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Image: Brainsock!.png   543x583 38027 bytes 2005.10.14

Vaguely anthropomorphised brain, with a brainsock.\r\n\r\nPainter 8, ~30min.

Image: China_Cat_Sunflower.jpg   768x922 99821 bytes 2005.11.27

Inspired by the Grateful Dead song "China Cat Sunflower". It's one of those ideas that simply refused to leave me alone until I'd painted it.\r\nAs per Ngarewyrds' suggestion, her name is Ming.\r\n\r\nWatercolour on 120lb watercolour paper.\r\n\r\nThis is a resize for VCL guidlines. The full-size image is available at

Image: Dance_VCL.jpg   768x576 35368 bytes 2004.12.19

This was originally intended as a desktop. As such, it's best viewed on a nonwhite background. (Bright white will tend to overwhelm the image background.)\r\n\r\nThe fullsize version is at ''. 1024x768, 662k\r\n\r\nOpenCanvas.

Image: DarknessDarkness.jpg   500x500 19968 bytes 2005.07.18

This one is mostly an excuse to use the background. It started with getting Robert Plant - Darkness, Darkness stuck in my head, and evolved into a gold & purple colour scheme.\r\n\r\nI don't have much of an idea what's going on, either. The image just wanted to be that way.\r\n\r\nPainter 8.

Image: draftsbeing_VCL.jpg   777x604 66695 bytes 2004.11.25

First upload. Coloured pencil on cartridge paper.

Image: Eyeball.jpg   700x700 29636 bytes 2006.05.23

Playing around with complimentary colours. Have an eyeball.\r\n\r\nPainter 8.

Image: I_am_the_Rain.jpg   800x1024 142119 bytes 2005.11.15

Raindragon.\r\n\r\nWatercolour on 120lb watercolour paper.\r\n\r\nMy scanner hates blue. And purple. And, well, most things.

Image: Lefty_VCL.gif   793x983 43525 bytes 2004.11.26

These aren't being uploaded in any particular order.\r\n\r\nGraphite on cartridge paper, 'cleaned' by hand in PSP7.

Image: NicheSpace_VCL.jpg   1024x631 71281 bytes 2004.11.26

In photography class, they tell us not to cut off the second set of supports for something primarily horizontal. I can kinda see why.\r\n\r\nGraphite & coloured pencil on cartridge paper.

Image: Project_1_-_Yin_Yang09.png   1024x1023 71144 bytes 2007.05.11

Circular composition project for an art class I'm taking.

Tags: dragons sharks oriental yin-yang yin yang  
Image: Pterois_miles_var._anthropomorph_VCL.gif   564x708 32475 bytes 2004.11.25

Had to jump through hoops to make this one turn out properly. Ah well.\r\n\r\nGraphite on cartridge paper.

Image: Shoggoth_and_Time_Crystals.jpg   977x768 115722 bytes 2005.09.24

Don't ask me, I'm just the artist.\r\n\r\nWax, watercolour & coloured pencils on 120lb watercolour paper.

Image: Spire.jpg   346x869 57416 bytes 2005.05.02

Architecture. Watercolour.

Image: Spring.jpg   1024x761 145515 bytes 2006.04.23

I've done a couple of images of the desert now, trying to capture what's most striking about the landscape out here. I'm slowly getting better at it.\r\n\r\nAs usual, the scanner ate all the subtle things that were happening in the sky. Oh well.\r\n\r\nWatercolour, on 120lb watercolour paper.

Image: strangeraven_VCL.jpg   595x315 31062 bytes 2004.11.26

Well, it started as colour. I decided it looked better as a B&W.\r\n\r\nGraphite & coloured pencil on cartridge paper.

Image: T'Varna_Kar.jpg   768x1024 93061 bytes 2006.07.05

T'Varna Kar, my half-elf druid in a D&D game that's just getting off the ground.\r\n\r\nThe leatherwork isn't nearly so dark in the original. >..<\r\n\r\nColoured pencils on cartridge paper.

Image: The_Endless_Battle_of_Sea_and_Sky.jpg   1021x749 112582 bytes 2005.05.01

Watercolour and B&W gouache on 120lb watercolour paper.

Image: The_Way_and_the_Virtue.jpg   1024x648 72377 bytes 2005.07.28

This one, of course, has to do with reading the Tao Te Ching recently. It wanted to be painted, and didn't give me a choice in the title. I rather like it.\r\n\r\nWatercolour. Landscape.

Image: weedy_sea_dragon_VCL.jpg   918x331 13487 bytes 2004.11.26

Highlighter & 6B pencil on cartridge paper

Image: wyvren.jpg   924x936 28738 bytes 2005.03.13

This stylisation thing is neat.\r\n\r\nAll digital, cover pencil in Painter 8.

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