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Image: JCCard.gif   77x94 1592 bytes 2003.03.21

This is my own SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash card. More on that later. . .\r\n\r\nCard Fighters Clash SNK Co. and Capcom Co., LTD.\r\nSpritework 2003 Joseph David Collins. \r\nPlease do not repost or use without permission.

Image: CAT_Logo.gif   251x176 6544 bytes 2002.12.09

For those few of you who have been curious about what the logo on my CAT hat is SUPPOSED to look like, hever's a mouse-drawn replica of it. It's about 90% accurate. Anything outside the dark-yellow area is supposed to he blank background, I should add. It's also made like a patch on a scout uniform.\r\nCAT Diesel Power Logo 2002 Caterpillar.

Image: JosephKrisColour.jpg   469x770 191173 bytes 2002.02.21

Remember that first drawing of Kris and Joseph? A friend of mine was nice enough to colorize it for me! Thanks, OverWing! =D \r\nFixed and updated. Hazaah!\r\n

Image: KaR-MaC.gif   313x594 26075 bytes 2002.02.19

This is Kayla-La, Shadowcat's best friend, with her daughter, Ravel Malaki(Pronounced "MAHL-la-kye").\r\nI actually drew this before I drew Taval, but never got around to posting it here on VCL. Kayla herself says she likes it alot, but I still dunno... I could do better, maybe... I always draw heads too far to the left... =\\

Image: TavalDominique.gif   381x599 21820 bytes 2002.02.19

Hazaah! A new drawing! Wha'za'ya know. ^-^ \r\nThis is Taval Paradalis Dominique, my and Kaiya's son(in our main storyline). He's basically a kit-fox(long ears), because of his mother being half-rabbit. Oddly, he doesn't have much looks as far as being feline, even though he's 50% cat, 25% fox, 25% rabbit. Oh well... \r\nThis is Taval at age fourteen, BTW. Right now, in modern day, he's only about a week or two old(from the day this was posted).

Image: KitRAdam.jpg   600x382 186963 bytes 2002.01.09

It's been a while, eh? ^-^;\r\nHere, we have my masterpiece, coloured by a friend of mine, Heatman. Thanks, Heatman, for colouring and backdropping this picture for me!

Image: KitRain.gif   588x364 9846 bytes 2001.12.07

Kris in the Rain. Kris tends to sit outside during rain storms, completely free from the world of toil and torment, free of the confines of her clothing, free from all who would darken her personality...\r\n(Incomplete, looking for a colourist.)

Image: AmikoToriyama.gif   242x594 41707 bytes 2001.08.29

Amiko Toriyama, a fine female feline indeed. She hails from Northern Masamune, which is where she now goes to school. When she's not at school, she's usually playing games in the Tower arcade, or conversing with her friends about something or other. If she's not doing either of the above, then she's most likely in her room, doing homework, or reading a book.\r\nCharacter is (C)1999-2001 myself.

Image: OzyAndMillie4Ever.gif   290x522 27906 bytes 2001.08.10

I've drawn my first Ozy and Millie fan art! Woo hoo!! =D Entitled, "Ozy and Millie, Forevermore." It's one of those pictures where they're a bit more intimate with one another, and a bit older. \r\nPosted with permission of David Simpson from, creator of Ozy and Millie.

Image: KaiyaParadalis.gif   190x664 25200 bytes 2001.07.13

Regardless of what the cabbit tells me, I think I screwed up on this picture badly... Anyways, this is a picture of my good friend, Kaiya. She is a cat/rabbit mix, or, cabbit. She's wearing her "Misty" shorts and shirt in this picture. And yes, her tail is quite long.

Image: JJWaiting.gif   338x618 10529 bytes 2001.07.12

The waiting... It hurts so much... Waiting for permission to post my most beautiful pictures is such a long process...especially with this one, him being a commercial chatacter and whatnot... But I shant go against the VCL policy... Besides, if you're not that patient, simply e-mail me for them. ^-^

Image: Shadowcat.gif   289x672 27038 bytes 2001.07.12

Shadowcat Dominique, my dear sister from planet Furcadia. She is not a feline to be trifled with. Her best friend, Kayla-La, recently gave birth. Unfortunately, one of her cubs was taken from her. Kayla's friends have yet to get it back, and the nightmares of Feryl, Shadow's old enemy, haunt her once more. If she doesn't get some sleep, she might go insane...

Image: joseph_kriscolor.jpg   469x699 177181 bytes 2001.06.14

Remember that first drawing of Kris and Joseph? A friend of mine was nice enough to colorize it for me! Thanks, OverWing! =D\r\nOh, and one note. Kris's chest is s'posed to be white, but OverWing missed that, and I'm too lazy to fix it, so... ^-^;

Image: Coco_Leanna.gif   358x639 22255 bytes 2001.04.25

Coco Leanna, the flirtatious half-Mobian vixen from Ragnarok.\r\nCharacter copyright 2001 Joseph David Collins.

Image: Ebon.gif   347x419 22234 bytes 2001.04.25

This is Ebon, a black dragon of Lunar, the Silver Star. He found me, and I found I guess we found each other. ^-^\r\nAnyways, Ebon used to be my little friend, always hanging around on my shoulder and whatnot...but through time, Ebon grew distrustful of me and flew off to parts unknown...\r\nCharacter copyright 2001 Joseph David Collins.

Image: Joseph_and_Kris.gif   469x699 43935 bytes 2001.04.25

Hey look! It's me and my sister, Kris! \r\nI drew Kris and myself on separate pieces of paper, then merged the two drawings into one file with NeoPaint. I'd say it turned out pretty good, wouldn't you? ^-^ \r\nCharacters copyright 2001 Joseph David Collins.

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