My work is available in several formats, should you wish to purchase it:


1.                  High resolution GIF-

a.      All the pictures I publish on VCL are available as high quality GIFs.  These GIFs are digitized at 72 pixels per inch, at the full size of the original work, which is usually close to 8 ½ by 11”, so the typical size of the finished GIF is around 800 by 100 pixels or so.  These are not scans.  They are made from the original vector artwork, and so, they do not suffer from ‘jaggies’ or any other unpleasant artifact.  They display beautifully.

b.      As you can tell, many of the pictures on my section of VCL are already in this format.  These, of course, can be downloaded for free.  However, as new work is made available, a smaller picture of lesser quality will be put up on VCL.  If you wish to have the high quality GIF of any of these pictures, the price will be $ 1.00 US.  E-mail me for details.  Orders for these GIFs, after the initial contact is completed, will usually be fulfilled by e-mail immediately.  If that is not possible, then the processing time will not exceed one business day, barring uncontrollable circumstances.

2.                  High quality prints-

a.      All of the pictures I publish on VCL are available as high resolution prints on glossy paper.  These prints are beautiful and vibrant, and would make a lovely addition to any collection.  They are not color copies.  Each is printed from the original vector artwork, and so, they do not show any of the usual flaws of copies.  The cost for these prints is $ 10.00 US each.  Quantity discounts will be made available for those purchasing more than a few prints.  There will be postage and handling fees added to your order, but these are kept as reasonable as possible.  Prints can be delivered to addresses in the United States only.  E-mail me for details, and we’ll get started.  Orders are fulfilled promptly as possible, taking into account technical needs and such.

3.                  Custom Computer “Wallpaper”-

a.      My laptop’s screen resolution is 1280 by 800 pixels.  I cannot tell you how often I’ve seen pictures I’ve wanted to use as desktop wallpaper, but could not scale those pictures to fit my screen, or even find versions that would scale properly to my screen’s proportions.  Because of this, I am offering custom sized wallpaper, made to order.  Each wallpaper will be made to your specific screen’s resolution, and generated to that full resolution from the original vector artwork. There are no ‘jaggies’ or other artifacts generated by scaling.  They display with perfect clarity on your screen.  Any resolution will be available to your order, so the wallpaper can be made to fit your 12” diagonal laptop display or your 30” Cinema display.  Just tell me pixels high by pixels wide, and I’ll do the rest.

b.      Obviously, the aspect ratio of my art and that of your screen will not match.  To preserve the art’s proportions, I offer these wallpapers in five styles.  I suggest, when choosing one of the styles where the character is offset to one side, that you place the character so it is facing “in”, toward the center of the screen, as this is more aesthetically pleasing- i.e., if the character is facing right, place the picture on the left.  The remainder of the space will be filled with the prevailing background color of the picture, or the background can be removed and a color of your choice can be used.  If you are in doubt, I will be happy to send you a thumbnail before the final wallpaper is purchased.  The formats will be as follows:

                                                               i.      Picture centered, done in full height

                                                             ii.      Picture at the lower left, about one-half to two-thirds original height

                                                            iii.      Picture at lower right, about one-half to two-thirds height

                                                           iv.      Picture at upper left, about one-half to two-thirds height

                                                             v.      Picture at upper right, about one-half to two-thirds height

c.      Final wallpapers will not be sent until payment is received.  Delivery is the same as for high resolution GIFs.  The price of a custom wallpaper is $ 3.00 US.  E-mail me to make arrangements.

4.                  Pictures offered in several versions-

a.      Some of my newer works will also be offered in several versions.  These different versions will usually be more revealing versions of the pictures posted.  Each version is available in all the formats offered above.  I will keep this file current with this information.  Here are those that are available in several versions:

b.      Gina Marie can be purchased as:

                                                               i.      The original version

                                                             ii.      A version with translucent clothing

                                                            iii.      A topless version

                                                           iv.      A version with no clothing