n\r\nInterestingly enough, I see the rabbit easier than I can see a man's face in the moon.

Image: racspic.gif   400x552 96881 bytes 2001.03.31

A commissioned inked drawing for a local couple, Mitch and Maury. I believe the characters are Racs and Whitefur, but I might be mistaken. They are, however, still copyrighted to their players.

Image: RedFoxFin.jpg   800x486 131325 bytes 2003.04.08

Part of a series of model sheets for Talin: the red fox from the earlier "Old Barn" picture.

Image: Rei.jpg   395x729 50444 bytes 1999.11.06

An image of Rei as part of an art exchange done over Halowe'en. to see his half of the trade. Rei is Dion Turner.\n

Image: rickblas.jpg   720x452 112600 bytes 1997.03.18

Rick, an arctic fox uses the Aura Blast on an unsuspecting opponent in the Dojo. This was the last image I did before going to animation school. Rick is his player.

Image: Sandixy.JPG   344x600 75329 bytes 2000.07.22

AIEEE!!! Pokemorphs!!! Don't worry, I promise no more than one dozen, and nothing naughty (As usual). We begin. This is Sandixy, a Sandslash (Or a Hedgehog warrior knight, if you prefer.) A skilled bladeswoman, and former mistreated brawler, she finds herself growing concerned that she may be becoming as cold and emotionless as the murderers she fights. Angst! Angst! ;D\n

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