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Image: Misc_-_Battie's_E_Wraith's_Koffee_[Colored].jpg   457x692 66690 bytes 2004.01.12

Since I got thinking about raves and after meeting Battie face-to-face, I figured I oughta draw a little something for her. ::nodnods:: So I came up with this. Sort of a "morning after" pic... 'course this is after a rave rather than after... um... something else. Heh.\r\n\r\nInked with my usual micron pens and colored with prismacolor markers. I'll get better at 'em eventually. My schtick is colored pencils. Hope ya'll enjoy it.\r\nBattie herself, Wraith J. Yee, all rights reserved.\r\n\r\n--Wraith\r\nTalk to me, people! Make me feel loved! Make me feel like your cult leader!!!

Image: Misc_-_Cyber_Wolf.jpg   586x934 104736 bytes 2005.06.03

A doodle I started during my drawing class, and finished up at home while I stayed up doing some other projects. This thing is scanned at a higher resolution, since the image wouldn't have any of the detail I put into it at 75DPI. yes, this thing is actually really small.maybe 2-1/2 x 5 inches. (appx. 8 x 16cm) I like how this came out, especially since this is unusual for me.\r\n\r\nRapidograph pens on drawing paper.\r\n\r\nImage copyright Wraith Flametail, all rights reserved.

Image: Misc_-_Ganador_Bust_[Brushed].JPG   406x473 24176 bytes 2003.11.11

Brush-worked piccie of Ganador, another furry friend of mine and a fellow black dragon up in NYC. Rar. Love ya, Gan!\r\n\r\n--Wraith

Image: Misc_-_MeLee_Bust_[Brushed].JPG   618x446 36369 bytes 2003.11.11

Brush-worked bust of MeLee, yet another furry friend of mine, 'cept she hails from Phoenix, Arizona. Seraphic feline. Woo. Six-winged angel-kitty. I need to work on my felines. \r\n\r\n--Wraith

Image: Misc_-_Random_Dragon_[Brushed_Oriental].jpg   448x744 51424 bytes 2003.08.11

Wow. I mean like, wow. Seriously. This is my first and currently the only thing I've ever done totally with a brush. This is like, unprecedented for me. Something that looks half decent, straight to ink, and completely done with a brush. Okay, I did it with a brush PEN, but it's still a brush! *purrrrrr* I'm all proud... ^_^;\r\n\r\n--Wraith\r\n\r\nTalk to me people! E-mail me at the above address with subject line "VCL [Insert reason here]"! I won't bite... unless you're into that kinda thing.

Image: Misc_-_Tribal_Ritual_[VCL].jpg   888x675 143852 bytes 2004.01.20

A very psychedelic and trippy design I came up with during my Intro to Design class. I don't know why I came up with this or why, but it was an image that just planted itself in my head during class. Prismacolor marker on 9"x12" Bristol.\r\n\r\nLet me know what you think. Don't worry, I don't bite... hard... unless you're into that kinda thing.\r\n\r\n--Wraith

Image: Misc_-_Untitled_Dragon_[Pencils_by_Wraith_&_Inked_By_NDX].jpg   548x758 71260 bytes 2005.06.03

This started out as a simple doodle on sketch paper, but on a request from Nex, I pushed the doodle into a more complete pencilling so he could ink it. This is Nexus Dragon X's inkwork. Repeat: The inkwork is not mine, only the pencils that laid the foundation for it.\r\n\r\nUnfortunately, I neglected to scan the original pencilled image. c'est la vie.\r\n\r\nRapidograph pens on sketch paper.\r\n\r\nImage copyright Wraith Flametail and NDX.

Image: Misc_HerpsInBlack.jpg   515x878 87712 bytes 2002.09.07

These are the herps in black... o.o; ... ... ... Right, too many movies for me. Inspired by what else but Men In Black. I thought it would be an amusing concept to have Flash, the long-haired prettyboy dragon; Raptoron, the aged, noble, and Supercomputer-for-a-brain; and Wraith, simply a titan in his own right, and powerful telekinetic, just group together and wear... suits... funny, since they all either wear semi-skimpy clothing, armor, or nothing at all...\r\n\r\n - Wraith\r\n\r\nQuestions, Comments? E-mail me with subject line "VCL Comment" or VCL Question"

Image: Nex_&_Wraith_-_St_Michael_vs_The_Dragon_Lucifer_[Colored_by_Wraith].JPG   633x824 128960 bytes 2003.11.29

A collaborative pic done between myself and a fellow artist, Nexus, who appeared in my "Giant Frogs" Comic strip.\r\n\r\nSaint Michael's battle with Lucifer in Revelations 12. Ordinarily, I'd not have agreed to this kind of image, but I felt it was a worthwhile venture. Nex pencilled St. Michael and inked Lucifer. I pencilled Lucifer and inked St. Michael. I colored this version, and there will probably be other colored versions to come.\r\n\r\nQuestions, comments, wanna say hi? E-mail me at with subject line "VCL [insert purpose here]"!

Image: Piocar-Peritar_Concept.jpg   616x466 52950 bytes 2005.04.08

B/W concept sketch of Picoar and Peritar. They look very much alike, though they are still not identical. I'm going to be working from the same model for both of them.\r\n\r\nPiocar and Peritar are the hunter-killers of my guardian blade trinity, and have a much more more rugged, scarred, and abused look.\r\n\r\nThey're mostly jet black, and have insectoid capture claws folded inside their jaws. This will be shown in later concepts.\r\n\r\nMicron brush pen on sketch paper.\r\n\r\nPiocar, Peritar, and image J. Yee 2005

Image: Piocar-Peritar_Concept2.jpg   993x825 129629 bytes 2005.04.14

A more detailed version of the hunter-killer pair of guardian spirits out of the trinity. They look similar enough for one to be mistaken for the other, and I still need to figure out their identifying characteristics... so for now, I'll draw them as one and the same.\r\n\r\nBoth of them have in common the insectoid mouth claws: A pair of two-jointed ones on the upper jaw, and a pair of single-jointed ones on the lower jaw. They fold neatly into small pockets in their respective positions, with the upper claws folding up on itself when retracted.\r\n\r\nThe lower ones can open up just past parallel, and the uppers a little more so with the second joint.\r\n\r\nRapidograph pens and micron brush pen on sketch paper.\r\n\r\nPiocar/Peritar copyright Wraith Flametail, All rights reserved.

Image: Raptoron_-_In_Uniform_(The_Old_Days).jpg   486x747 65223 bytes 2004.04.28

Second pic I've colored in prisma marker at all, First pic I've done seriously. As you can see, I had to learn cel shading and then I tried to figure out how I could make them blend a bit without actually having a blender on-hand.\r\n\r\nThis is Raptoron Flare, my eldest persona, in standard light infantry uniform.

Image: Spectre_&_Oki_-_Affectionate_Abuse.jpg   638x825 115542 bytes 2005.03.01

Here's an example of the... peculiar interactions between Spectre and Oki. Spectre being the feminine hermaphrodite host body and Oki being the male-engendered polymorph whose primary body mass is located in Spectre's uterus. Their interactions can be compared to incestuous siblings. Also, The anatomy's slightly off since this started out as a braindead doodle on a sketchpad.\r\n\r\nMicron pens on 9"x12" sketch paper.\r\n\r\n--Wraith\r\nSpectre and Oki J. Yee, all rights reserved.

Image: Spectre_&_Oki_-_Reconstitute_The_Bra.jpg   638x825 94525 bytes 2005.05.24

The first image in a new drawing pad of mine. 'tis been De-virginized! Spectre and Oki having another little tiff. See, Oki is a cellular polymorph that can form himself into multiple shapes and textures with varying physical and chemical properties. Given this, Spectre is technically always naked, since Oki forms all her clothing... The best comparison I can think of is Marvel's Venom... with improvements. Oki can form clothing as sheer as a veil or as tough as plate armor.\r\n\r\nRapidograph pens on 9"x12" Drawing paper\r\n\r\nSpectre & Oki Wraith Flametail, All Rights Reserved

Image: Spectre_&_Stormwind_-_Feelin'_Evil_[BW].JPG   635x822 148549 bytes 2003.07.22

Re-upload.\r\n\r\nInked version of Spectre & Stormwind. Detailed and all that with what else but microns. As you can see, a couple more tentacles were added for some additional imagination potential and the image was generally clarified. Again, it's a 9" x 12" bristol, so the image will be a bit cut off... This is Wraith, Suffering from Post-AC depression, signing off.\r\n\r\n--Wraith Flametail \r\nDrop me a line or something. you know my contact info and whatnot. See ya later!

Image: Spectre_&_Stormwind_-_Feelin'_Evil_[Final].jpg   675x898 165709 bytes 2004.05.29

Finally colored... Spectre, Oki, and Stormwind spending some quality time together... and someone's feelin' evil. Got the dragon and symbiote doin' their thang on a winged horse gal.\r\n\r\nPrismacolor pencils on 9"x12" bristol plate, Blacked Background done with a black prismacolor marker.\r\n\r\n::slinks off to work on other stuff...::\r\n\r\nSpectre, Oki, and Stormwind all J. Yee 2004, All rights reserved.\r\n\r\nQuestions? Comments? Anything else? E-mail me at with subject line "VCL"!

Image: Spectre_StandingPose[BW].jpg   635x825 87540 bytes 2002.11.03

Well, in al honesty, I'm dropping the comic book inking style just for this image. The fact of the matter is, it looks almost too busy with all her limbs and such present. I feel if I added the hatching and cross-hatching seen so often in comic book inking, this pic would've lost its focus. Right now, I have to say, in this case, less is more. I must also say that I am really proud of this pic. Hopefully, I'll be able to turn out more images like this and then some in the near and far future alike.\r\n\r\n--Wraith\r\nQuestions, Comments? E-mail me with subject line "VCL Comment" or "VCL Question".

Image: Spectre_StandingPose[Color].jpg   634x825 102943 bytes 2002.11.14

Yay! color! Wraith is actually completing pictures! Yay! less sketches, more yiffy, yummy finished products! *Ahem* anyway... It is possible in the near future, if I happen to finish a few more nice pics like this, that I'll start putting prints up for sale somewheres. Prints, I have little compunction about parting with, but the original, you'd better get the amputation saw. This is one of my better colored images, I think, despite the rather monotone shading. I would've added a background, but then I'd have to add in differently colored highlights to match the ambience... As you can see I got lazy, but I think it was fortunate. Oki was oiginally supposed to be in the image, but it seems it would've been too busy with anything else aside from the central figure. Less is more, sometimes. Please do enjoy, though, it's why I put my work up here.. well, at least one of the reasons. See ya 'gain soon!\r\n\r\n--Wraith\r\nQuestions, Comments? E-mail me with subject line "VCL Comment" or VCL Question".

Image: Spectre_WantSome[Color].jpg   560x794 137490 bytes 2002.09.06

WHOA! Looooong time no upload... This image was conceived a little while back, it's actually the first complete and concise image of Spectre that I have. She's a feminine hermaphrodite, Daughter of Wraith and Umbra, second born of their first clutch of three eggs. I'm very proud of this one.\r\n\r\n -Wraith\r\n\r\nQuestions, comments? E-mail me with subject "VCL Comment" or "VCL Question"

Image: Umbra_MorningFlight[Color].jpg   605x825 193123 bytes 2003.02.26

This is an old image that I completed way back in June of 2002, when my pencilling, inking, and anatomy were still in heavy development, not to say it's stopped... Coloring has long since been the pride of all aspects of my work. It's been my strongest point, and the one aspect of my work that truly brings images to life. This particular image beat at my skull until I put it down on paper, then continued to beat on me until I finished it... It didn't come out as well as I'd liked, but I finally got it off my shoulders... I'll probably end up doing a new version of this sometime. Not sure when or how... Well, see y'all soon!\r\n\r\n--Wraith\r\nQuestions? Comments? Drop me a line! bean me over the head! contact me! with subject line "VCL Comment" or "VCL Question". that'll get my attention! or bug me to high hell on AIM at Mercenary Wraith! maybe ICQ mah aisse on Wraith (ICQ#308102707)! BLARGH!!!!!

Image: Vantid_-_The_Games_Have_Begun_[VCL].jpg   633x825 134240 bytes 2004.02.02

My entry for Vantid for the weekly drawing contest on Livejournal's furartxchange community. First entry in there, so I hope I can make an impression... ^_^;\r\n\r\nI figured this would be a good week to make my debut on the community since Vantid was such a unique character... This was a joy to draw. ::purr...::\r\n\r\n--Wraith

Image: Viv_DraconianAss.jpg   290x215 17984 bytes 2003.02.26

Just a little bit of ass that I drew up in a friend's book some time back. It just so happens this was pencilled inked, and colored in the same book as 'Herps In Black', uploaded to this archive some time ago. can't really remember when. In any case, This is a draconian version of Viviana, a friend's persona that I've converted to draconian-ism for this image. Hope you enjoy looking at her ass as much as I enjoyed drawing it. Perverts. you're all like meee!\r\n\r\n--Wraith\r\nComments? Questions? Contact me at with subject line "VCL Comment" or VCL Question" I'm considering doing more commissions, so if someone's preparted to give me an incentive...

Image: Wraith_&_Aura_-_Furouni_Kenshin.jpg   826x1043 143084 bytes 2004.06.27

Furouni Kenshin!\r\n\r\nAnother style deviation brought to you by Wraith Flametail. Here's a progress pic of an image I'm working on for the furartxchange community on livejournal. It features a knockoff of Rurouni Kenshin with myself as Sanosuke and Aura as Kaoru. It shall be colored. How, I don't know, but it will be colored. Check out Aura's art archive here on the VCL! Her archive name is Aura-Moser.\r\n\r\nWraith Flametail J. Yee; Aura Aura Moser, all rights reserved.\r\n\r\nThis is Wraith, signing off.

Image: Wraith_&_Aura_-_Furouni_Kenshin_[Color].jpg   826x1044 180471 bytes 2004.06.28

WOO! COLOR! WITHN 36 HOURS OF THE INKING! I'm Damned happy with this pic... Two days from start to finish workin' like a college kid on meth locked in a 10'x12' cell with nothin' but art supplies. I hovered over this thing for about 15 hours coloring it.\r\n\r\nPrismacolor pencils on 11"x14" 2-ply bristol board.\r\n\r\nNaturally, it looks better up front 'cuz the scan had to be done in two pieces and slapped together in Arcsoft photo studio... The midsection of the image will be kinda fuzzy because of that. Oh, well, I'll live.\r\n\r\nImage J. Yee\r\nWraith Flametail and Aura Moser J. Yee and A. Moser respectively, all rights reserved. Do not alter without permission. Do not distribute without specific written consent.

Image: Wraith_&_Aura_-_Rave_Romp_[BW_VCL].jpg   825x1042 166584 bytes 2004.07.03

So many lines... x.x; Had to compress this one more than usual thanks to this file being unusually large, so it might be a bit fuzzy... Anyways, the inked edition of the Rave Romp with myself and Aura. Mmmm, graver porn...\r\n\r\nMicron pens on 11" x 14" bristol.\r\n\r\nWraith Flametail and Aura Moser copyright their respective players, all rights reserved.

Image: Wraith_&_Aura_-_Rave_Romp_[Color_VCL].jpg   826x1041 189965 bytes 2004.07.05

Well, this drove me nuts to complete. I'm quite happy with how the coloring turned out, here, and in a record time... No blank white space for once.\r\n\r\nMultiple light sources are so hard to figure out...\r\n\r\nThe middle-band fuzziness seems to have been effectively nixed by the coloring, though it still shows a bit... Hm.\r\n\r\nPrismacolor pencils with Black prisma marker for BG flood fill on 11"x14" Bristol.\r\n\r\nOriginal will be on sale at Anthrocon '04.

Image: Wraith_&_Battie_-_Mutt_Lickins_[color_web_vcl].jpg   1008x499 108179 bytes 2008.07.25


Yes, it's Battie-porn. It's Battie in her latest incarnation, the elemental electric canid... thing... in her (currently) default and non-morphic form-- and she's getting eaten out by yours truly. OMNOMNOMNOM.\r\n\r\nDid this one for shits 'n giggles, initially. Then I decided to finish it since, quote Battie, "There aren't enough images of elemental Battie in existence." So here we are. It just so happens to be pornographic. It just so happens.\r\n\r\nPrismacolor pencils on 14"x17" sketch paper. Image is about 5"x10".\r\n\r\nCharacters/avatars/insert synonyms here copyright their respective creators. Do not alter without express permission from all concerned parties.

Tags: wraith battie dog zapdog elemental dragon chimera  
Image: Wraith_&_Battie_-_The_Path_To_Her_(Is_Through_Me).jpg   631x816 110350 bytes 2004.05.14

I suppose one can call this my first true expressionist piece. This is the only "completed" image of what I feel, and like most of my work, drawn for myself. \r\n\r\nAs a guardian, there are things I wish I could do and could have done. Being that I can't, I have endless frustrations, and here stands a representation of them.\r\n\r\nMicron brush pens on 9"x12" sketch paper. Straight to inks. Total style deviation.\r\nWraith & Battie copyright their respective players.

Image: Wraith_&_NDX_-_Wraith_Palpatine_vs_Darth_Nex.jpg   825x638 173945 bytes 2005.06.24

My part of a quick exchange Nex and I did while hangin' out. Just drawing each other's fursonas beatin' the crap outta each other. So here's mine.\r\n\r\nRapidograph pens on 8.5"x11" cardstock.\r\n\r\nNex copyright NDX, Image and Wraith copyright WRaith Flametail, Darth Vader and "Bob" Palpatine copyright Lucasarts corporation.

Image: Wraith_&_Sara_-_Call_Back_Later_[125dpi].jpg   605x908 137474 bytes 2003.12.22

First decent cheetah pic! I feel so accomplished! This is a long overdue pic for a dear friend of mine. The dragon you all know. The cheetah is Sarabi Palemoon, a vampire sired by yours truly. ::bows:: They always get vicious and evil when they yiff, and this is how I pictured their interaction. Like everything I do, this could use a little work.\r\n\r\nSarabi is copyrighted to her player\r\n\r\n--Wraith\r\nYou all know how to contact me by now. with subject line "VCL [Insert purpose here]", or on AIM with "mercenarywraith".

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