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Image: KitsuneBeast.jpg   810x509 195911 bytes 1999.02.24

Commission, a Japanese Kitsune in a monserous spirit beast form. Watercolor/acrylic. ©1998 Jonathan King

Image: HowAndTina.jpg   952x589 210214 bytes 1999.02.24

How and Tina, a kitsune and his human love. Commission illustration by Rod Smith, ©1998. You can check out more about these characters at

Image: Hennessey.jpg   331x682 71131 bytes 1999.02.24

Hennessey of FurryMUCK, in her "naughty" clothing. She's such a sweetie, and Platinum's 'pet' on FM. Hennessey is © to her player.

Image: Obsidian.jpg   688x562 138354 bytes 1999.02.16

Obsidian of FurryMUCK. Obsidian is a mooncat, and her fur changes to the color of the sky for each phase of the day. This is her in all four of her forms. Obsidian is © to her player.

Image: Savior2.JPG   850x1077 187563 bytes 1998.04.12

This was an interesting commission. The client was fascinated by an earlier picture of mine (Savior.GIF), and wanted a picture from the same uiverse, but with a wolf instead of the leopard, and a dead motorcycle in the background, rather than a dead alien *grumble*. One of these days, I'm going to have to flesh out the story behind these Angels of Mercy.

Image: rickblas.jpg   720x452 112600 bytes 1997.03.18

Rick, an arctic fox uses the Aura Blast on an unsuspecting opponent in the Dojo. This was the last image I did before going to animation school. Rick is © his player.

Image: kepler.gif   378x652 34335 bytes 1997.02.20

Kepler Coyote, an adventurous fellow from FluffMUCK.

Image: kpm.jpg   409x247 43526 bytes 1996.08.26

Image: Lovers2.jpg   465x538 74628 bytes 1996.07.29

Lovers Chala and Shandowner in cuddling in the twilight.

Image: catre2.gif   196x444 13592 bytes 1996.06.22

Roth's Law: The client's expectations are inversely proportional to their financial obligation. In other words, the cheaper the client, the pickier they are. This one went back to revisions 4 times in pencil stage, then had to be redrawn after inking, all for a lousy $5. However, the character was @toaded, and I was never paid. @whee.

Image: dawn.gif   301x561 34505 bytes 1996.06.22

Dawn of FurryMUCK. Auction commission.

Image: lennyfox.gif   475x422 34444 bytes 1996.06.22

Lenny.Nero of FurryMUCK, based off the Lenny Nero of "Strange Days". I got the tagline wrong, but at least I won't get hit for copyright violation this way.

Image: packsis3.GIF   388x410 35923 bytes 1996.05.24

Packsisters Nightdances and Steelfur in an intimate embracefor the artist. I should probably note that the packsisters aren't related by blood. ;)

Image: packsis4.JPG   409x565 104884 bytes 1996.05.24

Steelfur comes from a much higher tech universe than her werewolf packsister. This is her mecha, based loosely off of the Appleseed designs. This image is still one of the best mechas I've ever designed, and one of my better early exporations into 24-bit computer coloring.

Image: packsis1.GIF   545x754 58207 bytes 1996.05.24

Steelfur, one of the two original Packsisters that formed the pack Platinum was part of, back when I first joined FurryMUCK, and my first online romance. Ah, the memories...

Image: packsis2.GIF   467x716 50741 bytes 1996.05.24

Night-Dances, one of the two original Packsisters that formed the pack Platinum was part of, back when I first joined FurryMUCK.

Image: foxnude.GIF   260x314 13438 bytes 1996.05.24

My earliest venture into erotica, before I made the choice to stay primarily G-PG rated with my artwork. I've left it here just for the sake of completeness. Ink wash. Random Nekkid vixen © to no-body in particular.

Image: Skystar2.GIF   379x665 90347 bytes 1996.05.24

Skystar of FurryMUCK, cooling her toes in a reflecting pond. Colored in Superpaint.

Image: Water_1.GIF   538x619 124416 bytes 1996.05.24

A rather busty female otter supermodel in the twilight sunset. One of my earliest furry pictures, this was colored using "Superpaint", an 8-bit Macintosh painting program.

Image: packbro2.GIF   290x616 23569 bytes 1996.05.24

Malachite the unicorn, who joined the pack as it's first (and I believe only), non canine member.

Image: packbro.GIF   324x595 36156 bytes 1996.05.24

Buretin, the first Packbrother, and my closest friend on FurryMUCK.

Image: Lovers1.JPG   579x494 122276 bytes 1996.05.24

Lovers Catre and Shandowner dancing the night away in each others arms.

Image: JungleOpal.GIF   447x697 115763 bytes 1996.05.24

A commission of Opal of FurryMUCK, modelling an amazon huntress consume.

Image: Platinum.GIF   371x666 119897 bytes 1996.05.24

Platinum, my FurryMUCK persona. A cyborg fox. The character and universe seems a little fanboyish to me now, I'll probably give him a bit of an update some day.

Image: Savior.GIF   452x754 173579 bytes 1996.05.24

An early favorite. A leopard reaches out a helping hand after fighting off an alien menace. My good friend, Shawn Heath, has naggedme relentlessly about this picture. "There should be a car in the background, not a dead alien. A _CAR_." Unfortunately, everyone agrees with him. Ingrates... I'll show them all... *grumble*...

Image: Critic.JPG   1024x561 183554 bytes 1996.05.24

When i offered to draw a picture of Shawn's FurryMUCK character, he agreed, but only if i had a car in the background. Naturally, the running gag had to wind up in here. Stingray the beaver is ©Shawn Heath, Platinum is ©Jonathan Roth.

Image: DarsGame.GIF   512x453 43728 bytes 1996.05.24

Dar, the cuddly but dangerous snowy owl of FurryMUCK seems to be playing with his food. Chess, to be specific.

Image: Alystin.JPG   601x396 34949 bytes 1996.05.24

Alystin, a back 2-tailed kitsune on FurryMUCK, to whom Platinum was married for a couple years.

Image: Brighttail.JPG   445x501 42887 bytes 1996.05.24

Brighttail of FurryMUCK. Auction Commission.

Image: Canoncov.GIF   540x627 139161 bytes 1996.05.24

Early color cover idea for a comic I was working on. Cannonized. You know, before I knew anything about printing, color design, or art... ;)

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